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New San Francisco City Supervisor has strong ties to the Green Party

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

[Jane] Kim helped organize the now defunct San Francisco People’s Organization, a coalition of more than three dozen left-leaning groups that emerged as an offshoot of then-Supervisor Matt Gonzalez’s unsuccessful run for mayor in 2003. She lost her first race for school board in 2004.

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AP/NY Times: Lisa Murkowski, write-in candidate, has won for Senate in Alaska

(excerpt from) AP/NY Times
Alaska: It’s Official. Murkowski Won.

by The Associated Press / December 30, 2010

Senator Lisa Murkowski was officially named the winner of the state’s Senate race Thursday, after a period of legal fights and limbo that lasted longer than the write-in campaign she waged…

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Lisa Murkowski wins Senate race with write-in votes

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Richard Winger of Ballot Access News: is ‘a pressure group working to limit choices on the general election ballot’

Reprinted in full, with permission, from Ballot Access News.

Government-printed ballots in the United States were first created in 1888, and almost from the start, opponents of new and minor political parties started manipulating the ballot access laws to keep certain parties off the ballot.  The first such instance was in Nevada, when the 1893 legislature increased the petition requirement for new parties and independent candidates to 10% of the last vote cast, in a vain attempt to keep the Peoples (Populist) Party off the ballot.… Read more ...

Philadelphia Weekly on Hugh Giordano: ‘It’s Easy Being Green (With Help of Labor Unions)’

From Philadelphia Weekly (read the whole thing here):

Hugh Giordano, a 26-year-old, Roxborough native and food workers’ union organizer for UFCW Local 152, ran on the Green Party ticket against Democrat Lou Agre for a seat in the 194th. He lost, but garnered 18 percent of the vote (23 percent in Philly)—an unprecedented number for a third-party candidate.

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Bernie Sanders Says Presidential Campaign is “Off the Table”

In recent weeks there have been growing calls for Independent Senator Bernie Sanders to run for president, but Sanders has stated that he “ain’t gonna do it.”  From The Nation:

activists across the country started talking up the notion of a “Sanders for President” run in 2012, either as a dissident Democrat in the primaries or as a left-leaning Independent.

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Mik Robertson to be on IPR Radio 12/30/10 at 9:00 EST

I will interview Mik Robertson tomorrow night on IPR Radio at 9:00 EST.

Mik Robertson is the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. He has served in several local offices, including Chair of the Licking Township Board of Supervisors and Vice-Chair of of the Clarion County Sewage Association. In addition, he has run for elected office several times, including runs for the State House and Senate.… Read more ...

Dan Halloran News Roundup

Dan Halloran ran for office as a fusion candidate with the Conservative, Libertarian, and Republican Parties. In addition, he attended the 2010 Libertarian National Convention and has spoken before the Queens LP in the past.

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AP story on growing Green and Conservative influence in NY State runs in several papers

As the title suggests, an Associated Press story about the growing influence of the Green and Conservative Parties – through their better ballot placement – since the 2010 election ran in several newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal:

The big winners after November’s elections were the state’s Conservative and the Green parties.

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Nader names names concerning pharmaceutical industry fraud

Ralph Nader has run for President of the United States as a Green Party candidate, and more recently as an independent. The message below was sent out as an e-mail announcement to Nader lists, and also appears on his nonpartisan website,

Pharmaceutical Industry Fraud
By Ralph Nader / Monday, December 27.… Read more ...

NJ Legalize Marijuana Party activist to run for office again

From the Cherry Hill Courrier-Post:

Edward “Weedman” Forchion, a perennial political candidate in Burlington County, says he will keep running for office until lawmakers get the message that sticky ickies should be decriminalized.”The law is wrong and I am right,” Forchion said by phone from Oakland, Calif.

“The state of New Jersey has made a mistake in classifying marijuana as just a criminal substance.”

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Christopher Beam On The State of Libertarianism

In this article in New York Magazine, Christopher Beam lays out the many paths followed by libertarian activists in recent years. Be warned: there is significant editorializing near the end of the article. Nevertheless, it presents many interesting facts, some of which may be interesting to third party politicos. A snippet:

That’s how conservative politics is played—talk shrinkage, do growth.

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