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Vermont Progressives Denounce Walker-Style Bill

Vermont Progressive Party:

Kurt Wright Brings Wisconsin Governor’s Attack on Labor to the Green Mountain State

Burlington, VT—Burlington Progressive Party Chair Abby Russell today denounced a bill that would severely hurt workers’ rights in Vermont. WCAX reported state representative and city councilor Kurt Wright (R-Burlington) introduced a bill that would take away teachers’ right to strike in the event that contract negotiations fail.… Read more ...

VTDigger.org: Progressive Party ‘is in serious condition’

After some pretty tough losses at the polls in local Burlington elections – the geographical base for the Vermont Progressive Party – VTDigger.org published a piece about the hard times the party is currently facing.

“This is not their death knell,” says Garrison Nelson, a political scientist at the University of Vermont and longtime observer of Burlington politics (he was present at now-U.S.

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Election nixes IRV for Burlington, sets back Progressive Party

Although official results are not available yet, it is expected that in Tuesday’s election in Burlington, Vermont, city voters got rid of the instant runoff voting system they had been using since 2006 and voted one Progressive Party politician out of office.  The Progressive Party has two seats on the city council, as do two independents. … Read more ...