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Liberty Point: Libertarian Mike Beitler asked the hard questions

Brian Irving at Liberty Point:

Mike Beitler may not have received as many votes as the polls indicated he would, but he said he’s pleased with the election results because of the campaign staff and organization he’s built.

“I am ready to turn this all over to Mike Munger,” Beitler said, referring to the party’s last gubernatorial candidate.… Read more ...

How did IPR contributors and readers do on election day?

IPR founder GE shared 23,740 votes with 16 others in a slate of presidential electors pledged to Bob Barr, .4% of the vote.

Contributor Paulie Cannoli shared 4,983 votes with 8 other Alabama presidential electors pledged to Bob Barr, .2%.

Contributor Tom Knapp took 8,576 votes in Missouri’s 2nd congressional district, for 2.3%.… Read more ...

North Carolina three party poll

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On November 3, SurveyUSA released a North Carolina poll. For Governor, Perdue (Dem.) 48%, McCrory (Rep.) 47%, Munger (Libt.) 4%, undecided 2%.

For U.S. Senate, Hagan (Dem.) 50%, Dole (Rep.) 43%, Cole (Libt.) 5%, undecided 2%.

For president, the only categories are McCain, Obama, and “other”, but Bob Barr is the only “other” choice on the ballot.

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Christopher Cole, Libertarian for US Senate, challenges opponents on gay marriage

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Libertarian Party of Wake County

From the campaign of Christopher Cole for US Senate

A mailer from the GOP State Executive Committee hit mailboxes on Monday, accusing Democrat Senate Nominee Kay Hagan of being a closet supporter of legal same-sex marriage. Their evidence? A 2005 statement opposing a state constitutional marriage amendment and a contribution from the Godless Americans PAC.… Read more ...

Libertarian Cole ‘makes his mark’ in North Carolina race

A generally favorable piece on North Carolina Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Chris Cole runs in the Kinston Free Press under the headline “Christopher Cole Makes His Mark On U.S. Senate Campaign.” The article mainly focuses on Cole’s poll showings — seven percent in one recent survey — and on North Carolina Libertarian campaigns in general.… Read more ...

Politico.com covers Krikorian, other potential ‘spoilers’

In an article entitled “Spoiler Alert: Independents may Rock the Races,” Politico.com‘s Josh Kraushaar wrote about a range of relatively popular independent or third party candidates and their potential impact on the upcoming election. David Krikorian, an independent running for Congress in Ohio’s 2nd district, was the focus of the article.Â… Read more ...

Libertarian candidate for Senate condemns bailout and debt

In a press release connecting the proposed bailout of collapsing Wall Street firms and the exponentially growing national debt, Chris Cole called the United States’ “waddling debt” a “duck.” Cole is the Libertarian candidate for the open US Senate seat in North Carolina.

Cole compared the bailout to a Wall Street investor walking up to an American on the street and asking for that person to pick up his hotel bill of thousands of dollars.Â… Read more ...

North Carolina Libertarian Senate candidate polling as high as 13%

A recent poll of 671 likely voters showed Libertarian Senate candidate Chris Cole polling at 7% overall, with 13% of support from 18-34 year olds and people whose top concern is immigration. The margin of error is +/- 3.9%.

Interestingly, this poll shows Cole with more support from “liberals” and “moderates” than “conservatives.”Â… Read more ...

Libertarians polling well in North Carolina’s big races

Libertarian candidates register in the mid-single digits in the presidential, U.S. Senate, and gubernatorial races in North Carolina, according to a new poll. A Public Policy Polling survey (+/- 3.9%) shows Bob Barr at four percent in the presidential race, Chris Cole at six percent in the Senate race, and Michael Munger at six percent in the gubernatorial race.… Read more ...

NC Libertarian for U.S. Senate speaks out on Fannie/Freddie bailout proposals

Chris Cole, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate in North Carolina, issued the following statement in response to the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac meltdown and calls from Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians (Bob Barr and the Cato Institute) to bail out the GSEs:

“I am a collector of antique American currency.… Read more ...