Andy Jacobs interviews Michael Heise, founder of the LP Mises Caucus, 2/3/18, Parts 1 & 2

Part 1:


Part 2:

47 thoughts on “Andy Jacobs interviews Michael Heise, founder of the LP Mises Caucus, 2/3/18, Parts 1 & 2

  1. Gina

    This is the guy who’s friends with David Duke on friendster or myspace or something and joined the LP when the GOP chose Trump over Cruz, is that correct? I have also heard that he pushed a false story about Sarwark getting 500 a night hotel rooms on the LP card as well as the infamous phony story about the LP banning Ron Paul. My understanding is that he is tied in with Ryan Ramsey, various fronts like the Dixie Caucus and the Veterans Caucus, the American Guard, Vinlanders Social Club, 71Republic, FakeLiberty Hangout, and others on the alt right who have admitted that they are trying to take over the LP and make it a far right xenophobic nationalist party. They are all also tied in with the “Mises” bka Blood and Soil Institute and Hans Hermann “14888” Hoppe.

  2. Luke

    “This is the guy who’s friends with David Duke on friendster or myspace or something ..”

    Actually, he has been friends with David Duke since at least 1997 when they were first degree on Heise and Duke both rated each other as Hot on HotOrNot and were hot and heavy on MakeOutClub long before friendster, myspace and facebook, where they have remained friends throughout the years as social networking sites have evolved.

    Luckily for Heise he was not old enough to vote in 1988 when Ron Paul and David Duke both appeared on some state ballots as choices for president. The dilemma could have proved impossible for him to resolve, causing him to implode with such force as to cause the collapse of the whole universe.

  3. Andy

    Why am I not surprised that the first two posts on this thread a people posting under fake names? I wouldn’t be surprised if they are using IP anonymizers as well/

  4. Gina

    Aside from being irrelevant to the points being made, you also have no proof or evidence for your irrelevant misdirection. Your interview is with Michael Heise and the relevant criticisms are of him. Why am I not surprised that Andy is unable to defend his fellow travelers in the alt right/paleo “libertarian” plot to take over the LP and their noxious multiple close associations with infamous bigots and instead wants to deflect attention onto irrelevant and inaccurate speculation about those pointing out these facts that Andy finds so inconvenient?

  5. Brandi

    Hi, Ryan Ramsey’s wife here – I was directed to this thread this morning by a concerned party and the comments made about Michael Heise and the Mises Caucus. Just wanted to clear up the false claim that Ryan and all his subsequent “horrifying connections” are in any way associated with Heise or the Mises Caucus. The only connection we have is being a spectator in all of this and being in the Mises FB group. We are not members of the caucus and at this time have no plans to attend the National Convention. While we are both fans of Mises and agree with the caucus that better leadership is needed at the national level, I do not think it would be fair to ignore this claim and let this false rumor spread, and allow Heise to be “smeared” with association with us. I will not attempt to refute any of the other stuff about white nationalism or the Vinlanders, as I have already addressed all of it in the past and will take any concerns seriously when we stop successfully recruiting candidates and building affiliates and start the alleged Nazi takeover I’ve been hearing about for 2 years. I will also let Heise explain the David Duke thing himself, as I know nothing about it.
    Anyone that is actually concerned and would like to speak to Ryan or myself, we are quite easy to get in touch with, and a lot friendlier than our detractors would have you believe. Yes, no matter what color are or who you screw. 🙂

  6. Carol Moore/

    I agree when you make accusations you should provide evidence. For example, a website address that gives indications you aren’t just making stuff up. Like, for example. Or some of the more substantive posts on this site.

  7. Carol Moore/

    On the other hand, I will say if Ryan Ramsey isn’t coming to the convention and has decided against organizing a protest because holding it in NOLA disses the confederacy, that is a sign of progress. And I applaud progress.

    As for all the obsession that continues with the extinction of the white race,

    I’d worry more about the extinction of the human race. Also the white race is going to extinct itself with Russia and US nuking each other, before or after US and China/Korea nuke each other, with Brits and France and Israelis joining in. And then Pakistan and India getting in at each other too.

    Southern hemisphere whites might survive. But if one knows race is just cosmetic and believes in reincarnation, like me, who the freak cares much about race?

  8. Brandi

    @Carol Moore – No, no protest will be happening. That idea was abandoned long ago.

