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Janitor Joe Wendt for US Senate (FL): Labor Day Money Bomb

Forwarded message from “Janitor Joe” Wendt, who is seeking to get on the Libertarian primary ballot for US Senate in Florida:

Want to help me get on the ballot?
Help Me Raise $1000 on Labor Day!!!

My name is Joe Wendt. I am a Navy Veteran and a blue collar janitor from Tampa. I want to give Florida voters a different option for US Senate… A Libertarian option. I want to give the voters of our great state a candidate that wants to dramatically shrink the size & scope of government at all levels. I think there’s a massive mess in DC, and I think it’s about time we send a janitor to clean it up. Join me, and help me clean up DC. Help me clean up DC.
Help Me by donating on Labor Day.

My goal is to raise $1000 on Labor Day weekend. It may not be much, but every dollar helps. With every dollar we raise, the closer we get to having a Libertarian option on the ballot.

Please, Help Me Get On the Ballot.

Online donation link

Libertarians for Joe Wendt
16206 Nottingham Park Way
Tampa, Fl 33647

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  1. Weldon T. Farber Weldon T. Farber September 3, 2017

    Update from the campaign:

    “Since we’ve started this money bomb, we’ve raised over $500, halfway to our $1000 goal. Help us make this happen, help us reach our goal on Labor Day! Together, we can put a Libertarian on the ballot and challenge the status quo. Right now, the polls show a tie between the Republican & Democratic frontrunners. A Libertarian has a real chance to affect the election, please help make make this happen and help me to get on the ballot.”

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