Wrapping-up Third Party Presidential Candidates Series

images-1by Peter B. Gemma

I have to wrap-up the series of interviews with third party presidential candidates as I am going away until just before the election. Almost every campaign was cooperative, forthright, and appreciative of the opportunity.

Despite several inquiries, I did not get the courtesy of a reply from the Gary Johnson and Jill Stein campaigns. I can only assume they did not want to be associated with the term “third party” or be included with the list of candidates who were interviewed.

Also, independent Evan McMullin did not respond to several requests for an interview nor did Alyson Kennedy, the Socialist Workers Party nominee.

Workers World Party nominee Monica Morehead initially agreed to be interviewed, but after I submitted questions she said she could not reply because of campaign commitments.

I did get a commitment from Chris Keniston of the Veterans Party, but after sending him the interview questions, I did not get a response. I contacted him several times to follow-up.

Independent Laurence Koltikoff replied to my interview request by saying he was too busy to participate. Curiously, he suggested I read his book and formulate questions and answers from it – I did not take him up on his offer.

imagesI appreciate the positive responses to these interviews. Here are links to all of them:

Lynn Kahn – Independent


Mike Maturen – American Solidarity Party


Darrell Castle – Constitution Party


Jerry White – Socialist Equity Party


Rocky De La Fuente – Reform Party/American Delta Party


James Hedges – Prohibition Party


Emidio Soltysik – Socialist Party USA


Peter Skewes – American Party of South Carolina


Gloria La Riva – Party for Socialism and Liberation


Tom Hoefling – America’s Party


Dan Vacek – Legal Marijuana Now Party



8 thoughts on “Wrapping-up Third Party Presidential Candidates Series

  1. teresa simkins

    you should have kept trying to contact them, Jill stein would have found time to talk you!

  2. Karl T. Knight

    Thanks Mr. Gemma. These interviews have been some of the better articles on IPR recently

  3. TheFatController

    I understand why Johnson and Stein couldn’t respond, as their candidacies are a bit more complex and larger in scale, but McMullin and Koltikoff in particular irritate me anyway, so I guess there is nothing of value is loft.

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