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‘Naked Cowboy’ drops out of New York mayoral race

Robert Burck, “the so-called Naked Cowboy of Times Square,” is ending his run for mayor of New York, the New York Times reports in Saturday’s edition. Burck said that after dealing with the city’s campaign bureaucracy and myriad disclosure forms, “I’m absolutely dropping out.” He had already been denied ballot access “because of deficiencies in his paperwork, pending a hearing.”… Read more ...

Mayor candidate Naked Cowboy receives press in Canada

Thank you to Elizabeth Benjamin who posted the link on her daily round-up at the Daily Politics.

(excerpt from) Edmonton Sun
Naked ambition
N.Y. icon reveals his mayoral campaign brief

…”I’m already mayor,” the Naked Cowboy said. “I’ve been in Times Square for 10 years representing the city of New York around the world.

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Past NYC ‘novelty mayoral candidates’ remembered

On its website, New York Magazine offers “A Brief History Of Novelty Mayoral Candidates” in New York City, saying that even if incumbent Michael Bloomberg has the election “all wrapped up…at least the candidacies of Reverend Billy and the Naked Cowboy will help to ensure that the campaign isn’t entirely boring.… Read more ...