Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: Why Hillary and the Corporate Cabal Lost – And Solving Problems Using Freedom

melinda-pillsbury-fosterWhy Hillary and the Corporate Cabal Lost – And Solving Problems Using Freedom

November 10, 2016

Hillary did not lose because Trump out-thought her, out-spent her, or held more power. She did not lose because she is a woman.

Hillary Rodham Clinton had all the cards normally available in the game of politics; more money, more experience, and a far larger and experienced campaign team. But she was playing against a tide which has been building far longer than anyone realizes.

Donald Trump’s victory was a rejection of the corporate elite which has controlled America since the Revolution. Control by an elite, instead of governance by the people, has always been the issue.

You do not know about the first attempt by ordinary Americans to affirm the intent of the Declaration of Independence, including their natural rights, so eloquently enumerated by Thomas Jefferson. The truth on this was buried by men, many of whom we have revered as Founders. Probably none of us can view these facts without an emotional reaction. I could not.

I read Dr. Richards’ book once. Then again and a third time. Richards lives in the area where the Rebellion took place. He was uninterested in a subject he believed had been worked to death. As a professor of history at the University of Massachusetts, he was in a position to know. Now, he admits he was wrong. Running across 4,000 names of Shaysites in a footnote he changed his mind. With the help of town archivists and historians the real story emerged.

A dispassionate examination of their actions provides insights which should not be overlooked and remain relevant today.

The event of 1786 took place before a U. S. Constitution was considered and was a direct response by the elite to the protest by the people against the issues which were shredding their finances through unjust laws and a consistent refusal to address the grievances of soldiers who had honorably served in the Revolution. The U. S. Constitution was reaction to an uprising of ordinary people which then established our present Federal government.

Not surprisingly, the successful establishment of federalized governance established a far more entrenched and powerful hierarchy, though it would be many years before this was obvious to most Americans. The establishment of hierarchy into the system of government was an originating purpose of bicameral legislatures, which perpetuate hierarchy, and today’s Constitution.
It started in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Constitution of 1780 installed a bicameral legislature over objections from towns in the West, who were excluded from voting because travel from the West was impossible. No member from the West had been included in the committee which wrote the draft for the Commonwealth’s constitution. The vote was held during a winter so severe Boston Harbor had frozen over. No travel was possible.

This Constitution created the conditions which resulted in the Shays Rebellion six years later.

The events of 1786 remain shrouded in disinformation, exactly as we still experience today from the same elite as well as the Main Stream Media.
In 1786 thousands of former Revolutionary soldiers, many decorated for their service, took up arms in response to the confiscatory actions of the government most of them had risked their lives to create.

Beginning in Massachusetts, former soldiers and citizens began closing the courts because of the injustices being visited on them and their fellow citizens by the established elite who ignored the right of ordinary citizens to participate in the governing of Massachusetts.

The belief all people would have equal voices was the pivotal reason participation in the Revolution had been nearly universal. Elite families participated in the Revolution but were far fewer in numbers. The war could not have been won without the people.

The elite was made up of wealthy individuals and speculators who profited by a practice, which by design, impacted only those with more limited financial means.

Notes for Consolidating State Debt were issued to former soldiers to be honored in the future during the war. These were accepted in good faith by these same men.

After the close of the war soldiers who received Notes could not even use them to pay their taxes to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which had issued them.

The bicameral General Court for Massachusetts was then writing laws which made it impossible for some of these men, now farming and struggling to feed their families, to keep their property. Bicameral legislatures weighed to the benefit of the elite, in this case, speculators.

Facing the loss of property and bankruptcy, veterans were forced to sell these notes at a tenth their face value. Those purchasing them were friends and relations of the elite ensuring these notes could not be otherwise used.

It was wrong – and the ordinary people of Massachusetts objected, asking these wrongs be amended in many pleas over a period of years. But these civil attempts to obtain justice were ignored. The needed changes to the Massachusetts Constitution, voted into law in 1780, were not made.

The assembly for the vote was held in Boston, far from the homes of most ordinary citizens. The Assembly was scheduled for winter. That winter had been so severe few towns in the West could make their way through the snow to vote.

The word, “Regulator,” then referred to an ordinary citizen who joined with others to correct the wrongful actions of their government. Action by Regulators had taken place before the Revolution. Now, they had the authorization of America’s founding mission statement to support them.

Quoting the Declaration of Independence, men took up arms and closed the courts, which they had done prior to the Revolution for the same reasons. A minority of these men were struggling farmers, most of were veterans and respected members of their communities. Many were more well-to-do.