    Also, did you read the second article you referenced? He was addressing the actual white nationalists who are obsessed with the idea of race and “white unity” – the point of the article is that “white” and skin color is not what unites us. Actual quote from article: “What about today, have you ever fought ANTIFA? Most of them are white. Hillary is white. Nancy Pelosi is white. The vast majority of Marxists in DC are white. Considering most of Europe, even the white ones, are Socialists/Marxists, and a good chunk of white America is also Socialist/Marxist, I think we are in the same position as our ancestors before us were. If we accept the ethnocentrist view for the sake of argument, then we, a group of white people who want to be free, have among us a competing group of white people who want to control us. In our generation it is not attempts to force us into serfdom to serve their Monarchy, but to force us into some form of Marxism. The enemy is a bunch of white assholes, as usual” also “Just as Robert E. Lee was able to gain military advantage over his enemies fighting alongside black men like Holt Collier, you can gain advantage in the fight against Communism today by uniting with black patriots.”
    Literally the first sentence is “The Globalists are not singling out the white race for destruction.” Keep in mind, he is writing this specifically to alt-right types – he sent it to several of those kinds of outlets, even some he stopped working with over disagreements about ethnonationalism.

    He says all the time that our foreign policy is why immigrants hate us – trust me, we get even more hate from people who lean conservative for saying things like that.

    He is trying to convince others AWAY from the path of racism and race-base politics, as he has been doing for some time now. I am proud of him for that. He has been successful, and I’ve seen it. To me, that more than makes up for his past racism. He wrote that article because of the growing number of people embracing the “alt right” and racism and such. The enemy in his eyes is Socialism/Communism and Globalism, and if you disagree with him on that premise and want to criticize him for that, that is fine. I am not against honest criticism. In fact, I would say that we both welcome it.

  9. Brandi

    LOL, I meant our foreign policy and interventionism is why other NATIONS hate us, not immigrants. 🙂

  10. Andy

    I do not know Ryan Ramsey, and I really do not give a rat’s ass about Ryan Ramsey.

    I only recently became acquainted with Michael Heise, and I was able to meet with him in person for the interview since I happened to be not too far away from him (I do a lot of traveling)

    My impression of Michael Heise is that he is a really good guy and a go getter, and he is exactly the kind of person the LP needs.

    I like what I have seen and heard from the Mises Caucus, but I am not a member of it. I am considering joining, but I am still undecided on whether or not I want to officially join their ranks. If I decide to join, I will let people know.

  11. Brandi

    Yeah sorry Andy, I didn’t mean to hijack your article- I just wanted to stop any untrue rumors that may spawn from the first comment of this article.

    Good job on the interview.

  12. Gina

    Is a friend of David Duke really the kind of person who the LP needs? Is a guy who leads a caucus of people who are mad at the chair for criticizing the “Blood and Soil” Institute what the LP needs? Is a guy who makes up fake, phony BS stories about the chair getting $500 a night hotel rooms at party expense and about the party banning Ron Paul from the convention the kind of person the LP needs? Is someone who is joined at the hip with LibertyFakeout which openly proclaims their mission is to take over the LP and make it right wing the kind of person the LP needs? I think not.

    Nobody cares if Andy Jacobs has done the club handshake. No one cares if Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey have wallet caucus membership cards, or if Joshua Smith has a membership ID number. They are all part of the same noise machine with the same goal of getting out existing LNC and staff members for the same exact reasons. They all want to turn the LP into a Hoppe party, a “Mises” Blood and Soil Institute party of the far right and xenophobic nationalism.

    Ramsey still talks about Skrewdriver being his favorite band, still claims the RAC banner and claims only communists would oppose this fascist organization, and on and on and on. These folks can deny their plans all they want, they can deny that they know each other, but the pattern is unmistakable that they are working towards the same goals and repeating each other’s talking points. By their fruits you should judge them.

    Michael Heise is part and parcel of this. So is Joshua Smith. So is Andy Jacobs. So is Ryan Ramsey. No amount of claiming they are former this or not official members of that is going to change this.

  13. Chuck Moulton

    It’s good to hear Ramsey is backing off those views.

    As for Heise, he is a pathological liar who will make up anything to further his agenda. No one should vote for him (or anyone associated with the “Mises” Caucus) ever.

  14. Gina

    “As for Heise, he is a pathological liar who will make up anything to further his agenda. No one should vote for him (or anyone associated with the “Mises” Caucus) ever.”

    Agreed and the same goes for the rest of their bunch. Their denials of being linked to each other, to the alt right and the old far right like Duke, and to the white nationalist cause are all strategic, and nothing else. Ramsey has also not backed off of anything no matter how reasonable Brandi sounds. When allowed to speak for himself her husband doesn’t come off nearly so reasonable. For example:

    He’s been playing the “former” white nationalist game for quite some time now. For a while Invictus was playing that same game until he decided to drop the fig leaf. Don’t be fooled, they are not now and never were former anything. They are what they are and the only thing that changes is how open any of them choose to be about it at any given point in time.

