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Report: Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Claims He Voted for Kanye West (If He Did, It Didn’t Count)

Watch 5 minutes of Tucker Carlson’s program on Fox News and you would assume his devotion to former President Donald Trump extended to actually casting a vote for Trump’s re-election. However, several outlets including POLITICO are reporting that Carlson told multiple people that he did not vote for Trump in 2020 and instead cast his ballot for friend and entertainer Kanye West.… Read more ...

The Most Attractive VP Candidates for the Libertarian Party According to Cassidy

Austin Cassidy has posted a news article over at Uncovered Politics about whom he thinks are the five attractive Vice Presidential-candidates he would like to see paired with the candidate he presumes will win the presidential nomination, Gary Johnson.

1. Carla Howell – The most likely candidate of my list, the Libertarian Party’s executive director has shown great skill as an organizer, activist and fundraiser.

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Number of Congressional Candidates For Libertarian Party Rises In 2010

This article from the Daily Caller, a website run by self-described libertarian Tucker Carlson, reports that the number of Libertarian Party Congressional candidates in 2010 has risen by 35% over 2008.

Robert Nowotny started out as a frustrated voter.

“Occasionally I would be voting for more Republicans than Democrats. Other times it would be the other way around,” Nowotny said.

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Kristin Davis Asks Tucker Carlson To Be Running Mate

Kristin Davis, the former call-girl business owner from New York whose clients included former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer, is currently running for Governor of New York. She is currently attempting to capture the nomination of the Libertarian Party of New York. The Daily Caller, a conservative and libertarian news site run by Tucker Carlson, conducted an interview with Ms.… Read more ...

Carlson mentions his ‘Senate campaign’

This morning on MSNBC, commentator Tucker Carlson, who considered a late entry into the 2008 Libertarian presidential race this past May, made a passing reference to “my Senate campaign.” Asked if he had more to say about that, Carlson said, “At a future time. I’m just toying with it right now.”… Read more ...

Photos from the Rally for the Republic

IPR was on the scene at this past Tuesday’s Rally for the Republic, keeping tabs on third party activity as Libertarians, Constitutionalists and Ron Paul Republicans collided just 10 miles from the scene of a more subdued major party political gathering. The following photos survived stadium mood-lighting and a camera that was not as good as advertised to give you a feel for the eclecticism of the Campaign for Liberty‘s official kickoff celebration:

Libertarian Presidential Nominee Bob Barr arrived early to muster up support among the throngs of ticket holders lined up to enter the Target Center before the start of the program.… Read more ...

Rumor ended: Tucker Carlson won’t run

Jake Trapper, over at the ABC news blog, has the newest scoop on his friend Tucker Carlson and the Libertarian Party nomination.

In any case, Carlson tells me that he ultimately decided not to run.

He’s with his family in Maine rather than in Denver with the Marijuana Policy Project and the like.

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Rumor: Tucker Carlson to seek LP presidential nomination

Reason’s Hit and Run blog is reporting that former MSNBC television host Tucker Carlson has been conducting phone polls of LP delegates to see if there’s any opening for a last-minute Presidential bid.

Delegates are reporting getting calls that include Carlson’s name with the other announced candidates already in the race.… Read more ...