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Join the Green Party State of the Union watch party tonight

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We’ll simulcast the address at at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time while looking for your LIVE comments and rebuttals to the president’s repugnant propaganda talking points.

Then we’ll livestream a response from Jill Stein, Laura Wells for Congress and Trahern Ausar Crews to cut through the evening’s lies and break down the REAL state of the union and what we need to do about it.… Read more ...

Greens: Please call today in support of the MA Indigenous Agenda

BOSTON – The Green-Rainbow Party has endorsed the MA Indigenous Agenda,– five bills that work to counter centuries of erasing or debasing Indigenous people and presence in the Commonwealth. We urge Green voters and supporters to call their legislators now in support of the bills, especially if you are a constituent of a committee chairperson.… Read more ...

Indiana Green Party: Call-out for 2020 candidates & volunteers

INDIANAPOLIS – Join the Indiana Green Party (INGP) as we build a grassroots effort to take back our government from corporate owned politicians. Help us build a better tomorrow, today by running for office or volunteering.

Run for Office

If you are interested in running for office in 2020, let us know by submitting the candidate vetting form.… Read more ...

Green Party of Pennsylvania Ballot Access volunteer training call

PHILADELPHIA – Last Wednesday, we had a good call getting everyone up to speed on our goals and objectives for 2020. Now, it’s time to start organizing volunteers to get Greens on the ballot and grow our local movements!

To help with that, we’re organizing a Ballot Access Volunteer Training phone call for during our next regularly-scheduled Green Wave organizing call.… Read more ...

Green Party: The co-opting of Martin Luther King’s legacy

By Tom Siracuse

In a speech given on Aug. 31, 1967, Martin Luther King brought up the existential problem of European/American “civilization”: Racism, Materialism and Militarism. In America the problem is especially acute. America professes Democracy, Equality and Peace but hypocritically has practiced the opposite since the founding of this nation.… Read more ...

Greg Gerritt: ‘Cemeteries being underutilized for providing wildlife with needed safe space’

Coyotes are among the wildlife in Providence’s North Burial Ground that Greg Gerritt has photographed and videotaped.

PROVIDENCE, RI — I started hanging out in cemeteries when I was in graduate school, sort of a reasonable place for an anthropology major, but also a reasonable destination for someone who needs to be around trees.… Read more ...

Green Party: Trying to shut us up with an “open letter”

The “Open Letter to the Green Party About 2020 Election Strategy marks the first 2020 salvo telling you and your fellow Greens to just shut up and submit to a fundamentally undemocratic system that was designed specifically to marginalize you. This steaming pile of cowardice and shoddy logic is especially disturbing because of co-signers like Noam Chomsky and Barbara Ehrenreich, who many of us otherwise consider to be heroes.… Read more ...

Green Party of Seattle: Earth Day Pledge Fair 2020

  • Save the Date: Saturday April 18, 2020

SEATTLE – Earth Day is April 22 of every year. Wednesday, April 22, 2020 will mark 50 years of Earth Day! This year the theme is “Climate Action” and people all over our planet will participate.

Many dramatic actions are planned to get the attention of economic and political world leaders that Wednesday.… Read more ...

Local activist Vicke Kepling announces Green Party run for state house in Missouri

A local Springfield political activist has announced they are running for the Green Party nomination for the Missouri House of Representatives in the 135th district.

Vicke Kepling released a statement Tuesday announcing her campaign. She mentioned a wide variety of issues in her announcement.

Ozarks Independent
By Jason Wert
January 8, 2020

“Planet first, that’s what it’s all about,” Kepling stated in the announcement.… Read more ...

Green Party: Propaganda Inversion: How American War Propaganda Has Undermined Foreign Policy

By Haig Hovaness

In the early 20th century, the development of mass communications propaganda enhanced the ability of governments to secure public support for waging war. In America, WWI was “sold” to the public by a carefully planned public relations campaign directed by early pioneers of opinion manipulation, such as Edward Bernays.

Read more ...

Green Party: Trump says “War!” The world says “Peace!”

  • The world has gotten a look into the abyss, and doesn’t like what it saw staring back

BOYNTON BEACH, FL – As Iran’s General Qassem Suleimani was arriving on a mission of peace — having been invited to Iraq to help mediate relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia — he was brutally ambushed by an American drone on his way from the Baghdad Airport. … Read more ...

Green Party: Drop all charges against the Venezuelan Embassy protectors!

  • Defend Democratic Rights!

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fl. – Last spring, the Trump administration — in violation of the Vienna Convention — collaborated with violent right-wing Venezuelans in an attempt to take over the Embassy of Venezuela in Washington, DC.

Saturday, January 18 At 7:30 p.m.
Ft. Lauderdale Unitarian Church
3970 Nw 21St.Read more ...