Libertarian Party Most Favored by Tea Party Protesters

From Libertarian Republican blog by way of Third Party and Independent Daily:

The poll conducted by Politico (via Rightosphere), asked a myriad of questions to Tea Party rally attendees in Washington, DC April 15. Of particular interest, those surveyed were asked to identify the one political party most closely aligned with the beliefs of the Tea Party. The Libertarian Party was way out ahead. The Republican Party did moderately well. The Democrat Party did poorly.

In some states, there has also been discussion that the Tea Party could become its own political party as well, rather than working within the existing Republican, Libertarian or Constitution Parties.

The possibility of the New York Tea Party becoming a political party with a line on the ballot was previously covered by IPR here. Similar moves have been made or contemplated by Tea Parties in Connecticut, Nevada, and Florida. In Nevada and Florida, some Tea Party activists (especially those associated with the Republican Party in both states, and in the case of Nevada, also the Independent American (Constitution) Party), have alleged that these efforts are cynical ploys by Democratic Party operatives, while others have said that that they are authentic Tea Party efforts.

33 thoughts on “Libertarian Party Most Favored by Tea Party Protesters

  1. Trent Hill


    Could you embed all links? I know why you aren’t doing it, but it makes our Google News reports look sloppy, unfortunately.

  2. paulie Post author

    It would slow me down a lot. I’d be happy if someone helped me with that, though. I usually do, but this computer at the Renaissence Hotel is making it quite inconvenient.

  3. Libertarian Party is Immorality Party

    Libertarians really enjoy tea-bagging and every other kind of perversion.

  4. Brian

    Rock on, I’d like to see more support for Libertarians. They embody what I consider the strengths of the two major parties. Democrats/Liberals are supposed to be the party of individual freedom. I believe they are failing in that category. Republicans/Conservatives are supposed to be the party of limited government. They too have failed. Libertarians cherish both of those ideals.

  5. Trent Hill


    don’t sweat it. I can go back and do it. I don’t know why computers sometimes make it difficult to embed the links, but my old one occasionally did it.

  6. Trent Hill

    Anything mentioning the Tea Party is guaranteed to get additional hits, it seems like, but that is a lot. My guess is that some bigger website linked us.

  7. Trent Hill


    More importantly–it’s one of the top 3 “featured” stories on Google News’ front page currently. That’s why we’re getting all the hits. It won’t stay there for long, but we’ll likely get 1000 hits out of it. It’s the first time, that I know of, that we’ve gotten there.

  8. Thad

    …do they understand that the Libertarian Party favors drug legalization and opposes religious fundamentalists?

    …what am I saying? Of course they don’t. They don’t even understand that the President was born in America.

  9. Trent Hill

    Looks like we just got bumped off the Google News front page, but we’re still the third top story in “US News”

  10. Danny S

    I know IPR has been high up in searches before, but this probably is the first time it was actually on the front page.

  11. Matt Cholko

    Its too bad that everyone who followed the link just saw a bunch of comments from IPR insiders talking about people following the link.

  12. Buck Turgidson

    There are some in LP that will not see this as good news. The Tea Party members may not be ideologically pure enough to be Libertarians. They may have been active Republicans at one time. They may be born again Christians that do not believe in evolution. Tea Party Activist have been successful it getting media attention and getting their message out. LP Radicals will not tolerate this heresy to infiltrate the party. The intellectual bigots of the Libertarian Party will not tolerate Tea Party members just like they do not tolertate Wayne Root.

  13. Mekhong Kurt

    Just a guess on your hits beyond the fact this story is (or was) on Google News first page is that the headline is attention-catching — a departure from the myriad of stories linking the Tea Party to the Republican Party. It sure caught *my* eye, anyway.

    Check your logs — maybe another, well-known blog cross-linked to you as well.

    As for this story itself, I wasn’t surprised, as I’ve thought for a good while now that the Libertarian Party is probably ideologically closer to the Tea Party folks than the Republican Party, even its right wing.

    But were I a member of the Libertarian Party, I’d likely look askance at any association with the Tea Party, at least any formal one, simply because they are in some ways their own worst enemy.

    For instance, I’ve read any number of comments from self-identified Tea Partyers who said of course they don’t endorse violence — but in the very next breath spoke approvingly of window-breaking and the like. The contradiction is glaring.

    On the organizational level, they seem to want to have it both ways, in a sense. That is, on the one hand they seem to want to be recognized as a cohesive force in politics BUT insist they’re just a group of like-minded people informally uniting their voices to make themselves heard. When I think about this, I’m reminded of an off-color saying I heard a lot growing up in Texas (and still hear), though I’ll clean it up here: “Either poop or get of the pot.”

