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Pictures from Third Party Debate

Courtesy TheOriginalAndy:

Brian Moore

TheOriginalAndy, Brian Moore, Christy Steele

TheOriginalAndy, Charles Jay, Christy Steele

Charles Jay, TheOriginalAndy

Darrell Castle (left)

Gloria LaRiva, Christy Steele

Christy Steele, Frank McEnulty, TheOriginalAndy

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Independent socialist among few Senators to vote no on bailout

Following Monday’s historic defeat of the “billionaire bailout for Wall Street,” the Senate took up the fight to fleece the taxpayer to an even greater degree — adding “sweeteners” to the bill to soften congressional opposition.

Rejecting public opinion polls that show a vast majority oppose the principle of a bailout, the Senate passed the bigger and badder bill by a vote of 75-25.… Read more ...

Scotty Boman video touts non-intervention, Constitution, free markets

Michigan Libertarian for U.S. Senate Scotty Boman has released a new YouTube video touting his support for a non-interventionist foreign policy, a federal government that does not exceed the authority granted to it by the Constitution, and the legalization of competing currencies, among other issues.

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Wayne Allyn Root: ‘The Conscience of a Libertarian’

Reason reports that Libertarian VP nominee Wayne Allyn Root will be releasing a new book in April:

The Conscience of a Libertarian… is modeled after Root’s hero Barry Goldwater and Goldwater’s all-time best-selling conservative book The Conscience of a Conservative.

Root said of his new book, “The Conscience of a Libertarian will honor the ideals of freedom and limited government as communicated by great political leaders such as Thomas Jefferson, Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan and, most recently, Dr.

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Libertarian Candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 10th district to attend ‘Politics with a pulse’

Neil Kiernan Stephenson, Libertarian candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 10th district will be attending the event “Politics with a Pulse” today in Port Huron. The details are below.

St. Clair County Community College and the Times Herald will sponsor Politics with a Pulse from 6 to 8 p.m. Monday, Sept.… Read more ...

Cynthia McKinney: ‘I love the 9-11 Truth Movement’

Dressed in a black t-shirt that said “Investigate 9/11,” Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney addressed a New York City crowd this past September 12, at an event called “9/11 – Now Or Never.”

After being welcomed warmly, Ms. McKinney said, “It’s not that I just support the 911 Truth Movement; I love the 911 Truth Movement.”… Read more ...

Michigan Libertarians for Congress Unanimous: ‘Don’t bail out the bankers, throw out the incumbents’

The Libertarian Party of Michigan is fielding of full congressional slate in 2008; 15 candidates for the House of Representatives and Scotty Boman for U.S. Senate. Today, all 16 issued a joint media release condemning the federal bailout of the financial system.

“These problems were caused by the Republican and Democratic politicians in DC and the Federal Reserve!”… Read more ...

George Phillies: In Defense of Angela Keaton

Libertarian Party presidential candidate George Phillies writes:

At the last LNC meeting, the LNC passed a motion “It is the belief of this body that Angela Keaton should resign for having disclosed material in executive session.” which passed unanimously, Regional Representative Hawkridge abstaining.

The LNC then considered a motion: “The LNC shall suspend the membership on the LNC of Angela Keaton for breaching confidentiality in executive session as denoted in Article 8 Section 5 of Bylaws, in the event she does not apologize with 10 days and commit to never repeating the offense again”.Â

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Ron Paul vs. Chuck Baldwin: Economics and free trade

From Amateur Economists:

To the surprise of most observers, Ron Paul – who claimed he would stay neutral between the presidential candidates of the Constitution and Libertarian parties – endorsed the Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin in a blog post made on September 22. Baldwin acknowledged and accepted the endorsement the following day.… Read more ...