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  1. paulie paulie July 11, 2020

    Thank you for posting the thread David Doonan.

    i had hoped to cover the Green convention myself this weekend as well but I’m both a delegate in the rescheduled second sitting of the Libertarian convention and attempting to liveblog it right now.

    For anyone reading who can and is willing to cover the Green convention, please do so in the comments here and encourage other people to do so as well.

    Here’s my sample comment for doing so for the LP convention. Feel free to adapt it or use your own as you see fit.

    “Please spread the word however you can: Convention liveblog continues at from the first sitting , newest comments at the bottom. You are welcome to comment there as well, please help with updates, discussion or both. Corrections or discussion on anything earlier in the thread also welcome. If you have not commented at IPR before I can approve your comments,”

    I’ll return to that thread now and will mention this one there for anyone who like myself is interested in both.

    For anyone reading this one who may be interested in ours as well, it’s quite long – over 1300 comments already, the most in IPR’s 12 year plus history and covering both our presidential nomination in May , this weekend’s convention for other party business and ratification of that vote, and everything in between.

    I’ll try to return here and learn and share what I can of the Green nomination after the fact, and would appreciate whatever updates others can provide in the meantime.

    What I know for now is that the Greens have a pre-pledged delegate system which basically assures the Hawkins-Walker ticket which already has the Socialist Party USA nomination of the Green P-VP nomination as well, with the vote this weekend being a formality.

    I don’t know what all else the GP convention will take up this weekend, but will check after the LP convention to find out, and if no one has updated here will share what I subsequently learn,

    Ballot Access News reports:

    On July 9, the Howie Hawkins campaign determined that the campaign has raised enough small donations to qualify for primary season matching funds. To get the funds, a candidate seeking the presidential nomination of any party (recognized by the FEC or not) must raise at least $5,000 from each of 20 states.

    No other presidential candidate in 2020 has been trying to achieve this goal. Generally major party presidential candidates no longer seek the funds, because it comes with restrictions about how much they can spend in each state.”


    Hawkins campaign is at

    For those reading comments and not articles OP above is

    “The 2020 Green Party Virtual Presidential Nominating Convention is taking place today beginning at Noon (ET).

    Watch live on Facebook, with ASL.

    Watch live at with live text translations.”

    Links within the post above.

    Email from David Doonan:

    “Most of the Workshop videos are on-line at:


    See also:

    Heading back to LP thread now, will check back here after LP convention.

    Please comment here with Green Party convention updates, post additional articles if signed up to do so, and if you want to be signed up to post articles and are not already please see and please read the whole thread including comments before applying. It is not a paid position, the amount of time you put into your volunteer commitment if you make one will be up to you and subject to IPR rules also discussed in that thread, and if we don’t already know you well your first few posts would have to be already approved by an existing IPR editor before they go live.

    Existing editor contact info, names, and more can be found at

    TTYL, paulie

  2. paulie paulie July 11, 2020

    Libertarians done for the day. Still got other stuff to do but in the meantime as expected

    Green Party Nominates Howie Hawkins for President on First Ballot
    Posted on July 11, 2020 by Richard Winger

    On July 11, the Green Party held a virtual national convention. Howie Hawkins won the presidential nomination on the first ballot. The results for the five candidates who were allowed to speak are: Hawkins 210; Dario Hunter 102; Sedinam K. C. M. Curry 11.5; Dennis Lambert 8.5; David Rolde 4.5. There were 8 votes to either have no nominee, or to abstain. There were also a sprinkling of votes for persons who had not been formally nominated: Jesse Ventura 7; Kent Mesplay 2; Lochoki 1; Bernie Sanders one-half vote.

    Seven states sent no delegates. By comparison, for the 2016 presidential convention, eleven states had no delegates. For the 2012 presidential convention, seventeen states sent no delegates. In 2008, thirteen states sent no delegates. In 2004, seven states sent no delegates. So the 2020 convention had the most states represented since 2004.

    The seven states that sent no delegates in 2020 are Alaska, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Vermont.

  3. SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly July 11, 2020

    I watched bits of the video and am friends with Green delegates, Paulie.

    Speeches? Dario’s speech was the same old shit: Attack Howie, make not only baseless but refudiated claims against state GPs, etc., etc.

    Prez candidate David Rolde went into COVID conspiracy theory and 5G conspiracy theory land.

    Dunno about Howie himself; I just got back from hiking and birding.

