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Posts tagged as “The People’s Party”

People’s Party attempt to draft Jimmy Dore for President

In a stunning decision, The Movement For A People’s Party has finally announced they are thinking about running a candidate for office….in 2024. Launching a campaign to attempt to push YouTube Personality Jimmy Dore to run for President in 2024.

For those not in the know, Jimmy Dore is the host of the eponymous political commentary show.… Read more ...

Time Capsule: The People’s Party Chooses Dr. Benjamin Spock for President

Dr. Benjamin Spock, the famous pediatrician and antiwar activist, was nominated for the presidency by the People’s Party on July 29, 1972.

Organized around opposition to the Vietnam War and originally co-chaired by novelist Gore Vidal and Spock himself, the People’s Party was a loose coalition of state and local parties, including California’s Peace & Freedom Party and Zolton Ferency’s Human Rights Party in Michigan, a party that enjoyed considerable electoral success in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti.… Read more ...