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Mike Gravel Dead at 91

Former Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska, a 2008 candidate for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, has died at the age of 91, his namesake Gravel Institute reports:

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North Carolina Third Party Candidates

In the wake of the March 3rd Primary in North Carolina, it would be beneficial to go over the Minor Party/Independent candidates running in North Carolina Elections. None of the candidates will going through a primary:


In the highly contested Senate Bid, two Third Party Candidates have filed for the Seat.… Read more ...

Third Party Power grab in North Carolina’s two vacant Congressional Districts?


North Carolina will hold two special elections for it’s two vacant House Seats. One for it’s Third Congressional District, which has been left vacant after the passing of Paleolibertarian Representative Walter B Jones, which will be held on September 10th. As well as one in the highly contested Ninth District, which will be held on November 5th.… Read more ...

Interview with Daily Nation: Libertarian US Congress Candidate from North Carolina Jeff Matemu

From Mwakilishi:

Kenyan-born lawyer Jeff Matemu is running for the US congress in the state of North Carolina. Matemu is contesting the 2nd congressional district seat in North Carolina on a Libertarian Party ticket.

Matemu, who runs a law firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina, recently told Mwakilishi.com that he chose to run as a Libertarian in order to better serve the people of his congressional district by avoiding party labels that he says have controlled politicians’ decisions.… Read more ...

Brent DeRidder: Taxation Is Theft

Taxation is theft because words have definitions. Words evolve so perhaps one day taxation will not be theft. However, the idea will be the same despite having to be expressed using different words.

Taxation is theft even if you buy me something nice with the money.

Taxation is theft even if you buy someone else something nice with the money.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of North Carolina names new candidate for Lt. Governor


The following is an email newsletter from the Libertarian Party of North Carolina that was sent out today (H/T IPR’s Paulie):

The Tarheel Libertarian
July 2016

Irving Replaces Summerell as LPNC Chair

J.J. Summerell has resigned as chair of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina to focus on his run for U.S.… Read more ...

LPNC: North Carolina deserves a better budget

LPNC-BumperStickerPress Release from the Libertarian Party of North Carolina

While there a some commendable provisions in the new North Carolina state budget, it still isn’t the best deal for North Carolina, state Libertarian Party Chair J.J. Summerell said in a statement today.

“About 60 days late and many, many dollars short, Republican legislators have finally agreed on a state budget.… Read more ...

North Carolina Libertarian U.S Senate Candidate Still Polling 11%

Sean Haugh

(The following was published on the Libertarian Party website.)

Sean Haugh, the North Carolina LP candidate for the U.S. Senate this November, is still polling at 11 percent in his three-way race, according to a poll released by Public Policy Polling on June 17.

PPP put Haugh at 11 percent in a poll release on May 13.… Read more ...

North Carolina newspaper reports on Libertarian Party Senate debate

Carolina Journal News Reports

D’Annunzio: I Would Not Be Spoiler in Senate Race

Libertarian Party Senate hopefuls debate roles of third parties and government

Apr. 8th, 2014


Story photo

DURHAM – Tim D’Annunzio made a shocking admission during a Saturday candidate forum (video here): If he defeated Sean Haugh and won the Libertarian Party nomination for U.S.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of North Carolina Seeking Executive Director


The Libertarian Party of North Carolina is seeking a hard-working, dedicated and ambitious Libertarian for the position of Executive Director. With dramatic growth in the LPNC, we need an enthusiastic individual to help the Party take advantage of current political opportunities

The Executive Director will be the principal administrative assistant to the Chair of the LPNC.… Read more ...