KN@PP Stir Podcast, Episode 126: ‘Please Refrain from Masticating the Henway’

The latest edition of Thomas Knapp’s podcast tackles IPR comment moderation, and other recent IPR topics such as the hospitalization of Lee Wrights, government plants in alt parties and discussions thereof, commenter impersonation in IPR comments, and “Libertarians” for Trump. The podcast weighs in at 22 minutes and 5 seconds, and IPR readers may want to give it a listen.

For additional discussion see here, here and here.

24 thoughts on “KN@PP Stir Podcast, Episode 126: ‘Please Refrain from Masticating the Henway’

  1. Andy

    “‘“Libertarians’ for Trump.”

    “Libertarians” in “Libertarians” for Johnson/Weld should also be in quotes.

  2. Andy

    “Thomas L. Knapp
    April 27, 2017 at 12:00
    Actually, no, it shouldn’t. I don’t put things that I don’t say in quotes, because I’m not saying them.”

    I noticed that the word Libertarians in Libertarians for Trump was put in quotes, which is a way of casting doubt on those people really being libertarians.

    I also question the wisdom of any self professed libertarians for supporting Trump (even as a supposed lesser evil), but I question the same thing about libertarians who supported and/or voted for the Johnson/Weld ticket, which is why I suggested “Libertarians” for Johnson/Weld.

  3. Thomas L. Knapp

    “I noticed that the word Libertarians in Libertarians for Trump was put in quotes, which is a way of casting doubt on those people really being libertarians.”

    Well, no, it was not intended to cast doubt. It was intended to highlight the fact that the idea is completely absurd. Even more so than, say, “‘Libertarians’ for Castle.”

  4. Wang Tang-Fu

    If I was allowed to vote in your country I would have most likely voted for Dr. Stein, even though on most issues I find myself closer to the Libertarians than the Greens. I certainly wouldn’t have voted for Trump. In fact, if there was such a thing as a negative vote in your elections, I would have voted against Trump, even if that was my only vote. I would have preferred Gary Johnson to both Clinton and Trump despite his flaws, even with Weld as his VP. And Clinton, as bad as she was, would have also been preferable to Trump. Trump was the absolute worst candidate in this election and will with no doubt whatsoever be the worst president in the history of the US. However, Clinton was also extremely bad so there would have been no way I could vote for her either.

  5. Andy

    Tom Knapp said: “Well, no, it was not intended to cast doubt. It was intended to highlight the fact that the idea is completely absurd. Even more so than, say, “‘Libertarians’ for Castle.’”

    And you think that Libertarians for Johnson/Weld was NOT absurd?

    Do I really need to go through and list all of the many wrongdoings, and anti-liberty policy positions spewed forth by the Johnson/Weld ticket? It is a pretty long list.

    As for Darrell Castle, he was far more libertarian than Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, and you’d have to go back to Michael Badnarik to find anyone on an LP presidential ticket who Castle is not more libertarian than.

    I recall that in 2008, you voted for Green Party candidate for President, Cynthia McKinney. McKinney is less libertarian than Darrell Castle, but even so, I actually have no problem with you having made this vote, as McKinney was fairly libertarian for a Green (more so than Jill Stein), and given the dismal circumstances of the 2008 presidential election, voting for Cynthia McKinney was not such a bad thing (I’d have preferred Chuck Baldwin over McKinney in that election, but I actually wrote in Ron Paul since Baldwin was not on my ballot, and since Ron Paul supporters had jumped through the hoops necessary to have his write in votes counted in the state where I voted. I considered voting for McKinney, who was on my ballot, or writing in Chuck Baldwin, but since writing in Ron Paul was an option, I took that route.) McKinney is certainly more anti-establishment than Johnson/Weld, but being that Johnson/Weld WERE establishment, that’s not such a difficult thing to be.

    The only principled things to do in the 2016 election were to either a) not vote in the presidential election, b) cast a write in vote for Darryl W. Perry, or anyone else who actually believes in liberty, or c) write in None Of The Above for President (which is what I did in the 2012 general election), or d vote for Darrell Castle, who was the most pro-liberty candidate to appear on any state ballots.

    I considered options a, b, or c, but I decided to vote for Castle since he was on the ballot in the state where I voted, and I figured that this would be the best way to voice my protest with the federal government, since not voting could be viewed as apathy, or even as supporting the status quo, and since write in votes are not consistently tallied in the state where I voted, I figured that at least my vote for Castle would show up on a vote tally, unlike if I wrote in Darryl W. Perry or None Of The Above.

