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Mississippi Patriot Party’s Brief History

The Mississippi Patriot Party was, until recently, either a joke or a vehicle for supporting outgoing President Donald Trump. It seems, with Donald Trump’s flirtation with third party politics and his love for the “Patriot Party” name, this might be more significant than was initially realized.

The founder of the state party and others were at the January 6th rally in Washington D.C. that devolved into a riot at the Capitol. There, they met with two Republican Congressmen.

The party was founded just ten days ago, in some ways as a private joke, but has according to the founder become a vehicle for frustrated Trump supporters.

“The Patriot Party, it kinda started as me being funny. Just saying, ‘I’m leaving the Republican Party.’

“Because I was just reading about all these Republicans who wouldn’t stand up for what we felt like — once again, I’m not even saying the election was rigged. Personally, I think it was. The President has made a lot of accusations. Whether they’re true or not, there’s enough evidence in our opinion that it warrants an investigation.”

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3 thoughts on “Mississippi Patriot Party’s Brief History

  1. kevin

    Freedom advocates need to take over the GOP and LP, then either merge the two parties or endorse the same candidate. Creating a new party would put Trump in a Teddy Roosevelt or Ross Perot position, and insure a Dem victory.

  2. George Phillies

    Name is already in use. Several times.

    “Popular Party” would make sense. Is the name true? Isn’t lying a duty of politicians?

    I doubt the Republican Party will agree to adopt the Libertarian Party planks on abortion (Government should have no role in this matter’), recreational pharmaceuticals, or borders, so merger seems unlikely.

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