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Jesse Ventura speaks at Occupy Minnesota

Minnesota Public Radio (excerpts):

Minneapolis — Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Minneapolis Friday for the opening of the OccupyMN demonstration, patterned after weeks of protest in New York’s financial district.


The protest featured an appearance by Independence Party and former Gov. Jesse Ventura, who spoke as people started to gather.… Read more ...

Momentum on Tom Horner’s Side

Tom Horner, Minnesota IP candidate for Governor, has to be having a good time right now. A series of high-profile articles and endorsements may be turning the gubernatorial race into a competitive three-way race.

First, the Star-Tribune (the state’s largest newspaper) released an interesting quasi-endorsement for Tom Horner.

It’s too soon for us to recommend one candidate for governor.

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Tom Horner To Hold Twitter Town Hall

Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Horner has announced plans to hold a twitter town hall this coming Wednesday at 11:00 AM. You may submit questions via Twitter if you would like to participate.

Other assorted news on the Horner campaign:

  • The Star Tribune recently pointed out that Horner plans to seek public funding.
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Several gubernatorial races could see serious independent candidates

The Washington publication Politico reports independent candidates “are poised to run serious campaigns for governor in at least a half-dozen states, a development that threatens Democratic fortunes in some of the bluest and most progressive-minded states in the nation.” In New Jersey, polls suggest independent Chris Daggett, “a moderate former Republican who once worked as deputy chief of staff to Gov.… Read more ...

Val Kilmer eyes a gubernatorial bid, but is off to a bad start

Actor Val Kilmer is thinking of running for governor in the state of New Mexico.  The Associated Press reports that he is a Democrat, but he endorsed Ralph Nader in the 2008 presidential campaign and helped his campaign.  Politico also had Dean Barkley comment on the potential run for governor:

Moreover, “it’s not that hard” for a celebrity to be seen as a serious candidate, said Dean Barkley, who managed some unconventional candidates’ campaigns, including that of Ventura and Kinky Friedman’s 2006 gubernatorial bid in Texas.

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Dean Barkley outpolls the national Green Party

Former Senator Dean Barkley ran for US Senate in Minnesota as an Independence Party candidate. He was able to run TV ads, and even get former Governor Jesse Ventura to record radio ads on behalf of his campaign. Ballot Access News‘ latest issue contains a table which tabulates the total number of votes for US Senatorial candidates in various parties.… Read more ...

Dean Barkley’s wish list

Dean Barkley, former Independence Party of Minnesota Senator, has penned an editorial in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune concerning his “Wish List”. This is a list of things he hopes Barack Obama will do with his administration.

On top of my wish list is ending the debacle called the War in Iraq.  I hope he follows through and actually get all of our troops out of the  country by next Christmas. 

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Neimackle to blame for Franken win?

Over at the ItsOnlyWords blog, they’ve chimed in on the old Franken vs. Coleman discussion and whether third-party candidates spoiled it for one candidate or another. This time, though, Dean Barkley is not the topic of dicussion. Instead, they’ve focused their analysis on James Neimackle, the Constitution Party candidate.

Today, however, I chanced upon an interesting tidbit of information.

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Dean Barkley cited as example for Blagojevich’s pick of Burris

The Nation’s State of Change blog is suggesting that Roland Burris, Illinois Governor Blagojevich’s pick for US Senate, should serve only an abbreviated sentence in the US Senate–citing Minnesota Independence Party member and candidate, and former Senator, Dean Barkley.

If Burris agrees to be a true interim senator, then a case could be more for allowing him to sit temporarily–as Minnesotan Dean Barkley did for a few months after the death of the late Paul Wellstone and before Republican Senator Norm Coleman was sworn in.

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A conclusion draws near in the Minnesota Senate race

In the highly contested recount between incumbent Republican Senator Norm Coleman and challenger Democratic Farmer Laborer Al Franken, only a few hundred votes are putting Franken in the lead.  After more absentee ballots were counted today by the Minnesota Canvassing Board, Franken’s lead increased.  Of the ballots counted, 52% went for Franken, 33% for Coleman, and the rest didn’t have someone listed or voted for “other.” … Read more ...

How did former Sen. Dean Barkley do?

Although many pundits expected him to do better, or worse, Dean Barkley managed to capture 15.16% in the US Senate race in Minnesota as the Independence Party candidate. Dean Barkley recieved the endorsement of former Gov. Jesse Ventura and Ventura even helped record radio ads for him. However, he also managed to score as much as 23.18% in Waseca County and as well as at least 20% in 3-4 others.… Read more ...

Minnesota Independence Party eyes 2010 contests

G.R. Anderson writes in the Minnesota Post that Independence Party activists “have their sights set on St. Paul in 2010.” This year, U.S. Senate nominee Dean Barkley “scored more than twice the percentage points he did in Senate bids in 1994 and 1996. And the party has maintained major-party status, with Peter Hutchinson’s 6.4 per cent showing in the 2006 gubernatorial race — something that opens some state coffers for any candidate the IP may field.”… Read more ...