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Posts tagged as “US senate race”

Washington Times: It’s a good year for independents

(excerpt from) The Washington Times
3rd-party candidates could tip tight races
It’s ‘good year for independents

by Valerie Richardson / October 24, 2010

Even political junkies might not be able to identify LeAlan Jones, Shawn Moody, Scott Ashjian and Ceci Iglesias, but all four could have a major effect on the political balance of power after Election Day.

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Florida US Senate election: Libertarians qualify for first time, Democrat petitions way on, major Republican may switch to independent

The US Senate race in Florida is interesting in several ways. Alex Snitker became the first Libertarian to qualify for the US Senate ballot in the state’s history. The sitting Republican Governor, behind in his own party’s primary, may run as an independent instead.… Read more ...