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Libertarian and Green Parties retain ballot access in Texas

From the Lone Star Report via TPID:

It’s true that Texas Democrats did not file a candidate in the race for Comptroller, leaving only Republican incumbent Susan Combs versus two third-party candidates. But that doesn’t mean this race doesn’t represent a loss for Democrats (at least, in future elections). We previously reported that if the Green Party took more than 5 percent in this race, they would be in a position to chip away at close Democratic races in upcoming years — the same as what Libertarians theoretically do to Republican candidates.

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Green Party of Texas Submits 90,000 Signatures To Get On Ballot

The Green Party of Texas today submitted 90,000 signatures to get on the ballot as a qualified party. The requirement for ballot access in Texas this year was 43,991, meaning the Green Party of Texas submitted more than double the number of needed signatures.

Assuming they get on the ballot, the list of candidates who will qualify for the ballot is as follows:

Bart Boyce Governor
Deb Shafto Governor
Herb Gonzales, Jr Lieutenant Governor
Edward Lindsay Comptroller of Public Accounts
Art Browning Railroad Commissioner
Jim Howe US Congress, District 11
Ed Scharf US Congress, District 23
Paul Cardwell State Board of Education, District 9
Ryan Seward State Representative, District 94
Joel West State Representative, District 144
Don Cook County Clerk, Harris County
Roger Baker County Clerk, Travis County
Earl Lyons County Clerk, Bexar County
kat swift County Commissioner, Pct 2, Bexar County
Chuck Robinson Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 1, Bexar County
Joy Vidheecharoen-Glatz Justice of the Peace, Pct 3, Dallas County
Jeffrey Dale Glatz County Surveyor, Dallas County
Esther Choi County Clerk, Dallas County

The deadline for turning in signatures was today, so the Green Party of Texas is the only new party which could conceivably qualify for the ballot.… Read more ...

Green Party of Texas Likely To Make It Onto Ballot

Richard Winger reports that the Green Party of Texas is likely to make it onto the ballot:

Texas Greens are optimistic that their petition drive for 2010 will succeed. The deadline is Monday, May 24. Here is the link to the party’s web page electronic petition. However, the party is depending almost entirely on old-fashioned signatures on paper.

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