The Constitution Party’s Year-End Moneybomb

The Constitution Party is starting a year end fundraiser with the hopes of raising enough money to give them a boost for ballot access, new literature, and recruiting or campaigning in the new year. They sent out this email last night.

A fantastic opportunity to grow our party has just developed. Our Finance Committee has set a budget to take us through to the end of the year — monies much needed to keep the Constitution Party operating in the black (unlike the federal government) and put us on course for 2015.

Although $15,000 is needed by December 31, a few generous friends of the party have already pledged $9,000 to start a “Money Bomb.” 
Your investment now means we will get a head start on our 2015 strategic plan:  ballot access drives are vital … recruiting candidates and training campaign personnel begins … producing much needed new literature … expanding our outreach via the internet … and more.
Are we making progress? The attached newsletter reports on the details, but these numbers have just come in:
  • Since January 2013, Idaho’s registered Constitution Party members has increased by more than 60 percent;
  • Rodney Farthing, our nominee for Missouri State Auditor, earned more than 88,000 votes;
  • David Severns, Constitution Party candidate for Minnesota’s Lincoln County Recorder/Auditor, scored over 40 percent of the vote.
We must build on that momentum with a “Money Bomb.” Can I count on your help? Will you invest $500 or $50 to reach the finish line?
$6,000 is the target, but it would be great if a few patriots invested $1,000 to put us over the top.
A source tells me the moneybomb is going better than expected and the Constitution Party has already collected over $10,000 in early pledges and the general appeal only went out last night.

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