    In connection with that second point, it’s clear there are some conflicts within the Tea Party, in the broadest sense of the “party.” I suppose some of those arise from strong personalities having differing visions how to proceed. That’s normal with any new political group; even the Founding Fathers disagreed — sometimes downright squabbled — about just what kind of government we should have, for instance, and the differences were very pronounced. (At least one strongly favored having the President appoint state governors, for instance.)

    They also need to acknowledge that to a large degree, the members are a rather homogeneous group: above-average incomes, above-average education, largely white, with largely voting records favoring the Republicans. There’s nothing *wrong* with any of that — but it’s plain silly to deny it. People with similar stakes in the game of COURSE are going to share some similar thoughts and values. As a group, they could benefit from some counsel from someone like a Karl Rove or James Clavell.

    Strategically, going into the mid-term elections, they seem oblivious to the very real possibility of them “doing a Perot” — divide the Republican vote, handing a victory, in some cases, to one of those hated Democrats. I do need to add a major caveat to that: when Perot ran, both parties’ candidates were traditional white male ones. Obama’s alien-ness might make this “Perot-ing-the-election” less likely.

    Next, there is the single-minded insistence that THEIR interpretation is the ONLY correct one. They utterly ignore — to give one example — that many fine minds in the courts, in law schools, and elsewhere, minds fully concentrated upon the Constitution, have struggled for over 200 years to figure out just what it means. A particularly obvious example is the Second Amendment. (By the way, I am NOT one of those fine minds — I’m not even an attorney.) Put more bluntly, they don’t want to discuss and debate until we can come to a shared understanding — they want to dictate.

    Finally, there are their cries of outrage over “socialism” and so on — yet at the same time, they want their Social Security, Medicare, etc., despite those being among the most “socialistic” programs we have.

    Well, sorry; I’ve rambled. This stuff fascinates me, and I tend to get carried away.

  14. paulie Post author

    Check your logs — maybe another, well-known blog cross-linked to you as well.

    I did. It was all google news.

  15. SPO101

    “Psychological Warfare… *Or how they got the Tards to vote for George W. Bush” (see:

    I’ve researched the AM Radio Free Conservative/FOX News propaganda machine and it turns out spokespersons like O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, etc… are TRAITORS working for foreign special interests that want to “divide and conquer” the American PEOPLE. PROPAGANDA on a scale not seen since Tokyo Rose…

    I’m sure the Saudi Royals (Kingdom Holding Co.) who are now majority stockholders in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp/FOX News are confident of their long range strategic planning.


    NOTE: (did you see the video of the TRAITORS Ailes, O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck and the rest of FOX news puppets lining up t0 kiss the right shoulder of the Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talai? I got ill during the Saudi sword dance celebrating how they got the American, ignorant, right-wing fanatics to VOTE AGAINST THEIR OWN BEST INTERESTS!

    …It’s even more sickening than all the hand holding/kissing Bush Jr. used to do at the ranch in Crawford TX. George W. Bush always resembled a smitten school girl ever time he was in the presence of Saudi Royals…

    HA Republicans… nothing but #*~/’n obstructionists who allowed a bunch of vain, self-serving, power mad, greed stricken, silver spoon CON artists to ravage and expatriate most of our nation’s wealth and resources. The USA is in the middle of a fire sale where drug trafficers, Saudi Royals, India and communists China are buying up our most valuable assets… Thanks for NOTHING you Republican/Conservative wackos.

    The recent threats against Democrats, Dr. Tiller, the holocaust museum shooting, anti-abortion terrorist bombings, church shootings, mining disasters, Wall Street scandal (and that other story that got buried) the IRS building attack in Austin, TX. (look in you community newspaper in Crimes section and see if hate crimes aren’t UP in your locality) I like to call IT Conservative Wacko Terrorism

    I can’t believe the REAL news media allows Glenn Beck and the other FOX News puppets to get away with their blatant drive to spread hate speech, Corporate disinformation and warped interpretations of the Bible. I don’t think the American PEOPLE are going to allow public policy to be driven by a bunch of dumb@$$ Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin groupies.

  16. Brian

    Spo101, You sound pretty far out there in liberal conspiracy land yourself. Its like the pot calling the kettle black. Wow.

  17. Eric Dondero

    Congrats to IPR for the Big Hit Bomb! It’s a wonderful feeling to get a great many people all of a sudden visiting your blog. Good work.

  18. Melty

    Hey, Libertarian Party is Immorality Party.
    Ya got dat right. Libertarianizin aint moralizin.

    This tea party stuff seems a bit more like the Constitution Party to me, though.

    Yeah, Libertarian Blue, the fact that the half o these teabaggers aint noninterventionist is what gets me. It makes no sense to be anti-tax yet pro-Empire.

