Libertarian 2020 Presidential Debate Round One

Celebrating the Libertarian Party’s 47th Birthday by kicking off round one of the Libertarian 2020 Presidential Debates. December 11, 2008

14 thoughts on “Libertarian 2020 Presidential Debate Round One

  1. Fred Stein

    Great discussions. They all seem to be on the same page. Which is good. I hope Weld does not run as a Libertarian. But why should he change now? lol.

  2. William T. Forrest

    Vermin Supreme is a good guy and an incisive satirist. He would make a lot more sense as an LP candidate than establishment lackey Weld or confused alt right puppets like Kokesh and Vohra. Of the candidates in this debate my choice would be Kim Ruff. It may have been somewhat unfair for her boyfriend to be the moderator but apparently none of the other candidates had an issue with it.

  3. Fernando Mercado

    Other candidates that are missing are:

    Adam Kokesh
    Zoltan Istvan
    Cecil Ince
    Donald Eugene Lowe
    Derrick Micheal Reid
    and William Hurst

    Kokesh and Istvan being the most perplexing as they were some of the earliest and most notable candidates for 2020.

  4. Fernando Mercado

    Since Kokesh is the most high profile candidate due to his presence online, wouldn’t he want to keep his notoriety up especially since he’s going up against the former LNC Vice Chair, A person who’s run for two offices so far, and everyone’s favorite Satirical Candidate.

  5. paulie Post author

    I guess he either didn’t like the sponsor or moderator, or thought it was unfair the moderator was the boyfriend of one of the candidates, or had something else to do at that time, or didn’t consider some of the candidates important enough to debate, or didn’t like the person who invited him, or … I dunno, ask him. I have no idea.

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