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Reason Covers The “Gary E. Johnson” Ballot Substitution in Michigan

We have reported previously here at IPR that the Libertarian Party of Michigan and the Gary Johnson for President campaign have considered using a substitution strategy in order to circumvent a sore election law that is being erroneously enforced by the Secretary of State in Michigan. Now Reason is giving the strategy some ink.… Read more ...

Michigan Natural Law Party chooses Rocky Anderson for President

As Richard Winger reports at Ballot Access News, the Michigan Natural Law Party, one of the remnants of the now defunct national Natural Law Party, has nominated Justice Party nominee, former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson for president, giving him ballot access in the swing state of Michigan.… Read more ...

Gary Johnson sues Michigan for spot on ballot

Libertarian Presidential nominee Gary Johnson is suing Michigan’s Secretary of State for not allowing him to be placed on the ballot in November. The state argues that the sore loser laws don’t allow primary candidates to appear in the general election ballot as a candidate from a different party, even though Johnson filed to withdraw from the GOP primary three minutes after the 4pm December 9th deadline.… Read more ...

Scotty Boman in Michigan Senate Bid

The Michigan Libertarian Party has nominated long-time Libertarian activist Scotty Boman for U.S. Senate, in a challenge to incumbent Democrat Debby Stabenow.

Scotty Boman has run for office numerous times since 1994 when he ran for state legislature. That same year he headed the petition drive to qualify The Libertarian Party for the Michigan ballot.… Read more ...

Constitution Party Presidential Debate Involves Six Candidates

Saturday, March 31, there will be a presidential debate amongst six candidates seeking the nomination of the Constitution Party. The debate will be held in Lansing, Michigan at 10 a.m., at a restaurant at 3420 South Crayts Road. This event is free to the public, but seating will be limited.

The six candidates that will be attending and participating in the debate are: Susan Ducey of Kansas, former Congressman Virgil Goode of Virginia, Michael Kennedy of Maryland, J.

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Michigan Socialist Party Launches 2012 Petition Drive

Source: Ballot Access News

At the end of May 2011, the Socialist Party launched a petition drive to get itself on the Michigan ballot. Probably 2,000 signatures have been collected so far. The law requires 32,261 valid signatures. However, the law also required already-qualified parties to poll only 16,083 votes in November 2010 in order to stay on the ballot.… Read more ...

George Phillies: Fascism has landed in America!

And here is how it is done.

The Republican-appointed “Emergency Manager” of Benton Harbor, Michigan,
appointed by the Republican Governor of Michigan, has just dissolved the
City Government of Benton Harbor in favor of his personal rule as, oh,
we need a title, “People’s Commissar”. Or, if you have an alternative
opinion of Republicans “Gauleiter”.… Read more ...

Ballot Access News: Socialist Party Member Elected to Detroit Citizens’ District Council

From Ballot Access News:

On April 5, Detroit elected members of Citizens’ District Councils in non-partisan elections. The city has 19 districts for this office, and each district elects six members every year, for three year terms. Each council has 18 members.

Matt Erard, a leader of the Socialist Party, was elected this year in the Downtown District.

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Salon.com: Tea Party hit by Democratic Party Con

From an article by Justin Elliott over at Salon.com:

This one does not look good for the Democratic Party in Michigan: Two county-level party officials have been hit with felony charges in an alleged scheme to put bogus Tea Party candidates on the ballot to draw votes away from Republicans.… Read more ...

Green Party Meetings (Feb 14-21, 2011)

Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch (with amendments from comments):

Tuesday Feb 15, the Logan Square Green Party in Chicago Illinois are meeting at the Green Party office on Fullerton Ave.

The Northeast Ohio Greens will meet tonight at Mac’s Backs Bookstore 1820 Coventry Road in Cleveland Heights – 7pm-9pm.

Wednesday Feb.… Read more ...

IPR investigation: Where has Americans Elect attempted to get on the ballot?

Posted by Paulie:

In my last update on Americans Elect I wrote:

Jim Cook has updates on Americans Elect activities in Arizona, Nevada and Ohio. The petitioner grapevine has it that Americans Elect petitioning has been completed in Arizona and Kansas, but Nevada is the only state that their signatures have been verified to have been turned in to the state through sources I have seen.

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Green Party of Michigan Meetings and Events

Originally posted at Green Party Watch:

From the GPMI Newsletter, upcoming State & Local Party meetings and events:

Detroit Greens are teaming up with Greens in the tri-county area for Metro Detroit Greens Meetings. These meetings give us an opportunity to build on the networking, connections and solidarity we developed in the 2010 elections.

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