  15. Andy

    I posted this speech on another thread, and now I’m posting it here because it is relevant to the discussion.

    This is exactly the type of person that the Libertarian Party needs. I will take a balls-to-the-walls freedom fighter like Heise over a lot of the do-nothings in the LP any day.

    Michael Heise Speech At Nationwide End The Fed 2012 Philly

  16. Gina

    Anon-Tipper said:

    Does anyone think that Liberty Hangout, 71 Republic, The Mises Caucus, and some of the white-nationalists in the FLP are connected in some way?

    They were all parroting the same story about the convention “controversy” with Ron Paul. Liberty Hangout still publishes pro-Augustus articles, they seem pro Mises Caucus. And 71R also has a lot of pro Mises Caucus, pro Joshua Smith, etc. stories. Liberty Hangout seems to think that there’s a pedo-ring in the LP, something Ramsey has been screaming about too. It’s just weird that they are seem to just say the same thing at the same time.

    paulie said:

    Yep, they are definitely all connected.

    sludgepuppy said:

    I’m wondering if someone isn’t playing this to get control of the party because of ballot access the list of contributors, or something else?

    Annon-Tipper said:

    Ballot access definitely. Also, I think, to gain legitimacy by using the libertarian label, since most other groups on the right (I know placing libertarians on the right isn’t exactly correct, depends on the person, etc. but I’m just going with the popular usage) are either intellectually bankrupt, or have damaged their own reputation. If you look at the Liberty Hangout staff page (who are pushing this), a lot of them are young conservatives/trumpkins. The rest are hoppean cultists/alt-righters pulling the old fascist trick of co-opting a label.

    Anon-Tipper said:

    We really need to do more to push out the alt-right. What sort of mechanisms are there in the LP to prevent them from installing their own puppet (Joshua Smith)? Should the LP have “official” and “unofficial” designations for caucuses? Should people associated with the LPMC [Mises Caucus] be denied LP membership? Should more dramatic (i.e. disaffiliation) actions be taken against the FLP [Florida LP]? Is the process to become a delegate restrictive enough to keep most/all of the LPMC members out? We absolutely need to come up with strategies. What are some solutions people here have thought of?

  17. Andy

    This is real world, boots-on-the-ground activism. This is something that a lot of the armchair warriors and people who show up at LP meetings and strut around in suits pretending to be important, don’t do. The fact that the LP, a party which is marginalized, and frequently flat out shut out, of the mainstream media, has so little field activism that takes place, is part of why the party is not more successful.

    The LP needs more people like Heise, to give the party a much needed kick in the ass, and a shot of adrenaline.

    Michael Heise: The Big Plantation Open Carry Outreach – West Chester, PA

  18. Gina

    “This is real world, boots-on-the-ground activism. …”

    Jackboots, I presume, since he is friends with David Duke.

  19. Andy

    Hey, “Gina,” the last time I inquired about which state LP you are a member of you never responded? My hunch is that you are troll, probably in drag, posting under a fake name.

  20. Gina

    Who gives a fuck? None of your business. Am I being detained?

    You are the one who is siding with the enemies of the party who have openly admitted that they are in the process of trying to stage a hostile takeover to turn it into a far right, alt right, xenophobic nationalist party.

    Focus on that and stop acting like officer unfriendly demanding everyone’s papers. It’s none of your business and you are the one who needs to explain why you are siding with the enemies of freedom instead of barking presumptive questions like a border guard.

    Oh yeah one last thing in case you forgot:

  21. Andy

    February 11, 2018 at 22:44
    Who gives a fuck? None of your business. Am I being detained?”

    Then you have no credibility. There have been lots of trolls posting under fake names smearing people here over the years. You are probably one of them.

  22. Carol Moore/

    Brandi: Frankly I’m still traumatized by the “shoot Arvin” and “Kill hippies” memes that were on the LP Vets FB page last spring when he was in charge, so it tends to color everything… Also the “Jew CIA” comment a screenshot from his personal page around that time.

    Taking down the worst stuff always helps, especially if reporters ever take a serious interest. Of course, there’s a lot of Ramsey’s crazy accusations on IPR that will live for eternity or til a big EMP wipes out all digital traces…

  23. Ryan Ramsey

    Andy, these are good interviews. I liked your video on the Sheriff idea. I work with members of CSPOA who swear to protect citizens from constitutional violations. They fight the FSA with me defending our gun rights. My Sheriff is already doing many of the things you are talking about in the video, and I am working with members nationwide on combining efforts.

    While we are on the subject, the arguments I make in the legislature are a great place to start learning the truth about what I believe and say on public forums.

