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Michigan Supreme Court Won’t Hear Appeal from The Tea Party that Tried to Get on Ballot

Ballot Access News reports that “on September 3, the Michigan Supreme Court voted 5-2 not to hear the appeal of the group that tried to get on the ballot as “The Tea Party”. The State Court of Appeals had earlier kept that party off the ballot because most of its paperwork said the name of the party is “The Tea Party”, but the petitions say the party is “Tea Party.””… Read more ...

US Taxpayers Party of Michigan: No Connection to fake “Tea Party”

Press release:

Monday’s Michigan Court of Appeals ruling that denies ballot qualification to “The Tea Party” might cause voter confusion at the polls at the November General Election this fall.

The US Taxpayers Party of Michigan (USTPM) has been a ballot qualified party since its organization in 1982, though then known as the Tisch Independent Party.… Read more ...

Constitution Party candidate advocates killing abortion doctors

From the Michigan Messenger by way of TPID:

With the Republican and Democratic candidates already decided by the party primaries earlier this month, a third party — the U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan — has announced its list of candidates for various offices in the state. Among them is a physician from Fremont who advocates the killing of abortion doctors.… Read more ...

Michigan Poll Registers Support for Third Parties

A poll conducted in Michigan registered support for the Green Party and Libertarian Party in that state at 3% and 8%, respectively. The U.S. Taxpayer’s Party of Michigan, the Constitution Party’s affiliate in the state, was not included in the poll.

Thinking about the following political parties and groups that are getting involved in political issues these days, which group best reflects your views?

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