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Bill Still Calls for Pardon of Roger Stone

On the April 22 episode of The Still Report, the popular YouTube channel of 2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Bill Still, Still urged viewers to sign a petition for President Donald Trump to pardon political operative Roger Stone.  Stone, 67, once a member of the Libertarian Party, was found guilty of false statements, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice. … Read more ...

NYC Mayoral Candidate Randy Credico Seeks Separate Ballot Line in November

While calls mount for former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner to withdraw from New York City’s crowded Sept. 10 mayoral primary, one of the disgraced ex-congressman’s Democratic primary opponents is fighting to guarantee that his own candidacy will survive through the Nov. 5 general election, regardless of what happens in the September primary.… Read more ...

Court Decision Reached In Case of Libertarian Candidate Randy Credico vs. NY State Board of Elections

From: Mark Axinn
Date: Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 5:08 PM
Subject: Deision in Credico v. NY State Board of Elections
To: Paulie Frankel and others

Attached is an important victory due to hard work of Gary Donoyan, attorney for plaintiffs Randy Credico, candidate for Senate in 2010 of two independent bodies (LPNY and Anti-Prohibition Party), myself as Chair of LPNY, Andrew Miller as Chair of APP, and an independent voter.
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Celeste Katz: Joe Lhota And Kristin Davis: NYC’s 2013 Libertarian Party Ticket?

The following article, written by Celeste Katz, was published on the New York Daily News website on April 10th. 


The Libertarian Party has endorsed Republican Joe Lhota for mayor — but it’s not clear if he wants their line.

By accepting the nomination, Lhota would end up on the ballot alongside former “Manhattan Madam” Kristin Davis, who did time at Rikers Island after pleading guilty to promoting prostitution in the Eliot Spitzer sex scandal.… Read more ...

Chair of LPNY gives update on Warren Redlich’s vote tally lawsuit

Redlich v. NY Board of Elections

I am sorry to advise that on June 15, 2011, Albany County Supreme Court Justice Richard Platkin granted defendants’ motion to dismiss the Article 78 (mandamus) challenge to the Board’s final determination of Warren Redlich’s vote total six months earlier on purely procedural grounds.

Both Warren and I felt strongly that that the confusion created by placing more than one party’s candidate for the same office in the same column, the intentional and/or negligent undercounting of military and absentee ballots and the likelihood that various local county boards of election failed to count every vote cast after the results were known warranted review by the judiciary; unfortunately Justice Platkin chose not to consider any of our arguments on the merits of the lawsuit.

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Randy Credico: ‘Nixon endorses Schumer’

Video by Randy Credico forwarded by Kimberly Wilder. Credico is the US Senate candidate running in New York against Democrat Chuck Schumer, endorsed by the Anti-Prohibition and Libertarian Parties. There is an ongoing court case as to whether he will appear on the ballot under both party lines (see comments on that story).… Read more ...

LI’s Newsday print edition lists third party Senate choices

Newsday is a Long Island, New York, daily newspaper.

In today’s, Sunday edition of Newsday, there is an article on the US Senate race against Senator Chuck Schumer. The article focuses on the campaigns of Schumer, a Democrat, and his Republican opponent, Jay Townsend.

It is noteworthy that on the bottom of the page, there are small insets with the two other candidates on the ballot for the position.… Read more ...

New York Comedian May Seek Libertarian Nomination for U.S. Senate

Ballot Access News:

Randy Credico, a somewhat famous comedian, announced in January 2010 that he intends to run in the Democratic primary in New York for U.S. Senate, against incumbent Charles Schumer. He has more recently said that he may seek the Libertarian Party nomination for the same office. New York law would permit him to be the Libertarian nomination even if he ran in the Democratic primary and lost it.… Read more ...

Political activist Randy Credico seeks “honest politician”: May run for Schumer’s seat in NY

As an interesting beginning to a possible run for U.S. Senate, political activist and comedian Randy Credico showed up at at a senate meeting in the New York Capital in a toga and sandles.  The Huffington Post described the scene:

Credico who dressed as the ancient Greek Philosopher Diogenes, rudely interrupted a Senate committee meeting in the State Capital…wearing a face mask of an old man with a very long white beard, Credico walked the room back and forth while holding a lit lantern.

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