    Listen, I would like to put a lot of this crap to bed, since it keeps coming up so forgive the long reply, but hopefully the comment section at IPR can stop being a hatefest on me and my family once and for all after this. It should be easy to see how ridiculous all this is, but I am going to just make one stop shopping here and hopefully this is the last of it. I also will address the accusations re: Heise, Josh Smith, etc.

    First of all, Chuck Moulton –

    I “backed off those views” about ten years ago. Long before I joined the LP. I was exposed to libertarianism by other skinheads I knew who had grown up and left that scene, and supported Paul for Pres. Ron Pauls rejection in ’08 by the GOP was a turning point. I went Independent, back to GOP once or twice for primary votes. Alex Snitkers Senate campaign got me interested in the LPF, and Adrian Wyllies Governor campaign as well. They had published at least one pf my articles back in 2011 or 12 on 1787 network, they knew I was no Nazi even back then.

    I did behind the scenes attempts at brokering peace between Augustus and Wyllie through Snitker for much of late 2015 and sort of succeeded in early 2016. It could have been peace then and there, but they couldn’t let it go, and when Alex joined the GOP it all ramped up again.

    FTR I was never a NatSoc, just hung out with Skinheads when I was young and in schools where I was told that “this bathroom is not for whites” and attacked over it. Later that morphed into fighting communist gangs. I was more Rosa Parks than Hitler and renounced violence for political reasons almost 10 years ago.

    The severe irony is that despite all the epithets and accusations, I am currently working with some of the worlds leading researchers on extremism, who have been flying out to meet me for months. I have offered myself along,with others that also left that world, to develop a body of research into what causes people to leave extremism and vioence, and develop cutting edge new ways to divert people away from extremist movements.

    Saying I am friendly wth the alt-right is laughable, I am such an open critic of them, Spencer and Cantwell sucked their trolls on me and did what the ancoms couldn’t do, got me off FB. Before his arrest, rumor was Cantwell was looking into suing me for this viral video, which has over 386k views.

    I was criticizing Spencer at the first “Unite the Right” rally, and warning people that he was trying to inject ethno-nationalism into a very non-racist and libertarian leaning populist movement evolving out of the more conservative “MAGA” post Trump.

  24. Ryan Ramsey

    There are elements of Rothbards “paleo strategy” in the way I intend to capitalize on this development, harnessing the power of “redneck libertarians” to cross over, remember, 8 of the 9 counties I represent for the LPF are super conservative rural counties. The reason I have been unanimously elected twice by right and left libertarians to the EC is because anyone who knows me is aware I am all about strategy and political science.

    These aren’t a means to “takeover” anything but GOP share of the vote in the areas I organize and much of the bible belt and flyover country.

    I am against both right and left ideologues, although knowing what I do now about neuroscience and psychology related to how people personalize their political identity, I understand why I have come across abrasive in the past.

    As far as what looks like Sarwarks sock account, “Gina’s” criticism, (looks that way due to the odd twist in saying “by their fruits you will JUDGE them” , which I have only ever heard him use, its “KNOW them, FYI, and “judge not, lest you be judged” is in there too).

    Nevertheless, if I was judged by my fruits nobody would have ever called me a racist.

    I came to the LPF to elect candidates to file a body camera bill – in the name of a gay guy unjustly killed by police. I’ve always felt it feeds into the identity politics, and by now I am sick of having to trot out the race and religion of all my friends, but anyone who has socialized with me knows I do not discriminate in friendship,

    So here is my fruits-

    After founding the first affiliate in the 9 county region, I set my sights on the one very blue county I represent. I offered the Chair to a prominent left-libertarian, with whom I have a love/hate relationship, but respect, named Thomas Knapp, a contributor here. He declined, but it was my first offer to anyone after election to the EC. Hes still mad at me for opposing his surprise floor nomination for LNC Platform Committee, since I think he may be divisive and too ideologically driven there, but I did put him in for appointment to our rules committee, because I know he would uphold an ethical view in the matter of rules.

    I also admit in hindsight that the person I supported over him also turned out to be an ideologue, but to the other extreme. He is no longer on the committee or in the LPF. I am not perfect, but I can admit a mistake and move forward.

    When Knapps opposition to Johnson (what he said at the time as the reason he declined), I tried to get a trans person to Chair. Turns out they were going to UF next year, I thought they already attended as an adult, but the individual was not old enough. The next person I recruited for Chair was a Jewish UF student. He backed out for being too busy, so we Affiliated with the female Chair (that was also UF YAL chair at the time), as well as a Latino to form a very diverse EC. I have heard nobody say that they are right wing Hoppeans.