    90 percent of delegates accepted platform amendments. Fortunately, the party, as part of that, dropped the push to require police departments to have liability insurance. I, Green friends and civil libertarian friends all see that as an insurance racket.

    One big issue, that Howie had said he opposed, the expulsion (let’s not bowdlerize it with “decertification”) of the Georgia GP, did not happen. Though that issue is probably far from settled.

  4. paulie paulie July 12, 2020

    I do not remember having heard of Rolde before. Continuing with LP convention til at least early afternoon today. Then will see what I can figure out here. Are you all still meeting today?

  5. paulie paulie July 13, 2020

    Green Party Nominates Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker Presidential Ticket

    Green Party of the United States

    For Immediate Release:
    Monday, July 13, 2020

    Michael O’Neil, Communications Manager,, 202-804-2758
    Holly Hart, Co-chair, Media Committee,, 202-804-2758
    Craig Seeman, Co-chair, Media Committee,, 202-804-2758

    At approximately 4:00 p.m. ET on July 11, Greens chose Howie Hawkins and running mate Angela Walker to be the party’s presidential and vice-presidential nominees.

    Hawkins was nominated after receiving a majority of votes in the first round of voting. He received 210 out of 355 total votes (59.15%) cast by Green delegates from across the U.S. A call to approve Angela Walker as the vice-presidential nominee was approved by a majority vote of 221. In their acceptance speeches, the nominees highlighted the connection between climate change and social justice and the importance of enacting a real Green New Deal.

    Hawkins was nominated after receiving a majority of votes in the first round of voting. He received 210 out of 355 total votes (59.15%) cast by Green delegates from across the U.S. A call to approve Angela Walker as the vice-presidential nominee was approved by a majority vote of 221. In their acceptance speeches, the nominees highlighted the connection between climate change and social justice and the importance of enacting a real Green New Deal.

    The convention was held online using the Zoom webinar platform, and included 358 delegates from 47 states and identity caucuses. This year’s convention included a greater number of attendees than in past years due to the easily accessible “location” without the need to travel.

    Along with the nomination, highlights of the convention included recorded speeches by 2016 Green vice-presidential nominee Ajamu Baraka; Green Party co-chair Dr. Margaret Flowers; Minneapolis City Councilmember Cameron Gordon; Green Party of Florida Co-chair Robin Harris; Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale; Margaret Kimberly of Black Agenda Report; Mirna Martinez, former member of the New London, Connecticut, school board; Jenny Leong of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly in Australia; Maine candidate for U.S. Senate Lisa Savage, and 2016 presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein.

    Green Party delegates also voted to confirm the party’s new national platform.

    A series of workshops was held online during the two days preceding the convention.

    Greens currently holding public office and Green candidates running for local, state and federal office were featured in a series of press conferences.
    Videos and texts of many of the speeches and press conferences will be available here:

    Party members also elected a new steering committee. The new co-chairs are Margaret Elisabeth (Washington) and Tamar Yager (Virginia), with Anita Rios (Ohio) re-elected to a second term. Hillary Kane (Pennsylvania) was re-elected as treasurer.

    They join remaining co-chairs Kristin Combs (Pennsylvania), Trahern Crews (Minnesota), Gloria Mattera (New York) and Tony Ndege (North Carolina), along with secretary David Gerry (Massachusetts).

    Greens thanked outgoing co-chairs Justin Beth (Maine) and Dr. Margaret Flowers (Maryland) for their service.

    Greens also thanked presidential convention coordinator Lynne Serpe, Tamar Yager and Deanna Taylor, co-chairs of the party’s Annual National Meeting Committee, John Andrews and Sanda Everette, co-chairs of the party’s Presidential Campaign Support Committee, and Communications Director Michael O’Neil for their hard work in organizing the convention in unprecedented circumstances.

    RESULTS of convention roll-call vote: Howie Hawkins 210 (59.1%); Dario Hunter, 102 (28.7%); Sedinam Kinamo Christine Moyowasi-Curry, 11.5 (3.2%); Dennis Lambert, 8.5 (2.4%); Uncommitted/NOTA, 8 (2.2%); Jesse Ventura, 7 (1.9); David Rolde, 4.5 (1.3); Kent Mesplay, 2 (1.6%); Susan Lochoki, 1; Bernie Sanders, 0.5

  6. paulie paulie July 13, 2020

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