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First Forward Party Candidate Launches Bid for NY Congressional Seat

Brian Mannix, a social studies teacher and former Sea Cliff Village Trustee, has launched a campaign for New York’s 8th Congressional district. He intends to run as the nominee of the Forward Party, the newly formed entity created by Andrew Yang in October.

From what I’ve seen, it would appear that Mannix is the first candidate for the new party to step… forward.

Mannix’s website seems a little less polished than most of Yang’s projects and a quick scan of the Forward Party’s social accounts shows no recent announcements about his candidacy, so it seems unlikely that this is the first part of some coordinated roll-out of a slate of 2022 candidates.

The district is overwhelmingly Democratic leaning. Incumbent Hakeem Jeffries won re-election over a Republican opponent by 85% to 15% in 2020, and that was a closer than normal race for his seat.

Yang has made it clear in many interviews, including the below one with The Hill, that he expects the Forward Party to initially focus on electoral reform initiatives and cross-endorsing primary candidates within GOP and Democratic primaries.

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