  19. clay

    The teabaggers stold their name from the modern Boston Tea Party. Of course, I don’t want that opinion to actually become popular – it might swell the numbers of Boston Tea Party members. What the teabaggers need to face up to is the fact that the vast majority of them are just republicans who realize Bush still is not popular, and who haven’t figured out or been told what republican to get behind yet. In six months most of them will be embracing republicans again. Of course, I hope a percentage of them become active members of the Libertarian Party. What they’ve got to realize is that instead of getting worked up over specific elections, voters in this country could breed a healthier party system if a lot of them joined an existing non-republican/non-democratic party with an existing platform, organization, and infrastructure. If this happens with the Libertarian Party our elections will be shaped in a way so that there are more issues debated and more ideas proposed. Even if a corrupted Libertarian Party becomes a major third party, the effect will be an improvement over what we have now. This won’t happen because voters are affraid to defect, only the major parties, through the media, will convince them that they are actually “principled”. The Tea Party movement might actually just be a big spashy show drummed up by media monguls to make the republicans look popular, or at least to make “independent” candidates look popular in the long run. It would be better if these major independent candiddates all joined with the Libertarian Party, or even the Green Party, because we have a party system. And an independent candidate’s movement ususally dies with that candidate as supporters rejoin the fold. Look to the unfortunate november for things to be the way they’ve been since Ralph Nader fell short ten years ago.

  20. Jack Ripper

    @ 17 Buck writes; “LP Radicals will not tolerate this heresy to infiltrate the party. The intellectual bigots of the Libertarian Party will not tolerate Tea Party members just like they do not tolertate Wayne Root.”

    Sorry Buck you’re way off base on this one. I have more than enough experience with being doubled crossed and it ain’t the Rads in the LP that’s doing it. Just take a look in the mirror next time you get up.

  21. Thomas L. Knapp


    You write:

    “The teabaggers stold their name from the modern Boston Tea Party.”

    Do you have any evidence to support that claim?

    As much as I’d like to be able to claim credit for the BTP for inspiring the tea party movement, I don’t think there’s any basis for doing so that would pass the laugh test.

  22. Trent Hill

    I don’t think so either. I have my biases, but it seems to me that the modern inspiration for the Tea Party Movement was Ron Paul’s Tea Parties on December 16th of 2007.

  23. clay

    Mr. Hill, I’d forgotten about the ’07 Tea Party before your post. I actually remember that moment now, and I remember formulating an opinion at the time that Paul, knowing he was the champion of the libertarian cause (and therefore being mindful of libertarian grass roots activities, had found out about the BTP and had himself decided to co-opt the platform and image of the BTP for his own purposes. I remember feeling a tinge of cynacism towards Paul then – thinking he was a bit more of a typical politician than his die-hards were willing to accept. Of course I can’t even pretend this will be corroborated.

    Admittedly, I’m no ware near as close to this as a lot of you guys that post regularly on this and other blogs, but I view the formation of the BTP as a mistake, better to argue within the LP.

  24. Thomas L. Knapp


    I suppose it’s possible that you’re right on that — that Ron Paul and/or his supporters noticed the BTP and that it inspired their December 16th, 2007 events.

    On the other hand, it occurs to me that Ron Paul and many of his supporters had probably heard of the 1773 event before I named a new political party after it. I wouldn’t assume that they needed the BTP to inspire them down that route.

    I suspect the BTP benefited far more from “random scatter” of interest in the Ron Paul campaign than the Ron Paul campaign benefited from the BTP’s existence.

  25. Another Excuse for the LP to Support War

    Thad: …do they understand that the Libertarian Party favors drug legalization and opposes religious fundamentalists?

    Do Tea Partiers understand the LP is antiwar?

    When Tea Partiers find out, will they reject LP?

    Buck: LP Radicals will not tolerate this heresy to infiltrate the party. The intellectual bigots of the Libertarian Party will not tolerate Tea Party members just like they do not tolertate Wayne Root.

    The pro-war bigots in the LP will say the LP must tone down its antiwar stance, lest it lose the support of pro-war Tea Partiers.

  26. LP pragmatist

    The water is just fine in the LP. Frankly, if the Tea Party movement wanted to have a firm VOICE in the LP, it could be done rather easily. Why? Because they OUTNUMBER the LP activists. It’s the numbers stupid. And in many states, the doors have been “thrown wide open” to Tea Party activists to join. The LP in many states is “not your father’s Libertarian Party”.
    Many will take someone that is 80% in line vs some crazy “purity” test. Incremental improvement always beats delayed perfection.

  27. LP pragmatist

    Apposition to religion. NOT NOT NOT.
    Many many firmly religous people are in the LP. They just don’t wear it on their sleeve. Stop with the BS. The LP is a “BIG TENT” party. Last I checked, everyone in the USA is not the same. THere are aspects of the Tea Party that I don’t like. But if 80% of it is in line, I will go with it. Why? Because the R’s and D’s DO NOT represent me any longer and frankly, most members of Congress should be brought up on charges of Treason for bankrupting this wonderful country. They have screwed us and the future generations, all in the name of pay-offs to big contributors and holding onto POWER. Truly sad.

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