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JR Myers: Where Are The Constitution Party 2020 POTUS Candidates?

Submitted to IPR by JR Myers

Now that we’re approaching mid-March 2019, one begins to wonder who the contenders for the Constitution Party presidential nomination might be? The CP is one of only five FEC recognized national political parties. According to Ballotpedia, as of March 11, 2019, there are 605 FEC registered POTUS candidates. They include; 206 Democrats, 12 Greens, 20 Libertarians, 78 Republicans, and 289 Others seeking their respective parties nominations for president. The Constitution Party has: ZERO.

Is 2020 shaping up to be a repeat of 2016? In that election, most CP candidates waited to get into the race. The eventual nominee, Darrell Castle, only entered the running at the actual nominating convention. He was chosen, along with his running mate, Scott Bradley on April 16, 2016. Six days after the convention, they formerly filed with the FEC. Many felt this delay in an announced campaign until after the nomination hindered our opportunity to gain more traction with the electorate.

While there have been some tentative inquiries and rumblings, no one has yet to step forth as an announced CP POTUS candidate. There are several rumors, hopes, and fears within the CP as to possible contenders. Yet, not one has stepped forth.

The National CP is dedicated to ballot qualification in as many states as possible prior to the 2020 elections. It clearly understands the worth of having ballot lines in enough states to theoretically elect a President, which is 270 Electoral Votes. They realize that the credibility of the CP depends in large part upon obtaining this minimal threshold, which they continue working towards.

The independent Idaho CP,, is eagerly seeking candidates for its 2020 POTUS ballot line. Idaho represents 4 Electoral Votes. They have also opened up their primary to an additional nearly quarter of a million independent voters in Idaho. They plan on hosting candidate debates and other public venues for candidates. Yet, so far, they have heard from ZERO serious candidates.

Now, unofficial word comes from a source with the unaffiliated ballot qualified Oregon Constitution Party, Oregon represents 7 Electoral Votes. They are largely supporting President Trump. They haven’t made a selection yet. They may not run a POTUS candidate. They would consider the National CP nominee, but such a candidate would first have to gain support of a majority of the Oregon CP Steering Committee. So, there’s two potential CP ballot lines outside of the National CP nominating process for a motivated candidate to seek with a little effort.

Then there’s the American Independent Party in California,, (California represents 55 Electoral Votes), and the Alaskan Independence Party,, (Alaska represents 3 Electoral Votes). They have both run CP POTUS candidates before. They both continue to maintain ballot access. Perhaps a dynamic candidate could also secure those two ballot lines in 2020?

Altogether, Idaho, Oregon, California and Alaska represent 69 Electoral Votes! That’s a good way towards 270. Currently the National CP can claim about 13 states with about 124 Electoral Votes. Combined, it looks like about 193 potential Electoral Votes, leaving a gap of at least 77 to obtain prior to the 2020 election.

Some say Alaskan Joe Miller should get into the race, The former Federal Judge, AK GOP Senate Nominee, and AK Libertarian Senate Nominee, was well received last year at the CP National Committee meeting in Denver, where he gave the Keynote Speech. He has maintained a low profile since then, though he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of running. Joe is known to have a large dedicated following.

Some have touted West Virginia coal mine operator, Don Blankenship, He was well received as a speaker at the CP National Committee meeting in Dallas last year. He has the passion, and the personal understanding of what a corrupt system can do to a person. Don is known to have the resources to fund a serious POTUS campaign.

Some say we shouldn’t even run a POTUS candidate in 2020. Either they support President Trump and don’t want to compete, and/or they think our resources are better spent locally. Many say we should only focus on state and local campaigns.

Thankfully, most say that we need to run a POTUS candidate. We must do so because of ballot access/maintenance requirements in many states. We should do so because it provides a unique public platform and potential widespread media exposure to our nominee, party and cause.

As to likely CP VP nominees, no one yet. Hopefully that will change soon. However, in the past, the VPOTUS has been chosen by the POTUS nominee at the Convention itself.

Time will tell. And I, for one, hope it is sooner, rather than later. The clock is ticking…

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  1. Duane T. BENTZ Duane T. BENTZ November 1, 2019

    I voted for the CP in 2016. After the election I found out the tally for your candidates amounted to a little over 100,000. Not very good when one considers the millions of other voters who remain steadfast to the main two parties in power. How do you overcome that disparity? The only thing that comes to mind is the fact that the two party system is at war with each other and I mean war. What is happening is insanity and multiplied insecurity. Enter in the CP, the voice of sanity and real solutions to the nation’s woes. Seems like a favorable time to make a move. Remember Lincoln’s party saw their chance and went for it just before the civil war started.

  2. Anthony Tomkins Anthony Tomkins May 19, 2019

    Until the National CP can work in an honest manner concerning their nomination process, CP affiliates shouldn’t waste time or resource towards such. Although helpful for ballot access in states that actually care about the process, like Oregon and Idaho, it doesn’t do much more than a decoration at the table for a family meal. The National CP should stress honesty and creating a moral standard for all parties. This would help local and state candidates, which are the races that we should focus on, because there is no way CP will win a presidential election in the next ten years. Imagine if the focus in 2016 was placed on Senate and Congressional races, rather than a doomed from the start presidential campaign. Perhaps this election cycle we would have a full spread of wonderful candidates, but no. These former Senate and Congressional candidates know better. They saw that National CP didn’t care about them, save for a tally to promote the party’s ballot access. Focus on your members and on honesty National CP. Then you may stop the hemorrhage of members looking for a party with some respectable integrity.

  3. paulie paulie April 8, 2019

    In another thread Don Grundmann said he will run for CP presidential nomination.

  4. David Brandon Niggemeyer David Brandon Niggemeyer March 22, 2019

    A vote for Trump is a vote for GUN CONFISCATION!

  5. NewFederalist NewFederalist March 20, 2019

    I wonder if there is any chance Bill Bayes could win the CP nomination? That would be historic.

  6. Kevin Thompson Kevin Thompson March 19, 2019

    I would take the VP slot.

  7. George Phillies George Phillies March 19, 2019

    Jared has an interesting analysis, leading to the issue seen in the Republican Party in recent decades, namely they absorbed the southern and western evangelical, etc. Christians, and those people took over the Republican Party, leading to a Republican party in which abortion is the acid test of candidacy, in most of the country. Of course, that’s also true in NY, NJ, and northeast from there, which is why the area has almost no Republican Federal officials. While NH is conservative in fair part, it is a different sort of conservative.

    The Libertarian party, being redical centrist, does not face these challenges.

  8. Jared Jared March 19, 2019

    Right-wing populism/Trumpism has absorbed a large part of the CP’s paleoconservative constituency, much as left-wing populism is absorbing much of the GP’s democratic (eco-) socialist constituency. The establishment parties are appealing more to the fringes and choking out non-centrist ideological third parties.

  9. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk March 18, 2019

    Sure looks like it, Jake.

  10. Fernando Mercado Fernando Mercado March 18, 2019

    Bill Bayes of the Prohibition Party has stated his intentions to run for the Constitution Party Nomination.

  11. Jake Leonard Jake Leonard March 18, 2019

    Honestly, I think they should focus on local elections in 2020 instead of wasting their time on POTUS. When you only have a few states with major party status, there’s no point in running Federal candidates. Plus, most of their state affiliates are dead anyway. The affiliate in Illinois is like a dead possum.

  12. Richard Winger Richard Winger March 16, 2019

    This interesting article says the FEC recognizes only 5 national committees, but there are 8 parties with such recognition. The ones not mentioned above are Socialist, Natural Law, and Reform. The FEC has no mechanism to stop recognizing a national committee.

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