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1992 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Andre Marrou addresses Texas LP Convention; full transcript follows

After being recognized by Libertarian National Committee Chairman Geoff Neale, and following a standing ovation from those present at the Sunday Texas LP convention luncheon featuring a keynote speech by 2012 Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson — 1992 Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Andre Marrou rose from his seat at a table near the front of the room, raised his hand to silence the crowd and addressed the convention with the following remarks (reported below verbatim and in toto).


“Cut government!!!”


IPR doubts any speech by any current or former Presidential candidate has ever received more applause or more laughter on a per-word or per-second basis in the history of US (or Planetary) Political History.

IPR is further informed this was Mr. Marrou’s first appearance at a Libertarian event of any kind since 1992.

Vice-Chair Lee Wrights and others likewise publicly acknowledged and expressed gratitude to Mr. Marrou for his campaigns both as Ron Paul’s Vice-Presidential running mate in 1988, and for his Presidential campaign in 1992.  Others expressed their personal gratitude for his service in the Alaska legislature (including one attendee overheard to say that he had only recently moved from Alaska to Texas and was thrilled to meet the man he had first voted for in Alaska for the state house over 28 years ago).

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  1. Ad Hoc Ad Hoc June 14, 2012

    In 2008, Barry Goldwater, Jr. was Ron Paul’s running mate in Louisiana and Michael Peroutka was his running mate in Montana.

    Did Ron Paul agree to run with them on any kind of ticket?

  2. just saying just saying June 14, 2012

    @7 not @2

  3. just saying just saying June 14, 2012

    @1 – In 2008, Barry Goldwater, Jr. was Ron Paul’s running mate in Louisiana and Michael Peroutka was his running mate in Montana.

    @2 – It is not “ironic”. Learn a new word

  4. Charles Lupton Charles Lupton June 13, 2012

    Ed Clark and now Andre Marrou the lions of yesteryear and in the present we have R.J. Harris and Lee Wrights former Gov. Johnson primary competitors both working with the campaign as well. 2012 is going to be a big year!

  5. Marc Montoni Marc Montoni June 13, 2012

    Andre, when he was “on”, was a great speaker.

    One of the best speeches I ever heard at a Libertarian convention was delivered by Andre at the Chicago 1991 convention, after he’d received the LP nomination for president.

    The talk basically consisted of Andre rapid-fire summarizing two completely contradictory government actions, with the refrain “there’s a word for this… and that word is insanity!”

    By the end of his speech the audience was either hollering the refrain, or laughing hysterically just as he delivered the “there’s a word for this…”.

    It was hilarious. I’d like to get a copy.

    I’ve written Andre to ask if he had a recording; but he didn’t answer. I also wrote to Jim Turney (owner of Liberty Audio, who made recordings of hundreds of presentations at LP events from the seventies through the early nineties) about it, but he doesn’t have access to it.

  6. JamesT JamesT June 13, 2012

    Nice video…seems like a great guy.

    PS Someone should do a write-up for this site of the fact that Jesse Ventura has been endorsing GJ on CNN & the Alex Jones show.

  7. ctomp ctomp June 13, 2012

    Watched the linked Youtube video. He was very impressive in that interview.

  8. John Jay Myen rs John Jay Myen rs June 12, 2012

    Just for accuracy Andre Marrou spoke with me at my house about a year ago, it would have been considered a Libertarian event.

    Great guy.

  9. Thane Eichenauer Thane Eichenauer June 12, 2012

    There is nothing wrong necessarily with appealing to Ron Paul supporters. However, Andre Marrou was and is more than an extension of Ron Paul.

  10. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman June 12, 2012

    The other two state reps in New Hampshire were Don Gorman and Andrew Borsa.

    Gorman was elected in 1992, re-elected in 1994, lost in 1996.

    Calvin Warburton and Finley Rothaus were Republican legislators who switched parties in 1992 and and were re-elected.

    Jim McClarin was from California, moved to NH and was elected in 1994, but resigned when he took a job that required moving out of the district.

    Steve Vaillaincourt was a registered Democrat when he was elected on the Libertarian ticket to the NH House of Reps. After election he changed his registration to Republican.\

    Actually, Calvin Warburton and Finley Rothaus both endorsed Andre Marrou. There was another Republican legislator in New Hampshire who joined the LP in 1992 after losing the Republican primary, and he too endorsed Marrou. I forget his name.

  11. Eric Dondero Eric Dondero June 12, 2012

    By my count there have been a total of 12 Libertarian State Representatives in history.

    1978 – 1982 – Rep. Dick Randolph, Alaska
    1980 – 82 – Rep. Ken Fanning, Alaska
    1984 – 86 – Rep. Andre Marrou, Alaska

    4 in New Hampshire, early 1990s – Reps. Cal Warburton, Finlay Rothaus, (other two names?)

    1 in New Hampshire, late 1990s – Elected but resigned a month after – Jim McClarin

    Rep. Steven Dresch, Michigan, 1992 – 94, resigned from the Republican Party last 6 months in office and joined the Libertarian Party (Ironically, he was the only legislator in the entire United States to endorse Marrou for President)

    Rep. Neal Randall, Vermont 1998 – 2000, resigned from the LP after dispute over gay marriage stance.

    Rep. Steve Vallaincourt, New Hampshire 2004 – 2006, Republican-turned-Libertarian-turned-Republican again.

    Current – Rep. Daniel Gordon, Rhode Island, formerly joined the RILP Sept. 9, 2011, after resigning from the Republican caucus over two disputes, one personal and one strategic/issues.

  12. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman Post author | June 12, 2012

    Lynn @ 2

    “How delighted I am to see that Andre’ Marrou is doing speaking engagements again. ”

    Andre dropped by for a brief visit, not a formal engagement. Everyone present, as far as I could tell, was delighted to see him

    My impression was that Andre left both pleased personally, and by the growth and evident maturity of the LP both in Texas and nationally.

    I’d encourage all Libertarians to reach out to him. He remains full of ideas and with a burning passion for Liberty.


  13. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman June 12, 2012

    1988 was the first election in which the Libertarian national ticket included two former office-holders – former Congressman Ron Paul and former state legislator Andre Marrou.

    This year again the LP presents two former office-holders – former Governor Gary Johnson and retired Superior Court Judge Jim Gray.

    In 1988, The Liberty Amendment Committee put out a tabloid promoting the Libertarian ticket. The tabloid noted that Ron Paul had sponsored the Liberty Amendment in the U.S. Congress, and Andre Marrou had sponsored the Liberty Amendment in the Alaska legislature.

    The Liberty Amendment would state that the federal government could only exercize such powers as are expressly given to it in the Constitution; the federal government would have to divest itself of all property not being used for constitutionally authorized powers; and it would abolish the federal income tax.

  14. Alex Avery Alex Avery June 12, 2012

    An awesome speech!

  15. Lynn House Lynn House June 12, 2012

    How delighted I am to see that Andre’ Marrou is doing speaking engagements again. I think of him and the haps and mishaps of his campaign almost every time old Libertarians share war stories. . It was a pleasure to know you then and I hope to run into you somewhere in the future of this campaign.

    Lynn House, from Fairbanks.

  16. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman Post author | June 12, 2012

    For those seeking to reach out to Paulites, the headline above might be best formulated as:

    “RON PAUL’s VP Running Mate Endorses Gary Johnson.”

    Yes it was 1988, but Andre is the ONLY “Vice-Presidential running mate” Ron Paul EVER had.

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