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Posts tagged as “Darcy Richardson”

Alliance Party: 2021 – A Year in Review

The Alliance Party sent out the following release Friday reviewing the party’s activities during the year 2021.  The party previously sent out a monthly newsletter but I have not received it via email since June 2021.  Additionally, I previously placed the party in the IPR category Non-left/right parties, but this release specifically disavows that label. Read more ...

Time Capsule: Wisconsin’s Progressive Party Cheated by the Grim Reaper

Just 36 days after winning the governorship, this week in 1942 death cruelly intervened and denied the Wisconsin Progressive Party one of its greatest electoral achievements in the party’s twelve-year history.

While Minnesota’s neighboring Farmer-Labor Party went out with barely a whimper and most of the country’s other minor parties fared poorly at the ballot box that autumn, the most spectacular — and ultimately tragic — achievement by a third-party candidate in the 1942 mid-term elections occurred in Wisconsin’s three-way gubernatorial campaign where 49-year-old former attorney general Orland S.… Read more ...

Time Capsule: Aging Norman Thomas Placed a Socialist on New York City’s Ballot

The following is excerpted from Darcy G. Richardson’s new “The Lowest Ebb: Norman Thomas and America’s Minor Parties in 1944,” available at Amazon and other booksellers.

Still battling the two-headed Goliath, an aging Norman M. Thomas — a six-time candidate for the presidency on the Socialist Party ticket — filed nominating petitions to place the name of Richard F.… Read more ...