Reform Party USA July 2013 Newsletter

The Reform Party USA’s newsletter for July of 2013 has recently been published and can be accessed by clicking the link below. RPUSA is one of the factions fighting over the remaining legacy of the Reform Party that was used as a vehicle for the Presidential candidacies of Ross Perot in 1996 and Patrick Buchanan in 2000.

RPUSA Jul2013 Newsletter

12 thoughts on “Reform Party USA July 2013 Newsletter

  1. Steven Wilson

    Didn’t take Carl Person very long to find another dog to hunt with. Running for Mayor of New York as a Reform Party candidate.

    At least they are trying.

    Jill Stein is trying to undo the damage done by David Cobb, but the Reform Party still needs their champion.

  2. Nick Hensley

    Person fits better in the Reform Party then he did in the Libertarian Party. He believes in a larger government role for the government then most libertarians.

  3. Joe Wendt

    I hope Carl does well and runs for President in 2016 as a Reform Party candidate. At least they’ll give him an honest shot at the nomination.

  4. Steven Wilson

    I am not saying positive or negative about carl as a candidate. But party jumpers inherently have created a credibility issue for themselves. I can appreciate a change of heart, but to run for president in the LP and then mayor of NYC as a reform party just looks like a cry for attention.

    His brand is scattered right now. He needs to mold it into something people can take before he gets any votes. Even the LP couldn’t take him and his campaign seriously. He spent money but he had no persona as a Libertarian when he started. It was obvious to some that he was on the wrong team.

    I just feel the Reform party needs a BIG bat to start them off again. I don’t feel carl brings that to the reform party. Their candidates need to field questions based on philosophy and solutions rather than why they jumped parties.

    I wish the reform party all the best.

  5. Mark Axinn

    Agree with comments above.

    Carl is a really nice guy, and was a terrific Atty General candidate for us in 2010.

    But since then, he has not really had a coherent message with any traction.

    Before considering 2016, the Reform Party needs to run a candidate for Gov. in New York in 2014. Perhaps Carl will seek that position.

  6. Nick Hensley

    @8 The rumor is going around in the Reform Party that it is a possibility. I’ve already said that if it happens, I would take a position on the campaign.

  7. Joe Wendt

    I heard a rumor that Carl’s game-plan is to run for gov in 2014 in preparation for a 2016 pres run and to hopefully win 50000 votes to secure ballot access in NY.

  8. Nick

    @10 I don’t know enough to confirm that. All I’m going to say is the Reform Party of New York has resources most of our affiliates don’t have, and we will be able to support a candidate there.

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