Three Individuals Seeking Reform Party’s Presidential Nomination

Lynn S. Kahn

According to an email received from Reform Party national chairman David Collison, three individuals are currently declared as seeking the Reform Party’s presidential nomination: Ed Chlapowski, Ken Cross, and Lynn Kahn. IPR previously reported on Cross, the party’s 2012 vice presidential nominee, here. The party is currently conducting an internal poll to gauge member support for the candidates.

Descriptions of the candidates from the SurveyMonkey poll page:

Ed Chlapowski (Declared) – Owner/manager at Opportunity Resolution. Chemical Processing Facilitator and retired Dow Chemicals Manager and longtime Reform Party member. Campaign Website pending.

Kenneth Cross (Declared) – Semi-retired Engineer and Businessman. Ken Cross’s purpose for running for president is to promote progress, enhance national security, encourage fiscal responsibility, promote fair trade practices, nurture the private enterprise system, protect the environment, promote equal justice under the law, and improve the general well-being of the citizenry of both present and future generations. Campaign Website

Dr. Lynn Kahn (Declared)- Dr. Lynn Sandra Kahn received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the American University in Washington D.C. in 1977. She has more than 35 years experience as an organizational psychologist and executive consultant. Her areas of expertise include multi-partner and multi-agency strategic planning, designing the coordinating structures for complex missions, public sector reinvention and transformation, multi-city and multi-agency town hall meetings, conflict resolution and group dynamics. She is the owner of LSKahn Associates. Her vision is of an America that works for everyone with no one left out, a government that restores trust and builds peace at home and around the world, a government with a foreign policy based not on warfare, an America with a trusted and respected government that delivers outstanding services to us all and our government is a trusted and respected partner throughout the world. Her 7-Track Plan to Re-Boot Government and Build Peace outlines her goals. Campaign Website

The poll also includes Larry Lessig and Jim Webb, for whom there are draft efforts within the party’s membership. Lessig and Webb had previously sought the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

9 thoughts on “Three Individuals Seeking Reform Party’s Presidential Nomination

  1. michael

    Didn’t realize that Reform USA actually was still around. Hey they could nominate Donald Trump

  2. paulie

    They aren’t on the ballot in hardly any states and he would have to accept their nomination in many states even if they were. If he wants to run non-duopoly what does he need them for?

  3. Jed Ziggler Post author

    He’s probably going to get the GOP nomination anyway. Jim Webb running with and possibly reviving the Reform Party is a far more interesting prospect.

  4. Donald Hagenwald (@DJH_2036)

    I wouldn’t be so sure about him winning the GOP nomination- but thats another issue.

    Has Webb actually made any statements about running for the Reform Party’s nomination? I know there’s a draft movement- and he seems like he wants to throw his hat in the ring as something.

  5. Matt Cholko

    I can’t see why any candidate of even slight significance would get involved with the Reform Party. There’s no concrete ideology to promote, no significant ballot access, no large activist or donor base. So, what would be the point, for a candidate on Webb’s level?

  6. Donald Hagenwald (@DJH_2036)

    Bonus would be it would draw attention to the Reform Party. It would also provide a much easier way to form an organization- the Reform Party does at least have a good enough organization that would provide something bigger than having to go through the whole process. Also, it’d be easier with Webb for the RP to get ballot access as he’d draw more money and attention.

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