Draft Steve Stockman Effort Underway in Constitution Party

Steve Stockman

For several years now, former Congressman Steve Stockman has been mentioned in Constitution Party circles when discussing the 2016 Presidential election. However, this has largely been baseless speculation and fun discussions for activists, as opposed to anything based on first-hand knowledge of the party’s interest in Stockman or vice-versa.

I spoke to a couple of Constitution Party insiders, especially national leaders, who have confirmed that there is a great deal of interest in having Steve Stockman run for President in their nomination process. Numerous activists and would-be delegates also confirmed to me that they would be interested in him serving as the party’s standard bearer. When I asked a certain long-time leader in the party leader if there was a serious effort to draft Stockman, he said, “stay tuned.” In the last couple of days, a Facebook page popped up called Steve Stockman for President, with a stated aim of drafting the former Congressman to run for President.

8 thoughts on “Draft Steve Stockman Effort Underway in Constitution Party

  1. George Phillies

    Has he been at all active in the CP? Does he have a record of working within the CP? Are the answers yes, or is the CP preparing to have a negative outcome?

  2. Trent Hill Post author

    No one would comment as to whether he expressed interest or commented. But multiple people confirmed he was aware of the effort.

    Has he been active in the CP? He has written articles for their website and done candidate trainings at National Committee meetings. So, the answer is that he is not a member but has been active with them.

  3. paulie

    I guess some parties never learn. He probably won’t even be as good as Goode. They should go with Castle and pull up the drawbridge over the moat.

  4. Michael Skaggs

    There’s only been one state where they’ve gotten over 1 percent (1.3 in SD in 2012). The serious names don’t want the CP because the votes go GOP or Libert.

  5. Cody Quirk

    Correct Michael, and don’t forget that the CP lost ballot access in South Dakota last year.

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