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Controversial Libertarian candidate Kevin Barrett suggests he might vote for Cynthia McKinney

Gail’s Tails reports

In a letter to the editior in the Capitol Times, Libertarian Congressional Candidate, Kevin Barrett looks like he is voting for Cynthia McKinney.

Also, note that there are a number of good third-party candidates this year, including Libertarian presidential hopeful Bob Barr and Green Party sensation Cynthia McKinney, who has twice the brains and three times the cojones of the major party “men.” If you like the idea of a woman president, but also like the idea of a person of color in the Oval Office, vote for McKinney and you’ll get both — and the best candidate as well. Check out her great new Web site.

Wisconsin Libertarian 9/11 Truther Kevin Barrett has, like Cynthia McKinney (and unlike Bob Barr), called for impeaching Bush.

Barrett is being challenged by other Libertarians for supporting strengthening Social Security and for supporting creating a single-payer health care system. He has questioned whether Bob Barr is a real libertarian, and has had heated exchanges with LP national political director Sean Haugh, with both calling for each other’s removal.

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  1. radiodujour radiodujour September 6, 2008

    August 22, 2008
    Joy Cardin of Wisconsin Public Radio is interviewing the congressional candidates and Friday morning her guest was Kevin Barrett, a libertarian congressional primary candidate in Wisconsin’s 3rd district who is running as the “peace and truth” candidate and who believes that the disastrous wars being waged thousands of miles away from the United States of America began with a self inflicted “false flag” attack on September 11, 2001.

  2. G.E. G.E. August 12, 2008

    Thanks Jared.

  3. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli Post author | August 12, 2008

    A big tent which leans too far in one direction would cause a bunch of crushed elephants.

    I’m getting my big clown shoes on in case I have to head for Greener pastures.

  4. Galileo Galilei Galileo Galilei August 12, 2008

    Barrett ran as a Libertarian because he is more in agreement with their platform than the Green Party, especially on things like gun rights and the drug war (The LP is much stronger on that than the Greens). Also, the LP is better organized and more popular. Barrett also scores “Libertarian” on the Nolan chart.

    If you look at Barrett’s website, it is chock-full of great Libertarina stuff.

    Barrett also believes that the LP is the best way to oppose the imperial empire, attack the two-party system, and reveal the truth about 9/11.

    The best way to challenge the status quo is to go at it from a centrist party, so you are not labeled as “stealing votes”.

    Barrett’s campaign will also help throw off the yoke that the “right-wing” ball-in-chain that holds down the LP.

  5. Thomas M. Sipos Thomas M. Sipos August 12, 2008

    I commend Paulie for his “big tent” approach, 🙂

  6. G.E. G.E. August 12, 2008

    Let me settle this for Barrett: Bob Barr is not a “real” libertarian, but he’s a helluvalot closer than Barrett is.

  7. G.E. G.E. August 12, 2008

    Has the LP officially nominated this guy yet?

  8. Mike Gillis Mike Gillis August 12, 2008

    Is Barrett that Truther guy? If so, it makes sense.

    More than anyone other candidate, McKinney seems to overtly appeal to those clowns more than anyone. She used the phrase “911 Truth” in his nomination acceptance speech and the phrase “9/11 Truth Movement” in her Newsweek interview.

  9. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli Post author | August 12, 2008

    Interesting question.

    I guess a Green running LP may not be so bad, considering the far more numerous LP candidates who sound more like Republicans and/or CPers.

    After all, if the LP only runs libertarians, we’d never get anywhere, right?

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