    I encourage them to use an entirely different strategy, appealing to disaffected democrats and independents in the more left leaning area (I dub Gainesville the Berkley of Florida). It is working so well I think we may soon announce the Democrat who is not running for re-election may be endorsing a Libertarian candidate for their former seat.

    The next county I affiliated was a more rural county, but even this EC is composed of a centrist libertarian chair, and an Anarchist vice chair. Representing a good cross section of Libertarians.

    I supported the Cuban over the white guy for LPF Chair, and defended his undocumented Chief of Staff when my opponents tried to use his immigration status against him. This video was even removed in a hack and restored last month. The person making the anti-immigrant statements is also a co-creator of the LPF ANTIFA FB page, which was never about racism, but a factional beef. That’s why half the people they call Nazis over thee last year aren’t even white.

    If there were suspicions I was trying to build some sort of racist alt-LP, they are as dead as Stalin’s victims by now in the minds of any who use facts and judge my actions.

    The Nazi slurs are mostly rooted in my defense of Augustus Invictus for a time, and discovery of campaign finance, and later voting irregularity surrounding Paul Stanton in the 2016 Senate race in Florida.

    The reality is that the drama surrounding Augustus Invictus originally started from religious persecution at the hands of an old regime. They were evangelicals and didn’t want a “pagan” on the ballot because it would make us “look bad”. They got the goat story from a thelemite AI had a falling out with to prove their point. That morphed into calling him a Nazi too, based on college papers he wrote before supporting Obama in 2012, as he was siring 4 children with a Puerto Rican woman. They tried to throw him out over his alleged support of Eugenics in October of 2015, despite the fact that he had released a video with an extensive explanation of why he no longer believed in it. He also removed some things at my request from his website because, while I understood his explanation, I also understood why people would misinterpret it.

    It really boiled down to ego trips gone wild, at the time AI was being picked on and I hate bullies. They actually made him famous, He would have just been a weird Lawyer from Orlando on a 3rd party ticket without all that. This publication did more for Augustus than I ever did by letting his enemies feed it stories they injected into the media from here.

    Sadly, the relentless attacks never ended and pushed him into the waiting arms of the psy-op known as the “Alt-right”

    Eventually it led him to speak at a rally called Unite The Right. When I told him to cancel after they booked Spencer, he felt it would be hypocritical to do so after the abuse he sufferred and all his free speech talk. I let it slide, and myself and other AG leaders spoke out against the idea.

    The American Guard created a policy after the first “Unite the Right”, not to support rallies that crowd organized and to let them know that while they were entitled to free speech, we were not obligated to allow it at any of our events. We have a black gay state president. Florida has an Asian in state leadership. We decided it was incongruent for us to be around them in public, and the consensus was that these guys were playing an agent provacateur role. We felt it was important enough to warrant a policy and state it in public, which was done.

    A probationary officer in Georgia, who happened to be gay, tried to defend the ethnonationalists during this, and was unanimously ejected from probationary membership. This person joined the Traditionalist Worker Party, and was soon after ejected from them…for being a stroke of irony..

    Next AI he said he was going to another rally being planned in Charlottesville, At this point I encouraged him to leave the LP, although I can’t take total credit since he already had it mind. I screwed with him pretty hard on social media after that as well, but many people just see the stuff they want to.

    Augustus and I exchanged increasingly heated texts, and he wouldn’t call and discuss the matter and continued public promotion of “Uniting the Right” which he included National Socialists, National Bolshevists, and other incongruent philosophies.

    Subsequently the officers in Florida voted to eject him from his officer position by unanimous vote.

    Augustus ignored his brothers and sisters in the AG, and went to Charlottesville anyways, as part of the bill and involved himself in all the legal wrangling. We sent a couple people as observers to the main event, but we did not have anyone at the fashy tiki march, as it was pretty obvious what they were going to do to everyone but Augustus.

    After the debacle, he admitted in an interview that there was a meeting prior, and an agreement was made that the WN’s were not to do Roman salutes and fly swastikas and such. They did so anyways. He still refused to denounce them and wanted to associate with them. I believe he even took money from Spencer. Essentially they made him their bitch and he wouldn’t even call them out over it. That was the last straw.

    Since he had done recruitment videos and was known to be a part of the AG, we felt it was necessary to issue a public statement and remove him.

    He was removed by unanimous vote of state presidents. In my capacity as National Press Secretary I authored this statement, which was approved via unanimous vote by the national AG Congress as well.

