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Libertarian National Committee races

National Chair: Bill Redpath, incumbent, not seeking reelection, although he may run for a different position on the LNC.

Known candidates: Wayne Root
Mark Hinkle (1, 2)

George Phillies (1, 2)
Ernest Hancock: I’ve not found an article, but I saw an email response from him on a yahoo group (can’t remember exactly where or when) that “of course” he would run for LNC chair in 2010. Phillies and Hancock have both run for national chair before.

Vice Chair: Mike Jingozian, incumbent; I have seen no announcement as to whether or not he will seek the position again. Carolyn Marbry is the only announced candidate I know of.

Treasurer: Aaron Starr, incumbent; I have seen no announcement as to whether or not he will seek the position again. Roger Gary is the only announced candidate I know of.

Secretary: Bob Sullentrup, incumbent; I have seen no announcement as to whether or not he will seek the position again. Rob Power is the only announced candidate I know of.

The current committee is here. I have seen no announcements as to which At Large members, region reps and alternates will and which will not seek reelection, nor announcements of any candidates for any of those positions.

For any additions or corrections to this list, please post in the comments.

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  1. paulie paulie January 7, 2010

    Via email. I may put this up as an article after we do a few non-LP stories.

    (Meant for publication, and apologies to anyone that unintentionally gets it twice. J –MWS)

    Fellow Californians,

    After a lot of consulting, consideration, and discussion with both family and colleagues within the Party, I am announcing my candidacy for LNC Regional Representative for Region 2, serving California.

    These past two years have seen the LNC in turmoil and the LPCA in growth, and the next 3 years are OUR time. It is time to restore strong and principled leadership to the LNC and to continue that growth in California. As the largest state affiliate and the only single-state region, California’s role on the LNC is unique. We’ve seen their turmoil and its impacts on our state, and it is past time to end it and move forward with doing the jobs we have pledged our time, our money, our sweat, our tears, and even our blood—using the political process to advocate, create, and move towards a libertarian society. Great progress has been made, but it is time to build on that and grow nationally, and to continue our growth in California. THIS IS OUR TIME! We need to make the most of it. Voters are angry, and we MUST tap into that for our success, at all levels.

    What do I bring to the LNC?

    · I’m a known name and presence in LNC circles. I maintain regular contact with several current, past and most likely future members, and I have earned their respect and admiration, and they have expressed support for me. I have been very active in national affairs, including helping to blaze the trail for the now-common and much-needed webcasting of the LNC meetings to members. I have a good sense of what is going right and what is going wrong there.

    · My LP experience spans a decade over two states (CA and CO), at all of their levels, from county offices and committees to state leadership. I’ve been a candidate for office once, and while I didn’t win, I did defeat a $46 million bond issue. I’m an activist at heart, but I’ve also been a county Treasurer; a gofer; a campaign manager, adviser, and worker; a state and county Media Director; a county Outreach Director and activist; a Bylaws guru; a Style writer; a convention organizer; and a legislation and ballot proposition analyst. I have been published in newspapers and been interviewed on TV, and at one point was also a radio guest host. I bring a diverse set of skills and experience to the job.

    · I have no intention of compromising libertarian principles in the name of “going along” or “being successful.” I believe that we can be successful ONLY by not compromising our principles, and by doing the work that needs to be done to make the LP achieve its birthright as the future of American politics.

    But, I also need to also make a couple of things clear:

    · If elected, I will continue my work on the LPCA Executive Committee. I made a commitment to my colleagues there, to our candidates, and to the California membership, and I intend to honor it. I believe that commitment plus being a Regional Representative, while together are difficult, are actually complementary in nature. There are positive things California is doing, and while we can lead by example, we also need to communicate by example as well, and we can draw from other states what they are doing right, pool our information, and help each other grow. That means it is necessary to have our Regional Representative “in the loop” at the state level and the state “in the loop” at the national level, and the membership “in the loop” at ALL levels. It is my intention to do exactly that, and we have so much to do!

    · This is not about personal glory or titles. My personal reward for doing my work within the LP is the love of my family and a clear conscience that I’ve done my best for the cause of liberty, to make their and our future a little better and brighter. Titles carry responsibilities, and it is there where I focus. There is no end to the number of things that need doing at all levels of the LP. Titles don’t mean anything if the job isn’t done and done right. It’s not about me, and it never has been, and never will be—that’s not my style. I want what’s best for the Party and what’s best for liberty, first and foremost, and I truly believe my work within the LP will stand by itself to the objective mind as positive and productive, even under the traditionally harsh scrutiny that libertarians tend to give each other and everything else.

    It’s no secret that I’ve been a critic of a good number of LNC actions. In the past, I’ve been a similar critic of my state and county LP actions as well. Back then, I was effectively told to “put up or shut up.” So I “put up”. Once again, I’m “putting up.” I’m willing to step up and make things better. I undoubtedly have my own set of critics—it comes with the territory. BUT, if we all step up and make things better as a team, we can do what has been thought to be the impossible. That takes a lot of hard work and dedicated and focused effort by everyone at all levels, and sometimes on more than one level, which is also why I’m running. It’s time to make the LNC successful as well as our great state. Others across the country will be doing the same thing, and we will succeed by working together, which means I need your support, feedback, and even a kick in the pants from time to time. The best teams lift each other up and accomplish remarkable things. California has been very fortunate these past few years to have a good team in leadership, and now it’s time to get everyone on board—including you!—and take it to the next level, both in terms of intensity here and to the LNC. That is what I intend to do, with your help at every step of the way.

    In closing, I believe that I am the best fit for what California needs for representation on the LNC, and I ask for your support in Long Beach next month and beyond. We can do this together!

    In Liberty,

    Michael Seebeck


    Libertarian Party of California

  2. Michael Seebeck Michael Seebeck December 26, 2009

    Poor Region 5…

  3. Rev. James W. Clifton Rev. James W. Clifton December 26, 2009

    Whatever happened to the “Ed Clarks” of the LP?

  4. Morey Morey December 26, 2009

    Karlan announced on the region 5N list that he would seek another term as regional rep.

  5. paulie paulie December 26, 2009

    Yes, I have heard that. But I’m looking for formal announcements of candidacy and non-candidacy.

    However, if anyone wants to use the comments to speculate, there’s no one here to stop you 🙂

  6. Michael Seebeck Michael Seebeck December 26, 2009

    There is some scuttlebutt that Solitaire Sullentrup is not running again either.

  7. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes December 26, 2009

    I’d like to see Prof. Phillies get on top of this & announce his recommendations. All radicals. & Keaton, get back. Literally & figuratively.

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