Live Broadcast from Libertarian State Leadership Alliance in Charleston, SC beginning at 1pm on Saturday

Via Augusta Libertarians.

UPDATE: The channel is playing recorded videos now, and will broadcast the conference live starting Saturday at 1 PM. Thanks to Rocky Eades for the update.

51 thoughts on “Live Broadcast from Libertarian State Leadership Alliance in Charleston, SC beginning at 1pm on Saturday

  1. Stewart Flood

    Weather looking good here. Should be 70 or better outside tomorrow.

    With the economy crashing, we’ve even got a reasonably good chance that we’ll be able to witness spontaneous rebellion as the citizens overthrow the tyrants in Columbia and Washington and form a new country.

    Of course we could also have an earthquake…


  2. Stewart Flood

    Did you think that I was joking?

    They estimate that we’re about 20 years overdue for an 8.8.

    Don’t worry, the hotel is very sturdy. They built it about 30 years after the 1886 earthquake.

  3. Rocky

    8.8???!!! Jesus! Have you ever heard of Seneca’s Guns, Stewart? We used to have them off the coast of North Carolina when I lived at the coast there.

  4. Stewart Flood

    Never heard of Seneca’s Guns.

    But they say that we should get at least a few warning tremors before the big one, so since it hasn’t rumbled here in months…hey…what’s…tha………..

  5. Stewart Flood

    Well I survived the long trip downtown — must be at least three or four miles — and I’m sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for everyone else to wake up and get this show on the road!!!

    The publicly available wifi seems to work just fine. Checked my e-mail with no problems. Just had to click accept on the usual “terms and conditions” page and everything started working. Guess I should have read the terms, but since they don’t charge for access it probably doesn’t matter what it says…

  6. Stewart Flood

    The wireless network in the hotel worked flawlessly yesterday, but access is virtually non-existent today. No one at the LSLA is able to connect in the lobby or the meeting room area anymore and access in the guest rooms seems to now require a “booster” (usb based device that then connects to your ethernet port to deliver service).

    I fought with the brainless robots at the customer service number I was given, and they eventually decided I needed to use this “booster.”

    It runs in the room — barely. I’ll see if it connects downstairs. I’m going to leave my laptop running/connected and carry it down there. Hopefully it will hold the connection.

  7. paulie

    Conflicts of interest report

    Hawkridge – written report

    Jingozian – board member of Free and Equal

    Karlan: conflict of interest reports need to be in writing

  8. paulie

    elcome to the ‘augustalibertarian’ room
    00:24 augustalibertarian : got to get up at 6am and help out the lsla; i’m outta here
    00:24 augustalibertarian : night guys
    00:25 dawgbreath : thx for doing this
    13:27 hippie steve : no sound, just background buzzing
    13:37 Robert McGee : we are working it out now
    13:37 hippie steve : got sound!!!!
    13:38 Robert McGee : sound good?
    13:39 Robert McGee : is the sounds still good?
    13:40 hippie steve : yup
    13:43 Robert McGee : thank you
    13:46 Mattpowell : Is this the state or national convention? I forget…
    13:47 Mattpowell : Lost the feed…
    13:47 hippie steve : libertarian national committee
    13:47 Mattpowell : Allright, got it back.
    13:47 hippie steve : background buzz
    13:49 Robert McGee : working on it: i think it’s the air conditioner
    13:49 augustalibertarian : test
    13:50 augustalibertarian : this is paul using the Aug Libs puter
    13:51 Mattpowell : Is this someone from Augusta providing the live feed at the LNC meeting?
    13:51 Robert McGee : Yes
    13:51 Mattpowell : So this person is acually in attendance at the meting?
    13:51 Gene Trosper : Thanks to augustalibertarian for arranging this broadcast
    13:52 augustalibertarian : Robert, does this chat back up a transcript?
    13:52 augustalibertarian : MATT: several of us are here at the meeting
    13:52 hippie steve : lost feed
    13:52 Robert McGee : don’t think so

  9. paulie

    3:52 Mattpowell : Oh, ok.
    13:54 augustalibertarian : I’m copying it to IPR but I suggest using that instead of the IM chat here so it’s backed up automatically

  10. paulie

    Dixon nominates Emily Salvette


    Others nominated – Mattson, Rob Power, Hogarth. Nominations closed.

  11. paulie

    Alicia Mattson – short speech
    Power is not here

    Hogarth – ideological balance on the board
    educating candidates and members

  12. paulie

    Salvette – has been on LNC before
    Interested in well functioning party that supports affiliates

  13. Gene Trosper

    Thanks. I’m watching this on Mogulus and the sound from the embedded video on this page causes audio havoc because the two feeds clash. Plus, the liveblog deserves it own thread anyway.

    Again, thanks, Paulie!

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