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Jo Jorgensen: Here’s What I Think about Kamala Harris – Joe Biden Just Made a Fatal Campaign Mistake

2020 Libertarian presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen sent the following message today to email subscribers concerning presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s decision to select Senator Kamala Harris of California as his running mate. 

Joe Biden is making the worst mistake of his Presidential campaign today.

Kamala Harris is officially his selection for Vice President.

Her 28 year long career as an Attorney General and prosecutor in the state of California is a COMPLETE miscarriage of justice. 

  • Kamala Harris helped put THOUSANDS of men and women in jail for pot related charges… and proceeded to laugh about smoking marijuana on a podcast during her failed campaign.
  • After being ordered to release inmates by the Supreme Court, Harris used her position as Attorney General to prevent inmates from being paroled so she could use them for cheap labor… including using them to fight forest fires.
  • Harris has also demonstrated her willingness to use “third strike laws” in order to extend unfair prison sentences.

While millions of Americans are crying out for criminal justice reform, Joe Biden has selected a running mate with an abysmal record of fighting for justice and working people.

Biden, an architect of the War on Drugs with a known history of racial “gaffes” or “media mistakes,” has demonstrated a TOTAL disregard for those in his base demanding criminal justice reform.


Biden is LYING to the American people and to millions of Democrats who are counting on him to enact REAL change.

William, to put it bluntly, I am angry.

There is a fire in my belly and I want to shout it from the rooftops, “Joe Biden is lying to you about criminal justice reform!”

Let’s fight back.

I am asking all of my supporters to use this opportunity to teach millions of Americans the truth about Biden and Harris’ record on criminal justice and let them know they should vote for OUR campaign in November.

Please take action.

Use one of these links to donate the most generous amount you can and let’s fight back!!!

The American people will not learn the truth about Biden, Harris, or criminal justice reform without your help, William.

This is a HUGE opportunity for us to drive a wedge in the Democrat Party, win new voters with our message of criminal justice reform, earn media attention, and grow our party.

Please don’t waste this opportunity.

Thank you,

Dr. Jo Jorgensen

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  1. Chris Powell Chris Powell August 11, 2020

    Anyone who is for criminal justice reform cannot in good conscience support the Democrat ticket consisting of two drug warriors.

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