Amarillo Pioneer: ‘Meet the Libertarians Running for President in 2020’

Although it’s still very early, several candidates have already expressed their interest in the 2020 Libertarian Presidential nomination. The Amarillo Pioneer profiles declared candidates for the nomination Adam Kokesh, Ben Leder, Arvin Vohra, and Daniel Behrman. A discussion in the FB group LP 2020 Delegates – unofficial mentions that Vermin Supreme, Kim Ruff and Sandra T. Salas (a satanist stripper who ran as an LP candidate in 2018 in PA) are in the running as well.

Vohra, Leder, Behrman and Ruff participated in a debate on December 11. According to comments on that post “Other candidates that are missing are:…Zoltan Istvan, Cecil Ince, Donald Eugene Lowe, Derrick Micheal Reid and William Hurst”.

Bill Weld is widely believed to be running as well, but has made no formal announcement. Larry Sharpe, who was rumored to be a likely candidate previously, has said he is unlikely to run following a 1.6% showing for Governor of NY (although that was the best Libertarians had ever done for Governor in that state, earning them ballot retention in NY for the first time ever).

Some additional candidates are listed at but they include some who have already said they won’t run, such as Mary Ruwart.

12 thoughts on “Amarillo Pioneer: ‘Meet the Libertarians Running for President in 2020’

  1. Tony From Long Island

    Two things: Vermin Supreme & Satanist Stripper . . . . . *sigh* . . . . will the LP ever learn . . .

  2. dL

    Satanist Stripper . . . . . *sigh* . . . . will the LP ever learn . . .

    From ballotpedia

    What areas of public policy are you personally passionate about? Why?
    Sex Worker’s rights, LGTBQIA rights, marijuana legalization, and gun rights

    The LP could use more like her…

  3. wolfefan

    I looked up Salas on ballotpedia and was very impressed. Answers were responsive, substantive, but not stuffy and gave a sense of her as a person. Very libertarian approach to traditional libertarian issues with the added benefit of having lived through some of the difficulties well-intended laws can create.

  4. Jared

    Salas seems very well informed and intelligent. It’s a shame her religious affiliation and chosen profession render her unpalatable even to sympathetic voters. I’m intrigued that a Satanist libertarian deeply admires a Christian empress, but Theodora is a great answer for a person invested in protecting women from sexual trafficking and abuse.

    dL: “The LP could use more like her…”

    I suppose I agree, but doesn’t the typical Libertarian already share her political views, without the sleazy exhibitionism and demonolatry?

  5. Gina

    “The LP could use more like her…”

    Indeed. The typical libertarian may or (in depressingly too many cases may not) share those views, but too many candidates back-paddle them and never talk about such issues. Even when they do, the authenticity of dealing with the discrimination religious minorities and sex workers face amplifies a voice far more than mere agreement.

  6. Chuck Moulton

    Sandy is from my county. I voted for her! Despite my best efforts (I gave them each other’s emails and phone numbers), I’ve been unable to connect Starchild with Sandy so they can discuss and collaborate on the issues they are passionate about. I had not heard she was running for President.

  7. Gina

    Too bad Salas dropped out. Luckily, Ruff and Supreme are still in the race. Is Kokesh still in jail?

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