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Posts tagged as “Voters’ Choice Act”

PA State Rep. Eugene Depasquale on why he introduced ballot access reform bill

Recently, Pennsylvania State Representative introduced a version of the Senate’s Voters’ Choice Act in the State House.  The York Dispatch reports on the bill and why it was introduced (video included on the newspaper’s webpage):

DePasquale’s proposal would make the number of signatures independent and third-party candidates need to get their names on the November ballot the same as what is required of the Republican and Democratic parties.

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Voters’ Choice Act introduced in PA legislature

On September 17, a bill was introduced to the Pennsylvania State Senate by Senator Mike Folmer (R-Lebanon) called the Voters’ Choice Act. If passed, it would make the requirements for ballot access for independents and minor party candidates in the general election the same as those for major party candidates in their primaries.Â… Read more ...