Press Release: Nickolas Wildstar Announces Run for California Governor

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October 28, 2020

Nickolas Wildstar Announces Run for California Governor

Libertarian Activist builds Republican base for 2022 Gubernatorial Run

Nickolas Wildstar is one of the first major candidates to formally announce a gubernatorial campaign. Libertarian activist Wildstar was a candidate for Fresno Mayor in 2020 and California governor in 2018, where he received nearly 12,000 votes in the historically crowded race.  His activism and platform has since resonated with the wider Republican voter base in the state as many citizens have become increasingly frustrated with the current Democrat majority leadership.

A long time community activist, Wildstar has dedicated countless hours to homeless outreach, youth outreach; advocating for community based solutions as a more effective and financially accountable way of solving the homeless crisis.

Nickolas Wildstar is no stranger to the injustice of corrupt police practices; having been improperly detained and arrested on false charges himself as a result of racial profiling.  Wildstars own experiences are what has propelled him into politics where he has mentored young activists, like Stevante Clark, away from outrage and protests and towards positive political and community involvement.

Wildstar believes he can reverse the string of GOP losses by increasing turnout among the many independent and moderate voters who are tired of the Democratic majority policies that have undermined local economy and community independence.

“The policies that have hurt our communities the most have been created by Democrats. They continue to take away our freedom promising to make things safer “ Wildstar stated, “But no one feels safe in their own neighborhood anymore. “

His campaign platform pledges to audit state spending and to reduce or abolish taxes for California residence. Other policies include  criminal justice reform, which will include ending qualified immunity and mandatory liability insurance requirements for police officers,  and his Phoenix Initiative to reopen the state immediately to get life back to normal as it was before the lockdowns.

For more information on the supporting Nickolas Wildstar visit:


Nickolas Wildstar is an American politician, civil rights activist, 2014 Independent candidate and 2018 Libertarian candidate for Governor of California, and 2020 candidate for Mayor of Fresno.

19 thoughts on “Press Release: Nickolas Wildstar Announces Run for California Governor

  1. Jim Polichak from Long Island

    Why do these post so often go with out dated photos instead of current ones?
    Do say you can’t find any!
    There are several dozen on the link in the story.

  2. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    Libertarian Activist builds Republican base for 2022 Gubernatorial Run …

    Wildstar believes he can reverse the string of GOP losses …

    So is he running as a Libertarian or as a Republican?

  3. Nickolas Wildstar

    You’re right about the picture! lol. There’s plenty of newer ones from my website and social media pages that could’ve been used. I’m just thankful to have a chance to get some much needed press.

    And I am running as a Ron Paul Republican! The entire state of California can benefit from some liberty right now more than ever. It’s a message everyone in the state is waiting to hear and one that I plan to deliver.

    Check out for more info about my campaign

  4. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    So if the guy is running as a Republican, he has no business being on this page and I hope the LP of California puts someone up who’s not afraid to run as a LIBERTARIAN.

  5. George Whitfield

    I think what Anastasia was referring to was not Mr. Wildstar’s comment but rather the article about his candidacy.

  6. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Thank you. Not sure how someone could have completely missed the point of my comment but then again, it’s the guy who apparently gets paid by the word so he’s too busy writing to actually comprehend.

  7. Jose C

    Is he running as a Republican? According to Wikipedia he is running as a Libertarian. I am not voting for Nickolas if he is running as a Republican. If needed we should have a Libertarian candidate. With the drop in candidates in California from 100+ in 1980 to 10- in 2020 I am not hopeful.

  8. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    True, Jose C. With Top Two, it’s unlikely a third party candidate will make it to the November ballot. It will either be a Republican and a Democrat, or two Democrats.

  9. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    “If you use ambiguous language then you’re going to receive multiple interpretations.”

    Ambiguous only to you, girlfriend.

  10. theButterfly

    It’s nice to see a Ron Paul Republican who doesn’t have xenophobic crap front and center in his campaign. In my experience, most Ron Paul Republicans follow Dr. Paul in the one place where I disagree with him (immigration) but fail to support important liberty related issues, like ending the War on Drugs. Most of the time, they just remain silent on all issues where right-wingers don’t generally go along with libertarians.

    Perhaps it’s a moot point, because I don’t live in California, but I wouldn’t vote for someone like this unless I could confirm that he was willing to fully and completely oppose the War on Drugs.

  11. Norman S. Stahl

    What is wrong with a Libertarian running as a Republican? *The reality is that third party candidates have Zero chance of getting elected.* I do not like his ideas about “ending qualified immunity and mandatory liability insurance requirements for police officers”, but I welcome him running as a Republican Candidate for Governor.

  12. wolfefan

    Hi Norman – what’s wrong with ending qualified immunity and shifting at least some of the burden for police misconduct onto the individual officers who do wrong things? As the current doctrine is, qualified immunity has been used to apply to officers who admitted planting drugs.

  13. Jared

    The last remaining shred of optimism I had about the prospects of libertarians within the post-Trump Republican Party is gone. The struggle for the soul and direction of the GOP is between the establishment neocons with their donors and a national populist base still convinced that Trump is the finest president ever to have graced the White House. The fusionist project, forever assymetric and doomed from the start, is now dead as a doornail. Time to put it to rest.

  14. Tom Hutton

    No matter what party he runs with, he must pass the Herculean “TOP TWO” jungle primary that California imposes.

  15. James Paul Roguski

    I would have welcomed the opportunity to support Nickolas Wildstar’s candidacy for Governor of California on my website www Independent Congress dot com if he was running as a Libertarian. I am disappointed that he is running as a Republican. In the top two primary in March, it really doesn’t matter. People are sick and tired of Democrats and Republicans. He had a chance to stand out from the corporate duopoly but he missed it.

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