Calling themselves Regulators, meaning they, the people were empowered and required to regulate their government, were numbered in the thousands. They were opposed by the elite who were profiting from the sale of the notes owed to ordinary people by this same government who had intentionally made it impossible for their voices to be heard and their votes counted.

The elite asserted the need of government to remain in their hands, acting to make this fact.

The ideas of freedom which took us to war in 1775 at Lexington Concord remain with us. For the last 242 years we have been controlled and manipulated by new generations of the same corporate elite who controlled us then. The individuals have changed, but not their business plan.

Hillary was their choice. The elite believed we would vote for a woman as a symbol as we had for Obama as a black American. Both Hillary and Obama were corporate placements.

Voting for Trump the people were delivering a message – NO to the continuing control of a corporate elite. This is not to say Trump or his supporters understood this, but it is true. The surges in popular support for Ross Perot in 1992, Ron Paul in 2008, and Bernie Sanders during this election cycle confirm the steadily increasing anger of ordinary people to government by a self-serving elite.

Americans are hungry to fulfill their intended role for self-governance denied to them for so long. America was intended to be an exemplar to the world for equality. It still can be.

Will Trump now listen and let the people assume governance of their lives and communities? If he fails to do so the people will soon have recourse to the tools for dialog and consensus technology has made possible.

Despite the efforts of both the Republican and Democratic Parties, these exist.
Violence did not work. Politics does not work. But together Americans can build a path to a future where all of us are free.

The elite believed they were uniquely qualified to decide the destiny of others. They were wrong. Each of us must be able to do this for ourselves. And we can.
Contrary to the elites the ability to find solutions is wide-spread in human-kind. In California a teacher for Linked Learning found that no matter where he taught, the ghetto, challenged areas, or to solidly middle class students when given the opportunity kids could solve problems, some of these resulting in patents for problems long unsolved by experts.

We can do it ourselves. We can return America to the vision which captured respect around the world, solving our own problems.

Today, people are dying for corporate profits in wars; On the streets after they return from war, Vets are dying, homeless and alone. Families, individuals from all races, viewpoints, and backgrounds, are finding themselves financially shredded and thrown away. And all of us are watching it cost more to just live every day.

We will provide solutions, real solutions which have been tested and are known to work.

One of these is Percentages As You Earn. This is an alternative form of financing major purchases, for instance student loans and mortgages. Ask Bill Clinton about it. He had a PAYE loan as a student and was proud to announce he was the first in his class to pay it off three years after graduating from Yale Law School.

Jack Kemp found out about PAYE loans and used them to help low-income families buy the homes held by HUD during his tenure there. Not one foreclosure took place when tens of thousands of homes were purchased by low income families. (Website coming)

These are the kind of solutions Hillary knew existed but did not want you to have. Hillary knew about Percentages As You Earn in 1993. She preferred mortgages which provided more corporate profits and the potential for foreclosures when people ran into financial problems.

Haunted by a student loan? A PAYE loan can fix the problem, providing stability and a road to prosperity. All our problems have solutions, we just need to identify them. Solutions to health care, student loans, and homelessness already exist.

Health Care – Mutual Insurance and a Portal to Health that let’s you see what works and get it for yourself. You decide, and improving your health is part of the program.

Student Loans – Refinance with Percentages As You Earn (PAYE)

Homelessness – Use the model begin in Utah in 2005. First, provide homes. Today the problem of homelessness in Utah has shrunk over 90%. And the innovations are not over. We can do more.

We provide the meeting place and ideas. You improve these or identify better ones.

At Hi TV Networks we are working to put the tools for prosperity, justice, and individual rights directly into your hands.

The solutions are out there. The problem has been with making them available. Join us to be part of the solutions using as our tools television, dialog, and our inherent ingenuity. Together, we can change our world.

America was intended to be a union of states where the people govern themselves and our rights are affirmed and protected. We and our families can have that future, if you choose it.

Read Shays Rebellion by Leonard L. Richards. Professor Richards was surprised when he finally did the research to see the story he thought he knew well was created to hide the truth about this rising of the people in protection of their rights.


Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Founder & President
Get the facts and act.

Melinda Pillsbury Foster was the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of CA in the 80’s. Her first book, titled, “GREED: The NeoConning of America,” was published in September of 2004 and tells a fictionalized version of the years opening into the second Bush term of office. At the time Pillsbury-Foster was advised of the danger of telling the story without changing the names of the NeoCons involved. Pillsbury-Foster is now finishing a book about her years in politics and for social justice issues.

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