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Elmer Whittaker: Questionable Inaction By The LNC

Elmer Whittaker is an activist involved in the Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN). The following was published on his blog, Liberty and Bliss. The LPN situation has been well chronicled on IPR, one needs to only do quick search in the search box to learn more. 

Questionable Inaction By The LNC

Published June 15, 2013

By Elmer Whittaker

 After the Libertarian Party’s Chairman Geoffrey Neale’s completely uncalled for letter of apology, which Vice-Chairman R.
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Brett H. Pojunis Calls On Nevada Libertarians To Attend July LNC Meeting in Las Vegas

Brett H. Pojunis is a regional representative for the LNC. From a June 11th post found on the Libertarian Party of Nevada Facebook group:

SAVE THE DATE – July 14, 2013 8:00am:

LIBERTARIANS IN NEVADA! I formally submitted an agenda item for our upcoming Libertarian National Committee Meeting July 14th to discuss the Libertarian Party of Nevada.… Read more ...

Elmer Whittaker: The Election That Never Was

Elmer Whittaker is an activist in the Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN). The following was published on his blog, Liberty and Bliss, on May 12th

On April 22nd, five days before the scheduled elections for the state leadership of the Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN) on April 27, 2013 the party’s current Executive Committee under chairman Joe Silvestri, canceled the state elections much to the dismay and outrage of the LPN’s membership, when it became clear to the reigning Executive Committee that they would not have enough support and votes to be re-elected.… Read more ...

New Venue for “Unofficial” LP Nevada Convention on Saturday to be Announced Tomorrow

Brett Pojunis posted the following in the LP Nevada Facebook group:

So Jason Smith contacted the Suncoast to reserve meeting space for us. All was good, we reserved a room that would hold 40 people (seated) and ordered coffee, tea and water all for $380! They asked the name of the room and he said Nevada Libertarians.… Read more ...

LP Nevada Executive Committee Responds to Brett Pojunis Announcement of Convention Still Being Held this Saturday

Thanks to David Colborne for posting the following on the LP Nevada Facebook group: 

This message is being sent to all Libertarians in Nevada (email on file) and LNC representatives.

As previously announced, the 2013 Libertarian Party of Nevada Convention has been postponed until later in the year. The reason for the postponement is the unethical use of National Libertarian Party resources to influence the outcome of the elections for State Chair and other Executive Committee positions by Brett Pojunis, one of the Region 4 Representatives of the Libertarian National Committee and candidate for State Chair.… Read more ...

Brett Pojunis Slate for Nevada LP Executive Committee Releases Document About Campaign

You can find it below:


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