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Charles Jay: Eulogy for former running mate Marilyn Chambers

Email from Charles Jay

When it comes to Marilyn Chambers, I really have a hard time finding a place to begin. Only now have I sufficiently been able to get my thoughts together to write anything.

We talked often, and certainly on holidays. When I didn’t hear from her on Easter Sunday, I decided to call her after I got home from a family gathering.… Read more ...

Third Party candidate and adult film star Marilyn Chambers dead at age 56

The AP, Sassyqarla entertainment news, and other media outlets report that the body of Marilyn Chambers, whose real name is Marilyn Ann Taylor, was found at her home Sunday evening. Sassyqarla reports that no foul play is expected, but an autopsy will be performed.

As noted at the archives of www.politics1.com… Read more ...

Boston Tea Party organizational update

Organizational news

New news at the top 6 October 2008 414 members on this site. Wow!

4 October 2008 396 members here, 531 on Facebook. We currently endorse or have nominated 30 candidates on our voter’s guide, including the only branded Libertarian Party candidate we know of in Florida. Charles Jay has registered as a write-in candidate in Utah, with Marilyn Chambers as his running mate there.

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Charles Jay on third party presidential field

Charles Jay, noted here today as a contender for the Boston Tea Party‘s presidential nomination, wrote an article on May 30th for BetUS.com assessing his potential opponents. Jay’s article is very inclusive of which candidates he discusses, as opposed to more typical articles which discuss only the “major” third party candidates.… Read more ...