Jill Stein: Black Friday shows how economy doesn’t work for working people

A press release from Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein:

Green presidential candidate Jill Stein took note of the intense efforts of retailers to stimulate demand with Black Friday spending sprees, saying that, “We all want an economy in which workers have money in their pockets and retailers have paying customers. But the reality is that healthier retail sales need to come from real increases in worker incomes. Without that solid foundation, Black Friday sales only result in people going deeper into debt and cutting back later. If elected President, I will insist on making the minimum wage a living wage.”

Jill Stein noted that CEOs of major corporations got a 23 percent raise last year while wages were stagnating for most workers. “The wealth being generated by our economy is increasingly funneled to the economic elite, leaving workers further behind. A job should keep you out of poverty, not keep you trapped in it. People are working harder with less to show for it.”

Stein went on to say that, “We call today Black Friday for a reason. Today, and only today, the economy is in the black, but it is in the red for the rest of the year. This is an economy on life support, one that depends on one day of super-sales, and supported by credit card debt to keep it going. This is not what a secure future looks like. We need real prosperity based on rewarding workers for their work.”

The federal minimum wage was last increased in 2009 and – when adjusted for inflation – the minimum wage is now 30 percent below the 1968 minimum wage peak of $10.38 (in 2011 dollars). The federal minimum wage is $7.25 – just $15,080 annually.

Said Stein, “Raising the minimum wage would inject billions of dollars in extra spending into the economy and give immediate help to low-wage workers. That would result in a sales stimulus that would really mean something.”

Stein is running for the Green Party nomination against Dr. Kent Mesplay.

6 thoughts on “Jill Stein: Black Friday shows how economy doesn’t work for working people

  1. Jeremy C. Young Post author

    IMO, this is the sort of press release third party campaigns should be putting out all the time. Latch onto a news item (Black Friday), tie it clearly and succinctly into a key part of the candidate’s platform (living wage). This sort of thing looks slick and professional and, over time, achieves media recognition. Individual press releases such as this one often get no media coverage at all, but as they accumulate media types start paying attention, and eventually end up covering them at least in small markets. Sometimes they even get picked up by a wire service.

    Some Libertarian candidates are putting out regular press releases, but I haven’t seen any as slick and effective as Stein’s. Some candidates (Roger Gary, Kent Mesplay) haven’t put out a press release in months. Actually, I would say the candidate outside of Stein who’s been doing the best job with press releases is SPUSA nominee Stewart Alexander. Veronica Nowakowski (presumably a communications director) has been putting out great press releases, but the problem is that they haven’t been posted in a central location. Some appear on Bay Area Indymedia, while others appear at Alexander’s local SP chapter website. The only place to see all of them is the campaign’s Facebook page.

  2. C James Madison

    For a family of 3 or 4, it would take $15/hr minimum to live in a decent place and put food on the table. For my example, it is a city large enough to have one professional sports team. One main concern with this living wage is how many workers at restaurants and clothing retailers would be let go so that a profit could still be made. Yes, as wages went up, so would consumers ability to spend. However, many consumers would be fired since wages is something owners view as an area that can be cut more easily than overhead such as the electric bill, the rental payment for land the office or store, water/sewer etc.

  3. Michael H. Wilson

    Bringing the troops home from their overseas deployment and end the wars we are now fighting will do more to help American workers than raising taxes or increasing the minimum wage.

    The Cold War is over. Today the overseas deployment of U.S. troops to nations American workers compete against in the global marketplace has benefited the competition while America’s blue-collar workers paid for that deployment with their taxes and lost jobs here at home.

    Reducing the overseas military will save tax dollars, jobs at home, help reduce the use of fossil fuels and allow us to reduce the national debt without raising taxes.

    We should also repeal all laws and regulations that prohibit private transportation services from operating in cities across the nation. Repeal of these laws will expand the transportation alternatives our citizens have and benefit the elderly, especially elderly women, working mothers and inner city minorities. As a result we should see a reduction in poverty and the social problems connected with poverty, reduction in urban air pollution, reduced use of fossil fuels, reduced road congestion and related problems.

    We call for the reduction in housing regulations which in some coastal areas have driven up the costs of housing by 50% or more according to some research. These regulations have increased urban sprawl and cost American families thousands of dollars with little or no benefit to show. This transfer of wealth from the family household to mortgage bankers, both foreign and domestic ones, is nothing short of theft at the expense of working American families and contributed to the present economic crisis.

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