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Who is Warren Redlich? What I do

Found in LinkedIn

Warren Redlich

Recent events made me aware that my friends don’t all know what I do for a living. That’s not your fault. It’s my job to let you know. Here’s a brief rundown so you’ll know what kinds of issues might be appropriate for a referral.

1. I’ve been a personal injury lawyer for 20 years. I was named as one of Allstate’s top trial lawyers three times in the late 1990s. In 2007 I won a $3.85M verdict in NY. Last year we settled a case for nearly $500K in Florida. My wife Heather Redlich, is also an attorney and helps with those cases.

I’ve worked with and against orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, chiropractors, economists, accountants, accident reconstruction experts and more. Most of our work has been on car accident and dog bite cases. If we can’t handle your case I can help find the right lawyer. We handle injury cases in all of New York and Florida.

2. I’ve been handling criminal defense and traffic cases since 2003. In 2012 I won a big appeal on a felony drug case in NY, People v. DeYoung. I’m now nationally known as a DUI/DWI lawyer.

We handle criminal cases in both NY (mainly near Albany) and Florida (mainly the three big counties in South Florida).

If you get a traffic ticket anywhere in NY and you’re from another state you should really call me. Some of the standard deals in NY are bad for out-of-state drivers. We handle cases north of NYC and I can refer you to someone if you have a case in NYC or Long Island.

For both personal injury and criminal defense in NY, I work with local lawyers who make routine appearances. My favorite is my former associate (and fellow Guilderland alum) Stacey DeLoach .

3. I recently became a Realtor® in Florida. I focus on $500K+ properties in West Boca Raton, though I’m certainly willing to help with other areas in South Florida. If you or a friend need help with real estate down here please contact me. My broker is Signature International Real Estate, a good company.

4. I do other things that would not typically involve referrals and where I might be able to help you or your friends. Heather and I run West Boca News and hope that will help with the real estate work. I’ve been building websites for 15 years now and I’m networked with the tech community here, including RefreshMiami, Social Media Club South Florida , New Tech Community and more. If you’re doing anything in technology or startups in South Florida, I may be able to introduce you to helpful people.

The best ways to reach me are:
a. E-mail –

Warren Redlich is the owner of Independent Political Report


  1. Mark Axinn Mark Axinn May 27, 2015

    I don’t think there really is a Warren Redlich.

    I think Paulie, Jed and Jill made him up so they would have cover if something goes wrong at IPR.

  2. George Whitfield George Whitfield May 27, 2015

    Thanks for the explanation. You certainly keep busy. Best wishes.

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