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DC Activists Support Shahid Buttar, Call Accuser Troubled Person With History Of False Accusations

(Note added by IPR editor: some of the letter writers have run as Green Party and independent candidates, worked on such campaigns and served on Green Party committees, etc)

Open Letter of Support for Shahid Buttar

We, the undersigned, wish to express our complete support for Shahid Buttar regarding all
aspects of his character, integrity and leadership. We specifically wish to vouch for his high
ethical standards and behavior.

Collectively, our experiences with Shahid range from the personal to the political, in settings
including our homes, workplaces, and the streets. In each of these places, we have witnessed
and interacted with a man who embodies the values he espouses, deeply respects women and
listens carefully to all those around him. Shahid’s empathetic approach to connecting with
others and his inherent kindness define who he is and how he comports himself in all parts of
his life. We also know him as a committed feminist who fights for women’s rights and against

Recent allegations have attempted to draw a different picture of Shahid than the one we know
to be true. We believe these allegations are false and ill intentioned.

The accuser is well known in the DC social justice community. Unfortunately, this troubled
individual has a long history of fabricating attacks against innocent people. A review of litigation
she has filed in various jurisdictions would likely yield a revealing picture to an enterprising
journalist. She has engaged in late-night phone harassment campaigns, false allegations and
physical threats against numerous individuals over the years. She is NOT a credible witness
against this promising progressive leader.

We are discouraged by the speed Shahid was condemned without evidence and urge further
investigation into these claims which come from an individual with a widely known pattern of
making false accusations.

Shahid stands for peace, justice, and democracy. He embodies anti-oppression principles and has a demonstrated record of practices that promote equity and inclusion. His disposition, intellect, and values combine to make up the type of person we should all hope to represent us as an elected official.

Signed,Polly Miller
Martine Zundmanis
Kevin Zeese
Margaret Flowers
Anna Ricklin
Chris Menocal
Medea Benjamin
Tighe Barry
Pat Elder
Fawn Damitio
Linda Schade
Stephanie Lenorovitz
Malachy Kilbride
Pete Perry
Ellen Thomas
Adam Eidinger
Ryme Katkhouda

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  1. Michael E Kerr Michael E Kerr September 21, 2020

    Jacqueline Thompson may have uncovered a conspiracy to smear Shahid Buttar in the progressive movement. What was the motives of the women involved in the smear campaign? The primary benefactor of this smear campaign just before the November elections would be Nancy Peolsi in her campaign agaist Buttar!

    See also:

  2. wolfefan wolfefan July 26, 2020

    Whatever good or bad has happened to the bay area or any other area can’t be laid at the feet of a Rep. who has spent most of her time in a Congressional minority.

  3. Doug Ricketson Doug Ricketson July 26, 2020

    As a financial refugee from the Bay Area after 35 years of living there, I am well aware of the transformation that Pelosi’s tenure has wrought on that beautiful region. That should be focus of the next 3 months. This election has…or had the potential to bring some accountability to Pelosi’s local and national malfeasance.
    I fully realize that those words must seem callous given the seriousness of the accusations against Shahid Buttar. Both the accuser and the accused should be heard in excruciating detail and only then can we assess the credibility of their perspectives.
    As for myself…judging from afar, I simply don’t know. I do know this, however: this will be the only time in the entirety of Speaker Pelosi’s tenure where she will have to contend with something that even vaguely resembles inspection and accountability. The Bay Area and the nation deserve to have this discussion. It is only through a thorough examination of Pelosi’s failings, the we can use those learnings to build from and select leaders who will sincerely represent us and fight for the people that they represent.
    Just a few random thoughts
    Douglas O. Ricketson

  4. dL dL July 26, 2020

    just because EFF doesn’t want the FEDs sniffing your traffic doesn’t mean they have the slightest issue with Palantir or Google doing the same in the private sector…

    True, one doesn’t necessarily imply the other, but one also doesn’t demonstrate the other. EFF being unconcerned with Palantir would be news to me…

  5. Jakob gerber Jakob gerber July 25, 2020

    I live in San Francisco. I believe it was last November Shahid had a march her down Market ,and Mission streets. There were easily a thousand people. I went. It ended across from City Hall.
    After hearing him speak, and reading up on him. I thought the allegations by Ms. Croydon didn’t sound right or verifiable.
    Remember this is Pelosi – Harris country ,Pelosi does NOT like progressives. Two days ago I read the story in the paper.
    I spent four hours checking this woman out. It was mind boggling. She was on a TV show smoking a joint with some other clown. She’s supposed to be a comedian. If you like watching someone smoking a joint, and telling Monica Lewinsky blow job jokes , you’ll love her “act”. If you’re a feminist you would be insulted.
    Then I started digging into her history. Troubled would be an understatement . Contradicting herself from one paragraph to the next. Everything was parsed as metaphors .
    She was raped, no she was in a flood, no all her camera equipment got stolen in the deluge .
    Her multimillionaire boss raped her In her office overlooking something or did he just brush up against her.
    It was one surreal tale after another .
    The San Francisco Chronicle did a hit piece of course.
    In respect to his staff I know nothing , and I wouldn’t believe a word I read in the Chronicle.
    Google Elizabeth Croydon comedian, film maker,bon vivant etc. etc. watch her videos . The Tonight Show ? Smoking a joint while doing standup ? You could not make up the stories this woman comes up with. But immediately the MSM ran with it. God bless Katie Halper for having the integrity to wait until the facts came out. She took the heat on social media, and stood her ground. She is what we need in journalism, not overpaid shills like Madcow,Reid,Andrea Mitchell or any of the other hacks, male or female.

  6. TedBurns TedBurns July 25, 2020

    3 1/2 months from an election. Taking this with a whole shaker of salt.

  7. paulie paulie July 25, 2020

    “I don’t totally agree with Yasha, as stated. That said, you’ve never heard of him? ”

    I have heard of him, and not good things.

  8. SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly July 25, 2020

    I don’t totally agree with Yasha, as stated. That said, you’ve never heard of him? Running buds with Matt Taibbi and Mark Ames after eXile was banned in Russia.

  9. Polly Miller Polly Miller July 25, 2020

    I am a rape survivor and a signatory to this letter. My personal experience with Elizabeth Croydon and her troubling past and present, and the innocent victims of her repeated allegations of sexual assault has left me no choice but speak out.

  10. CSS CSS July 25, 2020

    EFF is not a “small activist oriented org”. While I agree with them on many points, they are clearly a gigantic lobbying arm of SV. The interests align – just because EFF doesn’t want the FEDs sniffing your traffic doesn’t mean they have the slightest issue with Palantir or Google doing the same in the private sector…

  11. Pete Perry Pete Perry July 25, 2020

    That piece on EFF was laughable. It is a rather small activist oriented org fighting for users’ privacy rights. It is NOT a K Street-type corporate lobbying firm representing the Silicon Valley big guys.

  12. William Saturn William Saturn July 25, 2020

    This article provides no context about who this person is or why I should care.

  13. SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly July 24, 2020

    If those folks don’t like what the letter writer said abt Shahid Buttar, they’ve seen nothing to what Yasha Levine says abt both him & EFF. (IMO, I think he’s right about Buttar being a performance artist, less right about other stuff.)

    That all said, Zeese and other Greens who signed that letter should IMO waste less energy on defending Buttar and more on wondering how well a vague pergressuve fits GP values.

    Third, they should put more focus on fighting Cal’s duopoly-driven jungle primary.

    And I just told Zeese, Halper and Butter’s campaign account all of that on Twitter.

  14. Cindy Knope Cindy Knope July 24, 2020

    Cindy Knope

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