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Life and Liberty Party Nominates First Presidential Ticket

The Life and Liberty Party has nominated its first ever presidential ticket. At its national convention held on June 27, 2020, J.R. Myers and Tiara Lusk were nominated as the Life and Liberty Party Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees, respectively.

J. R. Myers ran for Constitution Party President in 2016, but ultimately fell short to Darrell Castle who received 54% of the vote on the first ballot at the Constitution Party National Convention. However, a Scott Copeland / JR Myers ticket did appear on the ballot for President in Idaho under the Constitution Party name due to Idaho’s disaffiliation from the National Constitution Party. The ticket received 2,356 votes.

Tiara Lusk was one of three candidates seeking the Vice Presidential nomination of the Life and Liberty Party, receiving 71% of the vote on the first ballot. A native of Idaho, Tiara is an executive project management consultant and an Adjunct Business Management Professor for Western Nevada College.

According to co-founder Lori Stacey, the party is anticipating ballot access in 10 states, including California, with several lawsuits ongoing. They are currently seeking presidential electors across the nation. The party will also be a certified write-in for several other states.

The Life and Liberty Party was founded in the spring of 2019 by J.R. Myers and Lori Stacey. You can find more information on their website at

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  1. Anthony Dlugos Anthony Dlugos July 15, 2020

    just curious why these people are not part of the Constitution Party?

  2. Reed Ebarb Reed Ebarb July 15, 2020

    I’ve started digging into that. The CP has had several affiliates disaffiliate this year, and several of the prominent people in this party are former CP members and officers.

  3. Anthony Tomkins Anthony Tomkins July 15, 2020

    The Constitution Party of Idaho did not disaffiliate until the convention held in 2018.

  4. Vg Vg July 15, 2020

    It is seeming more and more likely that the Republican Party will be the only political party that conservatives will be able to go to. If the CP goes none of the other alt conservative party will last and fill it’s place. I’ll see what happens after the election but I guess I’ll be forced into the Republican party.

  5. paulie paulie July 15, 2020

    If I was a conservative I’d rank these Life and Liberty people over Trump and whatever mess Blankenship is (not) doing. I’m not, so I guess it all depends on how you understand conservative.

  6. Justice Apash Justice Apash July 15, 2020

    I know that this is a repeat comment but have not heard an answer from JR Myers or LL Party supporters: The national Constitution Party seems to be imploding. Don Blankenship is not really campaigning (correct me if I am wrong but he hasn’t even held a live Q&A townhall session which even the Reform Party candidates have done). It is possible that Life and Liberty Party could get more votes than Don Blankenship depending on how many affiliates they can get. Unlikely but possible. Now the one big issue I have with JR Myers is his Universal debt Jubilee concept. Never mind how to get all the banks to agree, it will be a disaster if implemented.
    Jubilees in ancient Israel worked because it was limited to a small nation and the society had it built into the economy because it happened every 50 years. On a global scale it would cause:
    1. Runaway inflation. Governments and banks will have to create money out of thin air to cover the debts. You could say the Federal Reserve does the same thing regularly but a global Jubilee would cause every nation to experience what Germany faced in the 1920s and what Zimbabwe faced in 2007.
    2. Reckless spending: In ancient Israel because it happened every 50 years it restrained how much debt can be given and received. Today a universal Jubilee would encourage the type of reckless spending and lending that got many nations into debt and which created the college bubble in the first place. Maybe if the Jubilee was periodic it could work and people know it would happen ahead of time it could work but a one-time event and it being unexpected would reward those nations who spent like no tomorrow. I know that some nations run up a debt because they had a CIA backed dictatorship or because the U.S. intervened and caused massive damage. In those cases a debt cancellation could occur as compensation but it should be done on a case-by-case basis not on a universal scale.

