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Keyes might outpoll Baldwin nationally

Despite winning a late endorsement from Ron Paul, Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin has not done particularly well tonight.

With 7% of the vote reporting in California, Alan Keyes on the American Independent Party ballot line has already captured over 10,000 votes. If those numbers hold up, Keyes might win well over 100,000 votes just in California. Added to the few thousand votes Keyes is winning from Florida and Colorado, it might be enough to give Baldwin a run for his money on the national level.

As we all know, Keyes was defeated for the Constitution Party’s nomination at their convention earlier this year. If Keyes somehow manages to outpoll nominee Baldwin with ballot access in just a few states, it will certainly super-charge his ego and fuel at least a couple more long shot bids for public office.

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  1. gls gls November 5, 2008

    I wrote in Baldwin/Castle here in CT. He was also a registered write-in in CA, NY, and Texas. I doubt those votes have been counted yet.

  2. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli November 5, 2008

    Don’t forget the write-ins for Baldwin, which won’t be available for a while

  3. Austin Cassidy Austin Cassidy Post author | November 5, 2008

    True…. very true.

    In the end I kind of think Baldwin will piece together enough to beat Keyes. But the fact that it’s even possible Keyes might beat him… or even top 100,000 total votes… kind of amazes me.

  4. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist November 5, 2008

    Too bad. Keyes is part of the Nader/McCain conspiracy, and the California constitutionalists should have written in Paul or Baldwin. I guess there is another constitutency that is more conservative and war-hawkish than McCain, and only agrees with Baldwin on immigration and religious issues.

    That is nothing, however, compared to the victory of the Catholic Trotskyist Party, which Keyes has opposed since his pathetic 2004 race against Obama. Glory to God and the permanent revolution, amen.

  5. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist November 5, 2008

    This also means that Keyes will beat Ron Paul, sadly. I thought Paul had won that contest, but that’s because California hadn’t come in yet and Louisiana had.

  6. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli November 5, 2008

    Also will be interesting to see Ron Paul’s write ins in Cali.

  7. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist November 5, 2008

    This also means that if Keyes beats Baldwin, he might beat McKinney also.

  8. rdupuy rdupuy November 5, 2008

    I’m sorry but Keyes is not interesting.

    What is interesting is the Ron Paul Revolution is dead. Frankly it was defeated by Ron Paul himself, that and his supporters for the most part, jumped on the next big thing: the Obama train.

    It’s a bad night for the CP party.
    Of course they knew they weren’t on the ballot in California…still they were hoping for more than this from the CP members I’ve talked with.

    I’ve said it before, Ron Paul’s endorsement probably doesn’t cost ppl votes, its not that toxic yet. But it sure didn’t show up anywhere, in funds or votes.

  9. Austin Cassidy Austin Cassidy Post author | November 5, 2008

    Well… Keyes isn’t holding up as well as he might have.

    I think it’ll be a reach for him to hit 100,000 nationally now. And the odds of him beating Baldwin are virtually zero.

    Still interesting he’s done so well. Perhaps the media calling this for Obama caused a small fraction of McCain voters to go for Keyes late in the day. Guess we’ll never know for sure.

  10. sunshinebatman sunshinebatman November 5, 2008

    Hopefully Keyes comes in third in Calif so he can sue to disqualify the foreigners McCain and “Obama.”

    Would that Barr have such cojones as well.

  11. johncjackson johncjackson November 5, 2008

    Well, that wouldn’t work since obviously Keyes isn’t American either. I mean just look at him. I demand to personally see his birth certificate.

  12. citizen1 citizen1 November 5, 2008

    I you are interested in building the constitution party in CT contact me.

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