Darcy Richardson, FL Reform Party gubernatorial nominee, endorsed by Libertarian

by Peter B. Gemma

Richardson, who recently switched from a bid for State Representative as an Independent, is now running for Florida Governor as the nominee of the Reform Party. In 2016, he was a candidate for the party’s presidential nomination.


June 28, 2018

Austin Cassidy, Campaign Manager
Email: austin@richardson2018.com
Phone: (904) 868-5963


[JACKSONVILLE, FL] – Darcy Richardson, the Reform Party of Florida’s nominee for governor, received an early endorsement from a prominent former Libertarian on Thursday.

“I was both surprised and excited to see Darcy Richardson take the third line in the governor’s race this year,” said Paul Stanton, the Libertarian Party’s nominee for U.S. Senate in 2016. As the only minor party candidate to secure a spot on the ballot in the governor’s race, Richardson will be listed third behind the eventual Republican and Democratic nominees.

“I am tremendously excited to have Paul’s support,” said Richardson. “This campaign is about fighting back against corruption, crony capitalism, and the big money special interests selling-out our state. Together we can give millions of forgotten Floridians a fighting chance for a better future!”

“The Reform Party of Florida embraces those willing to step it up a notch to make Florida better for working Americans,” added Joseph Wendt, Chairman of the Reform Party of Florida. “The Reform Party believes in building a coalition of the willing; of people who want a better Florida.”

“Darcy’s experience and knowledge makes him the right candidate to challenge the status quo,” Stanton added. “I firmly support Darcy Richardson for Governor, and I hope to see more candidates like him in the future.”

About Darcy Richardson

Darcy Richardson is the Reform Party of Florida’s nominee for governor in the 2018 election. He
is an author, historian and former Democratic presidential candidate. Additionally, Richardson has more than 15 years of experience working in the financial services industry. His early political experience included serving as the national campaign manager of Senator Eugene McCarthy’s 1988 presidential bid.

About Paul Stanton

Paul Stanton is an Iraq war veteran and computer programmer. In 2016, he captured the Libertarian nomination for U.S. Senate by winning more than 73% of the vote in a statewide primary election. Stanton went on to receive an impressive 196,794 votes, the Libertarian Party’s best-ever showing in a Florida U.S. Senate race. In 2017, Stanton left the Libertarian Party and became an independent.

About the Reform Party

The Reform Party of Florida was initially created by Ross Perot during his 1996 presidential campaign. It was recently revived by a group of former Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians who are sick of the current climate of hyper-partisanship.

6 thoughts on “Darcy Richardson, FL Reform Party gubernatorial nominee, endorsed by Libertarian

  1. Thomas L. Knapp

    I haven’t been keeping up with Florida politics lately, but I thought the Libertarian Party had a candidate for governor (Randy Wiseman dropped out for health reasons, it was another guy). Did he miss the filing signature/fee deadline or something?

    If there’s no Libertarian on the ballot, I’ll vote for Darcy on any ballot line he picks. And if there IS a Libertarian on the ballot, I’ll have to think about it if Darcy’s also available.

  2. Joe Wendt

    Both Fred Coulter (current LPF Treasurer) and Ken Willey also stated publicly that they would support Darcy for Governor. The LPF seems to have imploded in terms of candidates, activism, and respectability. In 2014, the LPF had 2 statewide candidates and I think 7 legislative candidates; in 2018, the have no statewide candidates, and 3 legislative candidates. The LPF has really gone down hill.

    Last I heard, that other guy switched races to state legislature, I forget if it’s state house or senate.

  3. Thomas L. Knapp


    Like I said, I haven’t been keeping up with Florida politics lately. All my LP attention has been on the national platform committee. Glad I get to vote for Darcy without a conflict.

  4. Richard Winger

    The other Libertarian who wanted to run for Governor couldn’t raise the filing fee.

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