    The AG founding documents specifically state our openness to all races and basic libertarian views:

    3. We believe in the Libertarian principle that a free citizen should be able to do whatever they like as long as they are not hurting anyone else. Discipline and the law were created within societies to secure freedom, not to hinder it. Your person and your property should be protected by the law. Not your feelings. Not your preferences. Not your beliefs. The best way to receive liberty is to give it.

    4. We believe that the most promising path to restoring America to a strong, functional, and free society is to spread these principles and promote them to every citizen of the United States. We do this without regard to race, religion, culture, or previous political affiliation.

  25. Ryan Ramsey

    As far as saying my favorite band is Skrewdriver, that is false, I don’t have a favorite, theres too much variety in music for all that….although I do love this song and I will exercize my free speech by playing it whenever I want:

    We live in changing times
    When certain thoughts are now a crime
    Power flows through an evil pen
    And freedom’s light in growing dim

    One day if suddenly, I’m forced to take my leave
    Will you still carry on, with the things that we believe?
    One day if suddenly, they take my life away
    Will you still be fighting to win a bright new day?

    The people who’ve stood against us
    They seem to be above the law
    With the power to listen into private moments in our lives
    And the power to come kick down your door


    Our strength has come from ideals many years’ old
    A strength that has survived within our blood
    A strength our foe has recognised, and sworn to drag it down
    He wants to drag our people through the mud

    (chorus) x2

    As far as Josh Smith goes, I was in a heated argument with the man one day. I suggested we have a rational discussion and explain what I did and did not believe. That resulted in this podcast:

    I do support his Chair bid. Not because hes a Hoppean (he is an an-cap), but because he understands the party is a big tent, whereas his opponent has the attitude that anyone not a cultural-Marxist leaning Anarchist is poisoning the LP to make everyone wear armbands or some such nonsense. Quoting Lysander Spooner and shitting on the Constitution, while promoting knocking up teenagers to save welfare and shitting on veterans doesnt sell well in large parts of the country, and with the myriad of other issues to tackle we an all focus on different issues. Thats an essential attitude for a national Chair to have, even a state Chair. I supported Marcos here in Fl over a fairly right libertarian white guy. Why? Because Marcos may be more left and an open border guy, but he is not going to shove it down the throat of rural north Florida from his home in Miami. He gets it, and the next LNC Chair needs to get that too.

    I will give Sarwark/Gina a bone, you did pretty good on the Stossell interview, wish this was your presentation the last year and a half, rather than attacking Ron Paul, Tom Woods, and supporting ANTIFA violence.

    My opinions on race are easy to find, heres a round table I did with the NAACP and a conservative:

    On Hoppe, he has never appealed to me, actually Knapp pointed out he has a Frankfurt School background, so that makes him suspect.

    Carol Moore, lets just be real. I am pro-life, and you hate that.

    On Michael Heise, I have never met the guy, and can’t even have a Facebook, as I mentioned. My pages have surrogate admins who post stuff I send them. I do like what I hear in these interviews, and like the general pragmatic nature and message of the Mises Caucus. I have trouble believing they are nazis since Mises is where the Cuban and Venezuelan LP’s I have been a big booster of came out of. Were doing direct aid and have some big things coming to help the Cubans in particular. I follow people that are opposition and people I want to influence to liberty, so I don’t think its fair to judge a dude by FB friends.

    On that note, usually stuff I write that party members do not get, are geared to influencing a particular group of non-libertarians. Its part of my study on the science of how to change opinion to help the party grow. Here is a primer on that subject for those who may actually want to talk about what we can do, rather than argue semantics and toss around epithets.

    Andy shoot me an email at and I will send you some cool stuff related to the Sheriff idea, I also believe they can be a key factor.

    I love my dysfunctional liberty fam, the ones here for the right reasons come around eventually.


  26. Ryan Ramsey

    Maybe the people infiltrating the party and trying to ruin it are not guys like me who recruit candidates and charter new affiliates.

    Maybe its the guys recycling previously successfuk operations to sabotage the LP:,8599,1808384,00.html

    I’ll just leave that as food for thought.

  27. Anon-Tipper

    “There are elements of Rothbards “paleo strategy” in the way I intend to capitalize on this development, harnessing the power of “redneck libertarians” to cross over, remember, 8 of the 9 counties I represent for the LPF are super conservative rural counties.”

    So it’s confirmed? Ramsey is just running with the paleo strategy, i.e. right-wing populism, hoppean cultism? No need to read the rest of this drivel, he just outed himself (he’s done this multiple times in the past anyway).

    “FTR I was never a NatSoc”

    The only people that call nazis “NatSoc” are nazis or nazi sympathizers.

    Of course, Ramsey skipped over the very recent posts of his I posted links to showing that he is in fact still a nazi.