    I did vote for the three Libertarian Party candidates who were on my ballot for other offices, and I wrote in None Of The Above for everything else, which were races where Democrat and Republican were the only choices.

  6. Andy

    The ONLY argument I can see in favor of any libertarian voting for Johnson/Weld in 2016, was if they lived in one of the few states where the vote total for Johnson/Weld could gain ballot access for the Libertarian Party, but even then, voting for such fraudulent “Libertarian” candidates sure is a shitty thing to have to do to accomplish this. There were not that many states where ballot access relied only on the presidential vote.

  7. Thomas L. Knapp

    “The only principled things to do” depends entirely on the principles of the person doing it. Your principles clearly differ from mine.

    I voted for my party’s candidate, who happened to be, IN MY OPINION AND PER MY PRINCIPLES, the most libertarian candidate on my ballot by a damn sight (my balloted choices were Trump, Clinton, Johnson, Stein, Castle and Fuente).

    I wasn’t happy that Johnson was the closest thing to a libertarian on my ballot. I was not happy that my party failed to offer a particularly libertarian choice to the voters for president and blew things COMPLETELY out its ass for the VP slot.

    But that’s how it was whether I was happy about it or not. I considered not voting at all or casting a write-in vote and chose to vote, and to vote for the most libertarian candidate on the ballot, for reasons I’ve explained before.

  8. Great ideas

    It sounds like Knapp agrees with me that Andy Jacobs is a likely government plant. If you think about it the criteria he describes also apply to Paul Frankel, and other friends or ex-friends of theirs such as Mark Pickens, Jake Witmer, Gary Fincher et al.

  9. Thomas L. Knapp

    Actually, Paulie only fits half the criteria (long-time involvement with the party and provides services that involve him at multiple levels and in multiple geographies). I am not well-acquainted enough with the others to have an opinion on them vis a vis this particular issue.

  10. Great ideas

    Well, at least I think we can all agree that Andy Jacobs fits all of your criteria. I would be very surprised if he was not who you were referring to in the podcast.

  11. paulie

    I think we can all agree that you are posting with a screen name and an IP anonymizer. Everything else is speculation.

  12. Thomas L. Knapp

    Well, I didn’t mention Andy by name on the podcast, but yeah, as I’ve said here before if I was an investigator trying to root out a government mole/informant/saboteur in the Libertarian Party he’d top the list of people I’d take a very close look at.

    But I doubt that the government wastes energy on moles/informants/saboteurs in the LP. If they’re watching us, they can do so electronically.

  13. Andy

    I would take a very close look at Tom Knapp as well, especially when posts popped up here under a fake name that were very similar to comments Tom made on another site. When I pointed this out here, Tom mysteriously abruptly disappeared for several days.

    There was also Tom’s strange friendship with Eric Dondero. Both are former military as well.

  14. Andy

    I am not saying that Tom is necessarily guilty of anything, but there is some cause for speculation, and DTA, Don’t Trust Anybody.

    I would not recommend taking DTA to a ridiculous level, but rather take it as always take caution.

  15. Thomas L. Knapp

    I’ve just removed a couple of comments that were either falsely attributed to Andy or were modified by someone with editing privileges to falsify their content, and which additionally falsely attributed the modification to me.

    I’m assuming the comments were falsely attributed to Andy rather than someone with IPR editor privileges pulling that shit. But if it’s the latter, said privileges need to be yanked immediately.

  16. paulie

    The fake Andy comments were posted from T-Mobile, which is typical of Nathan Norman. The other rash of troll comments I noticed today, mostly pro-Invictus and anti-myself, were posted from a variety of IP anonymizers. I also sent a bunch of them down the spamhole.

  17. Just Some Random Guy

    I guess after Andy got scolded for constantly complaining about immigration in comments when no one was previously talking about it, he’s moved on to complaining about Johnson and Weld in comments when no one was previously talking about them.

  18. Andy

    I will continue to talk about those issues, as well as any other issues, when and where I believe it is appropriate.

  19. dL

    I would take a very close look at Tom Knapp as well

    The government is planting real libertarians in the LP? Long live the government plants!

  20. LG

    Andy Jacobs a government plant??? LMAO …and his super power is hypnotizing people by talkin too long about times he feels like he was slighted.

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