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Libertarian Peacenik blog on Mark Hinkle, Wayne Root and the question of Libertarian Outreach to Muslims, Christian and Jews

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Bob Barr’s new Atlanta Journal-Constitution article on Paganism causes a stir

By way of Google News: libertarian, “catoismymotor” writes at The Motley Fool:

I did not like Bob Barr while he was in office as a Republican. I thought of him as a smug elitist bunghole, a slightly smarter verion of VP Joe Biden. Then he cut ties with his party.

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Bob Barr recants position on Wiccans in the military

From Nate Uncensored (excerpt):

Apparently someone did get around to asking Bob Barr some substantive questions when he made an appearance at Netroots Nation. Ed Brayton (Dispatches from the Culture Wars) asked Barr if he would now, as Libertarian candidate, repudiate his 1999 attempt to prohibit the practice of Wicca, a neo-Pagan religion, on military bases.

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