    Covering a neo-nazi band:


    Nazi propaganda:

    “Augustus ignored his brothers and sisters in the AG, and went to Charlottesville anyways, as part of the bill and involved himself in all the legal wrangling. We sent a couple people as observers to the main event, but we did not have anyone at the fashy tiki march, as it was pretty obvious what they were going to do to everyone but Augustus.”

    Here’s some more recent posts by Ramsey:

  28. paulie

    a very non-racist and libertarian leaning populist movement evolving out of the more conservative “MAGA” post Trump.


  29. paulie

    Then you have no credibility.

    If there are valid points being made the credibility is in those points, not in ad hominem over who does or doesn’t make them.

  30. paulie

    As far as what looks like Sarwarks sock account, “Gina’s” criticism,

    Another exhibition of your paranoia, like calling me a terrorist or falsely claiming I threatened you and Brandi. It’s total horseshit and you know it. I’m a nonviolent person, and the only interactions I ever had with Brandi were right here on IPR and in fact were friendly in tone. You could kick my ass within seconds, and for that matter so could Brandi. Contrary to your lies I am not a part of any terrorist group.

  31. Gina

    I’m not the one whose credibility should be in question here, Andy. Yours is in tatters, so focus on that.

  32. paulie

    As far as saying my favorite band is Skrewdriver, that is false, I don’t have a favorite,

    From a prior conversation with Ramsey:

    My band does cover a Skrewdriver song. It is probably my favorite song in the world, and will be played at my funeral.

    Thanks for making that clear. Skrewdriver was the leading avowed neo-nazi rock band that paved the way for all the rest.

    The band released the single “White Power” in 1983 and their second album, Hail the New Dawn, in 1984. Although both Skrewdriver and the band Sham 69 had skinhead followings and racist fans early in their careers, Sham 69 denounced racism and performed at Rock Against Racism concerts.[10][11] Donaldson eventually aligned himself with neo-Nazism, saying: “I would describe myself as a British National Socialist, not a German one, and so don’t think I’m at odds with British patriots.”[12] The band became associated with the National Front and British National Party, raising funds for them (and affiliated organisations) through the White Noise record label. They released records on Rock-O-Rama, a label that became known for far-right sympathies. Skrewdriver was instrumental in setting up Blood & Honour, a neo-Nazi music promotion network.

    Rock Against Communism is not racist, it is music opposing Marxism.

    That’s a lie. I already quoted earlier in this thread. Ramsey knows full well exactly what it is and is 100% in line with it.

    The Rock Against Communism movement originated in the United Kingdom in late 1978 with far right activists associated with the National Front (NF).[4] It was intended to counter the Rock Against Racism organisation.[4] The first RAC concert was in Leeds, England in 1978, featuring the Nazi punk bands The Dentists and The Ventz.[5] RAC held one concert in 1979 and another in spring 1983, which was headlined by Skrewdriver, a white power rock band led by Ian Stuart Donaldson. After that, RAC concerts were held more often. They were often headlined by Skrewdriver and featured other white power bands, such as Skullhead and No Remorse. In the mid-1980s, summer concerts were often held at the Suffolk home of Edgar Griffin, a Conservative Party activist[6] and father of Nick Griffin, an NF organiser who later became the national chair of the British National Party. By the late 1980s, the RAC name had given way to the White Noise Club (another NF-based group), and later Blood and Honour, which was set up by Donaldson when they fell out with the NF leadership.[4] As hardcore punk music became more popular in the 1990s and 2000s, many white power bands took on a more hardcore-influenced sound.

    Back to Ramsey:

    I suspect quite a few in this party of being Marxist sympathizers, if they have a problem with RAC that is likely why.

    No, I just don’t like nazis. I don’t like Marxists either. Both together murdered most of my extended family in the 1930s and 40s.

    When I cover a Greatful Dead song I am not necessarily supporting everything they ever did or said, and the same with Skrewdriver.

    That is not a valid analogy. People who are not racist don’t cover songs by white power nazi skinhead rock groups. And even if they did they would not fly RAC flags when doing so.

  33. Carol Moore/

    Ramsey said he’s pro-life. Lots of libertarians are pro-life. The question is does he want to sic JACKBOOTED THUG COPS on women and abortion providers.

    Just so Ramsey knows, what annoys me is the macho military veteran “shut up you stupid civilians I’m in charge with my guns” vibes he gives off. NOT very libertarian.

    As in this disgusting meme allegedly posted by him for a while when he was moderator of LP Veterans FB group.