  7. wolfefan wolfefan July 16, 2020

    I’m not Myers or one of his supporters but I’ll take a shot at answering. The Jubilee isn’t going to happen even if Myers should somehow be elected, so I’m not worried about the potential impact. I think the power of the Jubilee concept is in the underlying principles. God desires economic equality and justice for all. As humans created in God’s image what can we do to help that happen? People of faith should seriously consider declaring a Jubilee, even if only partial or temporary, for their debtors. Government, which prattles on endlessly about God, should consider what kind of relief can be offered to the poor instead of imprisoning them for the inability to pay traffic tickets or other nuisance fines. Is this the Biblical Jubilee? No, but it’s an achievable step towards it that’s in keeping with the Biblical principles and unites the major third parties, Green and Libertarian.

  8. Justice Apash Justice Apash July 16, 2020

    Yeah the reason I bring it up is that on his website this appears to be a large feature (if not central theme) of his campaign message. “People of faith should seriously consider declaring a Jubilee, even if only partial or temporary, for their debtors.” Yeah a smaller scale Jubilee can work if it is voluntary and is on an individual level. I also agree with concept of not have debtor prisoners. It is the height of hypocrisy that governments can run up debt because of corruption, military spending, and other misadventures while jailing people for minor debt. And when corporations are too big to fail get a bailout. That is why I oppose a Jubilee on a massive scale because it would reward big government and corporations that spent recklessly. If you want to have your own Jubilee with someone who owes you money then go ahead.

  9. SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly July 19, 2020

    Justice Apash (cute handle — tribute to Amash or bash on him?):

    Uh, taking biblical legend as reality? Seriously. Those jubilees never actually happened. And, the Babylonian stories they, like the Ten Commandments, were derived from, likely never happened either.

    That said, a blanket claim that they would never work is only true within our current hypercapitalism. The idea that they would never work period, not so true.

  10. Justice Apash Justice Apash July 20, 2020

    “Justice Apash (cute handle — tribute to Amash or bash on him?):” – A tribute to him. I am not a libertarian and I am moderate (support of Obamacare concept if not all the implementations, SNAP, and subsidized affordable housing if done right). However he is still one of my favorite Congressman. I am sad to see him not run for re-election (maybe he had internal polling data had showed he was likely to lose or he got sick of Washington D.C. and knows it is impossible to change it in the current climate). Anyways since this article is not about Justin Amash ,moving on to Jubilee.
    We can have an argument about whether or not Jubilee or book of Judges actually happened, how much Babylonian legends were based on history: some other time because I want to talk about the implementation of Jubilee not the historicity. “That said, a blanket claim that they would never work is only true within our current hypercapitalism. The idea that they would never work period, not so true.” To me that is a distinction without a distinction because JR Myers is proposing a global Jubilee in our current hyercapitalism global environment which I don’t see changing in our lifetime. I prefer the term crony capitalism because I am not sure that under real “free-markets” this could happen. Again we can debate this point some other time. We would not have such a big debt problem without the Federal Reserve pumping trillions of dollars out of thin air, a military-industrial complex funded by the Fed and big banks, big businesses that are too big to fail being able to take reckless and irresponsible risks backed by government bailouts, countless other collusions between big government and big business, etc. The accumulation of so much personal, corporate, and national debt is only possible because of the current system we have.

  11. Justice Apash Justice Apash July 22, 2020

    Anyways, I want to re-iterate what I posted on the American Third Party Politics website: In 2008, my first vote for presidency at age 20, I voted for Chuck Baldwin. I had heard about him through the Ron Paul movement. Although my political views have changed I take no pleasure in the decline of the CP especially in a time when the duopoly produces candidates like Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Here is my prediction/hope: In states that JR Myers gets ballot access to, he will do as well if not better than Darrell Castle. After this election with Jim Clymer as chairman again there can be a reconciliation and re-incorporation of state parties that left and/or joined the Life and Liberty Party.

  12. Jared Jared July 28, 2020

    It likely doesn’t help that the CP is a paleoconservative party (albeit with some dominionist, theocratic elements tossed in), and Donald Trump, to the extent that he can be said to espouse any ideology at all, is a paleocon. I’d be surprised if many people sympathetic to the party didn’t jump ship in 2016, as many paleolibertarians have. Though paleolibs have always been a force in the broader libertarian movement, not so much a faction within the LP, save for the Mises Caucus, which is more of a transformative strategy by Neo-Austrians than an organic, endogenous development.

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