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Arizona Greens surpass 5,000 registered voters

Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

The Arizona Green Party has increased Party registration to over 5,000 voters. According to the Arizona Green Party, this is an increase of almost 500 Greens since last August. From the AZGP:

2010 marked the 20 year anniversary of the Arizona Green Party and they look forward to broadening their base by educating voters on their progressive positions on local and national issues.

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Arizona: 4-way U.S. Senate candidates’ debate set for Sept. 26

Posted at Libertarian Party blog by David Nolan:

KTVK-3TV in Phoenix has scheduled a debate that will include all four of Arizona’s ballot-qualified U.S. Senate candidates: John McCain, Rodney Glassman, (Green -p) Jerry Joslyn and myself. It will run without commercial interruption from 6pm to 7pm on Sunday, Sept. 26. This is most likely the only debate that McCain will agree to participate in.… Read more ...

Arizona Republicans Allegedly Sought to Hijack Green Party Primary


This year, the ballot-qualified Arizona Green Party, which is required under state law to nominate by primary, has in influx of candidates who are apparently not bona fide Greens, and who have refused to meet with Green Party activists and leaders. There is evidence that political consultants who are associated with Republicans recruited these candidates.… Read more ...

Libertarian David Nolan, Green Jerry Joslyn interviewed about U.S. Senate bid in Arizona

Posted by David Nolan at LP blog:

Nolan interviewed about U.S. Senate bid

On Thursday, July 22 I was interviewed, along with the Green candidate for U.S. Senate (Jerry Joslyn -p), by Bill Buckmaster at KUAT-TV in Tucson. The interview is approximately 20 minutes long, and I thought it went well.… Read more ...

Arizona Greens Submit 29,015 Signatures for Party Status

Ballot Access News:

March 11 was the deadline for parties to submit a petition to be recognized in Arizona. This year the state requires 20,449 valid signatures. The Green Party is the only party that turned in a petition. That petition contained 29,015 signatures. UPDATE: the 29,015 figure is an updated and accurate total.… Read more ...