    Sure you can pull your alpha male blah blah blah to get some minions to join LP groups and spout whatever you tell them to spout. But your absurd paranoid rants against libertarians who don’t kiss your butt – especially Paulie – just make most libertarians roll their eyeballs and say: “Where do these people come from?” Poverty meets US military, I guess… Sad….

  34. Anon-Tipper

    Are Brandi or Ramsey going to come back to this thread or are they just going to leave their incoherent ramblings and not respond to the very clear evidence that Ramsey is a neo-nazi?

  35. Andy

    Carol, as opposed to the Jack booted statists thugs you want to sanction and protect abortion against anti-abortion vigilantes?

    The state is involved either way, as long as the state exists.

  36. Carol Moore/

    Andy: “anti-abortion vigilantes” would be who? People who shoot abortion doctors? Invade and trash and beat up health workers? Burn down clinics, with or without people in them? NOT very libertarian. Anarchists and minarchists would both have protective means vs such savagery, not to mention just means of dealing with those who are caught.

    Now if you want to retire into communities where women can’t join unless they promise they’ll go along with whatever your anti-abortion regime is, fine. However, I think most libertarians are against “slave contracts” which prevent women from leaving temporarily or permanently, including demanding fertile woman have pregnancy tests before going shopping at the mall in another community. Good luck getting many women to join in the first place if those are the rules.

    And don’t forget mandatory DNA tests on born kids so the macho guys can make sure it’s THEIR kid and they aren’t a cuck because their wife was having TOO much fun at the mall. ha ha ha

  37. Carol Moore/

    Are Brandi or Ramsey going to come back to this thread or are they just going to leave their incoherent ramblings and not respond to the very clear evidence that Ramsey is a neo-nazi?

    OOPS, I already wrote that above.

    NOT!!! Just messin’ wid ya… ha ha ha

  38. Thomas L. Knapp

    “[Tom Knapp is] still mad at [Ryan Ramsey] for opposing his surprise floor nomination for LNC Platform Committee”

    Nope. I was a little offended, for a short time, that Ramsey voted for the white nationalist candidate after I had gone out of my way to give him the benefit of what little doubt existed regarding his actual views. But I wasn’t mad at him for orchestrating the move, if for no other reason than because I didn’t even know for sure that he was the one behind it until he just now admitted it.

    I’m not mad at him for anything now, because 1) the doubt I had given him the benefit of disappeared, and 2) he kept Teh Krazy dialed up to 11 for so long, that I eventually blocked him on social media and haven’t had many occasions to think about him at all, let alone be mad at him for anything, since then.

  39. Anon-Tipper

    “OOPS, I already wrote that above.

    NOT!!! Just messin’ wid ya… ha ha ha”

    Wait, am I the alt or the primary account?

  40. itdoesntmatterttomuch

    February 11, 2018 at 12:35
    Why am I not surprised that the first two posts on this thread a people posting under fake names? I wouldn’t be surprised if they are using IP anonymizers as well/”

    Funny that this seems to be Andy’s only response to any opinion that differs from his own. Andy, you’ve done a lot of good work for the LP and it’s good that you post articles and interviews but I find this sort of thing disturbing and your active attempts to discourage discussion and turn people away from joining in is counterproductive. Millions of people join (effective) political parties and vote, but very few of them want to be public personas or professional activists. The LP or any other 3rd party will remain tiny as long as this seems to be a requirement and unhinged activists threaten the privacy of anyone who wants to participate.

  41. itdoesntmatterttomuch

    I see the school shooter was “connected to white nationalists in Florida advocating for a white ethnostate.” Hope it wasn’t any of of our non-libertarian Libertarian friends.

  42. Anon-Tipper

    “I see the school shooter was “connected to white nationalists in Florida advocating for a white ethnostate.” Hope it wasn’t any of of our non-libertarian Libertarian friends.”

    I don’t think so at this point, the Ramsey people try to cover up and deny their affiliations, but this group just came out and said that this kid was a member.

  43. Carol Moore/

    I wonder if these white nationalists only embrace the WHITER individuals with Latino names, accents, features, etc. And what do Latinos do if their darker brothers are rejected for membership or in general.

    Interesting to see how stupidity operates…

  44. Andy

    “Carol Moore/
    February 16, 2018 at 13:27
    I wonder if these white nationalists only embrace the WHITER individuals with Latino names, accents, features, etc. And what do Latinos do if their darker brothers are rejected for membership or in general.

    Interesting to see how stupidity operates…”

    Latino/Hispanic is not a race. Spain is a European nation, and the Spanish are white. Hispanic refers to people who are from Spanish speaking countries. This is why census forms say, “Hispanic or Latino of any race.” Hispanics can be white, they can be Amerindian, they can be black, or they can be Mestizo (mixed race).

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