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Green Party co-sponsoring public forum against arena in Nebraska

From the Journal Star:

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Progressive Student Coalition and the Nebraska Green Party will co-sponsor a public forum Wednesday in opposition to the proposed Haymarket arena project.

The event, at the Mary Riepma Ross Film Theater, 313 N. 13th St. will be 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Speakers will include local radio personality Tom Bassett; Steve Larrick of the Nebraska Green Party and president of the South Salt Creek Community Organization; Kandra Hahn, former Lancaster County elected official; environmental attorney Lynn Moorer; and Scott Wendt, co-owner of Bluestem Books in downtown Lincoln.

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Nebraska Libertarian Party begins ballot access petition drive

Posted at http://www.lp.org/blogs/staff/nebraska-lp-begins-ballot-access-petition-drive

from the Libertarian Party of Nebraska:

Party Begins Petition Drive to Regain Ballot Access in Nebraska

OMAHA – April 3, 2010—Libertarian Party of Nebraska (LPNE) Chairman Gene Siadek issued the following statement concerning the Party’s petition initiative:

“The two-party system has failed to produce liberty-centered results at any level of government.… Read more ...

Ballot Access News: ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Three Nebraska Ballot Access Restrictions

Posted at Ballot Access News:

On December 16, the ACLU Voting Rights office filed a lawsuit in federal court against three Nebraska ballot access restrictions: (1) a law passed in 2007 that requires statewide independent candidate petitions (for office other than president) to include at least 50 signatures from each of 31 counties; (2) a law passed in 2008 that makes it illegal for out-of-state circulators to work in the state; (3) an older law that requires petitions that are circulated by a paid circulator to have printed in 16-point type, and in red, “This petition is circulated by a paid circulator.”… Read more ...

Third Party Perspectives and the Economic Crisis, Topic of Presentation Tuesday

The UNK American Democracy Project will be hosting an open forum at the University of Nebraska, Kearny tomorrow. The subject of this will be third party perspectives on the economic crisis.

Panelists will include Libertarian Donald Sluti, Green Steve Larrick, and Andrew Damon of the Socialist Equality Party. The event is free and open to the public.… Read more ...

Nebraska No Longer Recognizes Third Parties

The Libertarian Party, Green Party, and Nebraska Party (Nebraska affiliate of the Constitution Party) are no longer recognized in Nebraska, after their candidates for US Senate failed to gain more than five percent of the vote. Members of these parties will be mailed, saying their registration is changed to nonpartisan.

Members of these third parties are not happy.… Read more ...

No bill in Nebraska to improve ballot access

Ballot Access News:

Even though the Nebraska Director of Elections tried to find a sponsor in the legislature for a bill to make it easier for a party to remain on the ballot, no such bill has been introduced, and the deadline for new bills has passed.

This newspaper article explains that the Nebraska legislature has an unusually small number of bills this year.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin events scheduled

From the candidates websites:

Nader/Gonzalez event schedule

Oct. 1st, 7:30pm
Nader/Gonzalez Rally
Baltimore, MD
2640 Space, Saint Johns UMC
2640 Saint Paul Street
Suggested Contribution: $10/ $5 students
(202) 471-5833 or events@votenader.org

Oct. 4th, 12pm
Nader/Gonzalez 2008 Rally
Waterbury, CT
195 Grand St. Waterbury, CT 06702
More info: (203)982-8578 or events@votenader.org

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Nebraska dumps fair play

Apparently the American Legion Boys State hosted a debate today between the Republican and Democratic nominees for US Senate from Nebraska, and kept Steve Larrick from participating in the debate.

The Journal Star reports that Larrick and close to a dozen supporters protested outside the debate.

If you want to hear two corporate politicians go at it in a debate, you can listen here.… Read more ...

Nebraska Greens to protest debate exclusion

Nebraska Green Steve Larrick is running for Anti-War Senator Chuck Hagel’s old US Senate seat, but apparently the American Legion in that fine state has decided that hearing from only half of the candidates is the value their members fought and had comrades die for. Semi-democracy seems to be the goal in a planned debate in which two of four candidates are being invited to meet and greet the state’s most promising young men.… Read more ...